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Shiki: Epidemic – Episode 8 (An Abridged Series) | BYTE

February 10, 2020

[KAORI hums crazily] SEISHIN: Uh… SEISHIN: Uh… Hello? Kaori, right? KAORI: Oh hi, Mr. Muroi. Do you know of a good spot for my grave? SEISHIN: Your… SEISHIN: Your… grave? KAORI: Mmhmm. I found a pretty nice place earlier, But I noticed that it was a bit too close to the river. I wouldn’t want to get washed away. I wouldn’t want to get washed away. No, I wouldn’t want to get washed away. No, no! SEISHIN: I think it’s too soon
for you to dig your own grave. [KAORI laughs crazily] KAORI: It’s never too soon to dig your own grave. Believe me. I know from experience. Last week, my father died, Last week, my father died, catching us all by surprise. We had to spend a fortune to get that new
funeral home to bury him somewhere nice. Then yesterday, Then yesterday, my brother
disappeared trying to hunt vampires. Still can’t find the body. Then, this morning, Then, this morning, my mom passed away. So money is out of the question. [KAORI begins laughing]
So money is out of the question. [KAORI continues to laugh] KAORI: I should find her a grave while I’m out here. SEISHIN: You need me to call somebody? KAORI: Oh no. KAORI: Oh no. I’m fine. Besides, Besides, I have Love to keep me company. He’s a good boy. Oh! But can you do me this favor, Mr. Muroi? Can you tell God that I’m sorry for… Can you tell God that I’m sorry for…
D- Can you tell God that I’m sorry for…
D-defiling Megumi’s grave? I would pray to Him myself, I would pray to Him myself, but… I can’t hear Him over the other voices! [KAORI cries] TATSUMI: Okay, what do you got for me? HAYAMI: Oh, you’ll love this. I built a trap door under the altar so that
while the funeral proceedings are in effect, [Curtains pulled back]
We can lower bodies down it We can lower bodies down it
through the false bottoms of the coffins. This should save us the hassle of
having to dig up corpses every night. TATSUMI: Alright. As long as you keep these funerals somber, We shouldn’t attract any unwanted attention. HAYAMI: Tatsumi, please. “Somber” is my middle name. [Party music blaring] HAYAMI: Who’s ready to celebrate death! [Phone ringing] RITSUKO: Hello. KIYOMI: (over the phone) Ritsuko,
there are people in my house! They’re trying to kidnap me! I need you to-! [Dial tone] RITSUKO: Kiyomi? RITSUKO: (over the phone) Toshio, Kiyomi’s in trouble. TOSHIO: What? RITSUKO: (over the phone) The police
aren’t answering their phones. I’m going to have to save her myself. TOSHIO: What? No! Just stay there. I’ll save her, okay? [Dial tone] Fuck! [RITSUKO panting] [RITSUKO gasps] RITSUKO: Kiyomi… TOSHIO: Come on, come on, come on! Noooo! [Dog barking] TOSHIO: Don’t worry. I’ll get you the clinic. I’ll fix you up. RITSUKO: No Clinic. Just drive me home. Also, I’m resigning. I’m sorry, Toshio. This is goodbye. [Door closes] CHIZURU: What’s with the long face, Doctor? I told you I’d visit you soon. [Door opens]
I told you I’d visit you soon. TOSHIO: You do realize they’re
these things called “clothes,” right? CHIZURU: When you’re as sexy as I am, You can make anything work. TOSHIO: Well then, let’s see
how you make this stake work. [TOSHIO yells] CHIZURU: Oh, come now, Doctor. Let’s not lose our heads. [TOSHIO sighs] CHIZURU: Don’t feel too bad, Doctor. Us Shiki were always destined to win. Especially now that we have God on our side. TOSHIO: What? CHIZURU: Apparently, that young monk
