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Shocking! Homemade Neem Shampoo That Removes Dandruff & Hair Fall In One Wash !

August 18, 2019

Hi friends this is Ramya from wildturmeric. In this video I wanted to share an amazing anti dandruff shampoo recipe
with all of you. This shampoo made with all natural ingredients is very
effective in preventing dandruff. We get plenty of anti dandruff shampoos in the
market but almost all the anti dandruff shampoos available in the market comes
with a long list of chemicals. One of the most common reasons for getting dandruff is fungal infection so the common ingredients used in anti dandruff
shampoos are zinc pyrithione, coal tar, selenium sulfide etc along with loads of
other chemicals that treat fungal infection. All we need is a powerful
natural anti fungal to treat dandruff. We can do it easily by using our wonderful
neem. This mild neem shampoo is two times more powerful than store-bought
anti-dandruff shampoos. The ingredients needed for the shampoo are 1/2 cup of fresh neem leaves. Neem has amazing anti fungal properties. I would suggest
using fresh neem leaves as they give the best results. Here in our farm, we have a
huge neem tree that is more than 100 years old. I collect the fresh leaves and the flowers if they’re in season to make the
shampoo. I sometimes sundry neem flowers during summer and use it year-round to
make the shampoo. If you don’t have both fresh and dried neem leaves or flowers, you can try using neem powder. To use neem powder, mix a tablespoon of neem powder in quarter cup of boiling water. Now strain through a muslin cloth. Straining
through a muslin cloth is very important else you will not have a smooth liquid. The second ingredient is quarter cup of liquid castile soap. Castile soap is a pure
natural biodegradable soap made with olive oil as a base. Castile soap is
not easily available in India but you can easily order it online. The final ingredient is three to four drops of tea tree essential oil. Essential oils have amazing anti fungal properties and tea tree oil is the best. I highly recommend
using it. In case you don’t find tea tree essential oil, you can try other
essential oils that have anti fungal properties like lavender, patchouli, etc.
But make sure to use one. To make the shampoo, first we have to make neem water. To make neem water, boil half cup of fresh neem leaves in a cup of water till
it reduces to 1/4 cup. Now switch off the flame and strain. Let cool completely. For the final step, take quarter cup of liquid castile soap in a bowl. Add in
quarter cup of the prepared neem water. Finally, add three to four drops of tea
tree essential oil to it. Mix well and store it in a bottle. To use, take little bit of the shampoo, massage well into the scalp. Wait for a minute and then wash it off. Don’t dilute it with water. This shampoo might look runny but it cleans
the hair really well along with treating dandruff in just one wash. I had dandruff
when I was younger and got rid of it using fenugreek mask. I used to use it
weekly twice. Now I just use this shampoo to wash my hair and it keeps it dandruff
free and shiny. I also notice lot less hair fall after using this shampoo. Since
neem promotes hair growth, this shampoo will promote hair growth too which is a huge
plus. Since this shampoo is very mild and all-natural, you can use it for kids
above 3 years of age. Though you can use it for kids under 3 years,
make sure it does not enter their mouth as it is extremely bitter. Also skip the
essential oil for children under 3 years old. This shampoo lasts well for about 5
to 6 days at room temperature. I usually make a small batch just enough to use
for 2 to 3 washes and finish it off within a week. Though I don’t do it, you
can also refrigerate the shampoo. It’ll improve the shelf life for few more
weeks. Friends, I highly recommend you switch to
natural shampoos like this instead of using chemical laden shampoos. I
understand castile soap is a bit expensive and you have to order it online.
But it is really worth it and it lasts for a long time when we use it to make
shampoos like this. Especially after using this shampoo, you’ll be amazed that
it removes dandruff in just one single wash. If you’re using anti dandruff
shampoos or have used it before, write about your experience in the comment
section below, I would love to read it. I hope you found this video useful. If you
like to support me and this channel, please share this video with your
friends. It’ll mean a lot to me. If you like to get detailed information on herbs on days I don’t post videos press the notification button. Thank you for
watching this video 🙂


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  • Reply deepthy george February 14, 2019 at 5:02 am

    Hi Ramya, I have made this shampoo as per the video. I used it twice.The first wash itself i got the result.I have very less hair fall .Usually I will loose 20- 30 hair after shampoo wash but just in the first use l lost only 4 hair and the second use (after a week) l lost only 2-3 hair.I have no words to thank are sharing wonderful recipes that our Grandmothers used, which our generation is purposely forgetting for ease and comfort.l was always feeling akward becsuse of my har saved my life.
    THANKS A TON FOR YOUR EFFORTS !!!! Wish you all the very best.

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