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Should pregnant women get flu shots?

October 22, 2019

Dr. Anna Panighetti: So flu can cause pretty significant, severe illness in really anyone, but women who are pregnant are both more susceptible to flu and more at risk for getting very sick from the flu. The CDC recommends that all pregnant women get a flu vaccine to prevent severe illness in them which can cause complications in their pregnancy can cause problems for their babies. It’s really a huge public health issue and all women should be vaccinated. If women get the flu vaccine, some of the antibodies that they develop will pass to the baby. It looks like it gives the baby a little bit of protection as well from the flu virus. Babies can’t be vaccinated until they’re 6 months old, and so it’s one of the ways we help protect babies is by vaccinating the people around them and women who are pregnant. The only reason not to get the flu vaccine is if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Right as Rain by UW Medicine

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