Should You Have Sex When You’re Sick?

November 16, 2019

Can the common cold and the flu be passed
from one person to another through sex? [WHIP CRACKING, COUGH] Colds and the flu are so common we can usually
diagnose ourselves and treat them from experience. Coughing, sore throat, sneezing, runny or
stuffy noses, feeling achy, congested, and feverish is likely one of 200 viruses that
cause the cold or influenza, the flu virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
estimates that 5-20% of us get one of these bugs every year, so it’s a very prevalent
public health issue with a well-known protocol: Rest, drink lots of fluids, and keep your
germs away from others. “Cough into your shoulders,” “wash your
hands frequently,” “stay home from work and school,” and “no kissing.” But what about sex? Can we please have sex???? Are the cold and flu sexually transmitted
infections? For some of you, the thought of getting it
on with a headache and a face of snot isn’t appealing enough to care. But for those of you who like regular sex,
don’t want to wait the week or two until you feel better, and know that coming has
healing — pain relieving benefits: this is for you! The cold and flu are both respiratory infections
meaning their viruses attack the lungs, throat, nose, and mouth. The viruses aren’t going to infect the genitals;
they’re not transmitted by them or the body fluids associated with them. Mostly. Here are some scenarios where sex is risky: Face-to-face sex where heavy breathing, sneezing,
and coughing swiftly pass germs from one person to the other. Tip: Have sex in front to back positions like
doggie style and forking with the person who’s sick on the bottom. This way they’re able to wipe their snot
discreetly and won’t send their infected breath and mucus toward vulnerable eyes, nose,
and mouth of the healthy. Another kind of sex to avoid is touchy sex. I know, sex without kissing and now no touching? But if you can minimize the amount
that you put your hands on each other and especially hands to faces, you’ll reduce
the risk of spreading the virus. The cold and flu get all over everything, and
they can easily be moved to your respiratory system if you touch your face parts. So try not to. Humping and deep throating. No! Having a cold and flu can mean some of all
of your head is throbbing, so I suggest not thrusting harshly, like a jackhammer. I also suggest that during oral sex, the sick
person keeps their mouth available to breathe and away from long hard objects which might
further irritate sore throats. Lick the sick, don’t dick the sick. Just a suggestion. Here’s one that you might not think of if
you’re monogamous: V- sex If you have sex with more than one person
it’s possible that one person could transmit the cold or flu to the other by way of your
crotch! If someone healthy goes down on someone healthy
after someone sick went down on them — they could technically get the cold or flu from
sex. I think the biggest sick sex risk is having
it with people who are immunocompromised. A cold or flu might be an inconvenience to
me, but for some people like those who are pregnant or who have chronic illnesses, the
cold and flu can be very dangerous. For example, if you’re playing with someone
who doesn’t know they’re HIV+, getting a cold could gravely jeopardize their health. Consider mutually masturbating instead, taking
showers or just doing it in the shower, getting the flu vaccine (and at some point the cold
vaccine which is being developed), wear surgical masks and do some operation role playing,
use hand sanitizer, and communicate. Please don’t hide the fact that you’re
sick because you know you’ll have a better chance of getting laid. Please don’t have sex with someone who is
sick just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Use your words. Say, “sex with you is going to be amazing
after I feel better.” Or, “I know what will help clear your head and
put you to sleep if you’ll let me do you from behind.” Who knew the flu could be so kinky? Oh, that reminds me. If you’re thinking of the stomach flu, like
nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, that’s something different than the flu flu. The stomach flu is more accurately called
gastroenteritis, mostly caused by the norovirus, and it’s highly contagious. If the fecal matter of someone who is infected
comes in contact with something you come in contact with and then makes it way to your
mouth — you’re probably going to get it. Sex-wise that could be as direct as anilingus
— oral sex on the anus, or something indirect like the close contact of dry humping and
holding hands. All of the viruses I’ve mentioned spread
easily. Not through seminal or vaginal fluid, but definitely
people to people. If you want to avoid sickness it’s probably
best to not share spaces, sexual or otherwise, with people who are contagious. Have phone sex instead. Stay curious. Thank you for staying curious with us at Sexplanations
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