Should pregnant women get the flu shot?

October 4, 2019

Dr. Charles Bregier: Pregnant women absolutely need to get a flu shot. Pregnant women actually share some of
those similarities to people with chronic diseases and while pregnancy
isn’t a chronic disease it places special stress on the heart and the
lungs and the circulatory system and the immune system and pregnant women if they
get the flu are much more likely to be hospitalized and get much sicker with
the flu if they happen to get it so they want to get it to protect themselves
first and foremost but in addition to that their newborn babies cannot get a
flu shot. You can’t get a flu shot until you are 6 months old and newborn babies are very susceptible to getting very sick if they get the flu. If their mother had
had a flu shot then the mother’s antibodies that are produced are passed
on to the baby and the baby has protection for the first six month of
his life.

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