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Shooting pain and numb limbs due to spine ailments

December 19, 2019

– Hello everybody, this is Ryan Church. Responding to questions
that I received online. The next question was from a patient that is having some very
severe shooting pains that comes from their
back and goes into the buttock area and near the rectum. And apparently when that happens they’re losing strength and
sensation in their legs. In fact, the last part of the question says that she actually
gave birth naturally in this pain is worse
than natural child birth and she’s quite, quite scared. This brings up a great point, one of the reasons that we are here are is to answer people
questions regarding their spine. This is quite an in depth
and significant problem this lady is having and
this is one of those questions I would like
to answer in person. I would like to do a physical exam and discuss her history and really kind of get a good understanding
of what’s going on. So, the only thing I can
really recommend in this case would be seeing someone
that’s a spine expert. Myself or someone else that could answer these questions for you in person. Anytime you have numbness,
tingling, weakness, loss of function or pain
that is uncontrollable or not understood, in other words, if you don’t know where
the pain is coming from those are things that need to be diagnosed and it takes a fair amount of work and a skilled hand and an observant eye to get to the bottom
of those kinda things. So, my recommendation here is for you to come in and see us. You can contact us anytime 801-262-5711 or you can make an appointment online or feel free to give us a
call here at the clinic. But that is something that
should be looked into further. Thanks for the question.


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    Well this video was a waste of time…

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    Your a waste of fucking time.

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