became the newest resident of Kanemasa. Poor thing must have seen something truly horrifying To walk straight into the jaws of the beast. So why don’t you take the easy way out And give in to our embrace? TOSHIO: You haven’t won yet. I still have a plan to beat you monsters. CHIZURU: Oh, pray tell. What plan is that? TOSHIO: It’s… [TOSHIO sighs] TOSHIO: A work in progress. [TOSHIO grunts] CHIZURU: And progress has been halted. Now… Now, ’bout those death certificates… TOSHIO: (thinking) Fuuuuuuck… NURSE: Alright, little girl. We have a shot to make those voices go away. [NURSE gasps] NURSE: Dammit, she escaped. [Doorbell rings] [Knife stab] [KENJI yells] KENJI: I-I did it. [KENJI falls on wall] I saved my son. [KENJI rambles crazily] TATSUMI: Well… TATSUMI: Well…That just happened. Hey, kid. Mind if I come in? [TATSUMI sighs] TATSUMI: Do you mind if I come in, sir? KENJI: Sure. I don’t see why not. TATSUMI: Well, well. Aren’t you full of surprises? Back from the dead, Back from the dead, and as a Lycan no less. Counting you and Yoshie, That brings our total up to
three in this godforsaken town. You should be proud. Alright. Let’s get down to business. I’m here on behalf of the Kirishikis to formally invite you into to formally invite you into our big to formally invite you into our big, Shiki, to formally invite you into our big, Shiki, family. Since times are hard for blood-sucking fiends like us, It’s only natural that we should flock together It’s only natural that we should flock together
to have a sustainable, second chance at life So, So, what do you say? Okay, kid. It’s time to end your vow of silence. I’m not sure if you realize this, But this isn’t a game. Playing around in certain situations
can lead to dire consequences. I’m pretty sure that orange-hair
brat could tell you all about it if he was still around. So what is your answer? [NATSUNO yawns] [NATSUNO chokes] TATSUMI: You are really testing my patience. [NATSUNO coughing] TATSUMI: The only reason you aren’t dead right now Is because my boss wouldn’t want
me to needlessly kill our own kind. You have 24 hours to change your mind. Consider this mercy. CHIZURU: I’m impressed, Doctor. You revised all the patients’ charts in no time at all. [TOSHIO groans] CHIZURU: Now, with the data from
the clinic matching the health office, We won’t have to worry about those pesky
feds eyeing our quaint, mountain town. Oh, I can’t wait to get out of that dreadful
castle and take part in festivities like that again. It shouldn’t be much longer now. TOSHIO: Hey. How about we take
part in the festival down below? You Shiki practically one, so… Why not take a victory lap? CHIZURU: Doctor… CHIZURU: Doctor, you’re not trying
to lead me into a trap, are you? TOSHIO: Uhhh… CHIZURU: Oh, I’m just fucking with you. It’s not like you can do anything
while you’re under my control. So let’s make your last night as human special! TOSHIO: Woohoo! Let’s party. CHIZURU: Oh my god. This reminds me of the festivals
I took part in when I was young. Before they tried to stone me… Oh, what’s that over there? TOSHIO: That’s where the main dance takes place. Every year, the villagers of Sotoba appease the gods Every year, the villagers of Sotoba appease the gods
by taking part in folk dances surrounded by various religious symbols. CHIZURU: It’s giving me a pretty ominous feeling. I’m not sure if I’m ready to go all the way in. TOSHIO: And here I thought you were more of dom. CHIZURU: How dare you… TOSHIO: Don’t worry. I’ll hold your hand the entire time. CHIZURU: I’m not a child. TOSHIO: You can let go at any time. CHIZURU: I’ll let go when I feel like it. OLD MAN: Oh hey, Dr. Ozaki. You made it. And who is this lovely lady? TOSHIO: This is Chizuru. She’s one of the Kanemasa residents. She was curious about our festival, So I’m escorting her around since
she has a weak immune system. OLD MAN: Well, it’s nice to meet you, Chizuru. Once the dance is over, Once the dance is over,
a bunch of us are going Once the dance is over,
a bunch of us are going streaking by the river. I would love for you to join us, young lady. It would be nice to have someone attractive there. CHIZURU: M-may-maybe. CHIZURU: (thinking) Okay. This is too extreme for me. TOSHIO: Hey, where are you going? CHIZURU: Home. CHIZURU: Home. I’m not feeling well. TOSHIO: Oh! if that’s the case, TOSHIO: Oh! if that’s the case,
we can take you down to the shrine office. It’s filled with a bunch of charms
to get rid of those bad vibes. CHIZURU: I said I want to go home. TOSHIO: Oh… TOSHIO: Oh… I see how it is… Shimizu, can you help me with her? CHIZURU: What? TAKEO: What’s going on? TOSHIO: She seems flustered. I’m worried it has something
to do with her immune system. I need your help to take her to the shrine office to check. TAKEO: No problem. Wow. Wow. She is cold. CHIZURU: What is wrong with you? I command you to take me home! NATSUNO: Okay, so run this plan by me again. TOSHIO: It’s simple. You know how these vampires can manipulate their victims to be more compliant with their feedings? So, I’m gonna have you bite me So, I’m gonna have you bite me to hypnotize me So, I’m gonna have you bite me to hypnotize me
to resist the control of the rest of them. NATSUNO: And you know this will work how? TOSHIO: I don’t. But, But, better safe than sorry. CHIZURU: (thinking) No… CHIZURU: Nooooooo! TAKEO: (thinking) Wait… TAKEO: (thinking) Wait… I recognize that smell… TAKEO: It’s that cheap perfume that was
lingering in Megumi’s room before she died. TOSHIO: That’s right, Shimizu. She killed your daughter. [TAKEO growls angrily] CHIZURU: (thinking) I got to find some way out of here. The bridge is- CHIZURU: Ah! [CHIZURU struggles] TAKEO: This woman gave my daughter AIDS! [Crowd chatters] VIC: That’s hot. VILLAGER #1: What the fuck?! TOMIO: Shimizu, what the hell is going on? TAKEO: This is one sick bitch! Have a feel for yourself! TOMIO: Oh my God. She’s cold as hell. She doesn’t even have a pulse. VILLAGER #2: Wait. I have to check. Her boobs are ice cold. Also, they’re natural. VILLAGER #3: Really? I got to check. VILLAGER #4: Me too! CHIZURU: Aaaaahhh! TOSHIO: (thinking) You know what? I think I’m gonna let them have this. [Gunshot] ATSUSHI: Don’t worry, Chizuru! Your man is here to save you! [Car crash] ATSUSHI: Oh… TOMIO: Atsushi! SEISHIRO: Hello there. I suggest you move out of our way If you want to keep that head- Ah! What are you doing? ATSUSHI: That’s my Pops, man. I can’t fight him. [Car drives away] [Car drives away]
VILLAGER #5: Wasn’t that Tomio’s boy? VILLAGER #4: Didn’t he die last week? OLD MAN: Does this mean… OLD MAN: Does this mean no streaking? VILLAGER #2: Wait. VILLAGER #2: Wait. Where did she go? TAKEO: There she is! [CHIZURU grunts frantically] VILLAGER #4: Nice shot, Shimizu. MASAKI: Wait, why did we stone her again? TOSHIO: Because she’s a vampire. VILLAGER #6: I thought it was
because she was a pedophile. TOSHIO: And now, I’m going to show you- Oh shit! CHIZURU: Ah! TOMIO: You need to be a bit more
careful around these things, Doc. TAKEO: Hold her steady. That bitch is mine. [CHIZURU gasps] TAKEO: Aaaaaahh! CHIZURU: Aaaaaaahh!
TAKEO: Aaaaaahh! CHIZURU: Ah! Ah! Aaaahh! TOSHIO: All right, everyone. I think it’s obvious what’s been going
on for the past couple of months. MASAKI: AIDS turns people into vampires! TOSHIO: (thinking) Whatever, fuck it. TOSHIO: Yes. This new form of
AIDS can turn you into a vampire. [Crowd gasps] TAKEO: I knew it! TOSHIO: The strand and its carriers are called Shiki. And there’s only one known cure. A stake to the heart. Now, who’s ready to cleanse these foul streets?! VILLAGER #7: Kill the Shiki! [Crowd chants “Kill!”] [TOSHIO chuckles] TOSHIO: Let the hunt begin. Hello everybody. Robert Wiggins of BYTE here. Thank you all for watching, And I would like to thank all the great voice
actors and actresses who appeared in this video. Also, if you want to subscribe, Make sure you also subscribe to “BYT Info” Since I have a feeling that somehow, YouTube’s gonna mark these videos as “Made for Kids.” Finally, Patreon plug. Finally, Patreon plug.
Because I need money for groceries.


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