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Shiki: Epidemic – Episode 2 (An Abridged Series) | BYTE

December 7, 2019

KYOKO: God damn, KYOKO: God damn, you look like shit. TOSHIO: Having a job will do that to you. KYOKO: And that’s why I appreciate the sacrifice you go through for me. TOSHIO: (mumbling) And that’s why I appreciate the sacrifice… TAKAE: Is that all you have to say to your husband? TOSHIO: And now both the most important women in my life are here. Truly, I am blessed. TAKAE: Toshio is working himself to the bone trying to save these ignorant slobs, And you haven’t even given him a proper hello. And you! How has this disease not been cured yet? If your father was still alive, This epidemic would have been dealt with already. Are you trying to drag the Ozaki name through the mud? TOSHIO: No, mother. TAKAE: The Ozaki Clinic has been the only medical establishment Sotoba needed for generations. If this situation is not resolved, Some fancy city hospital is going to swoop in and take away our spotlight. TOSHIO: No, mother. TAKAE: Are you even listening to me?! TOSHIO: No, mother. TAKAE: What?! NURSE: Dr. Ozaki! Another case just came in! TOSHIO: (thinking) Oh, thank God! TOSHIO: I would love to stay and chat, mother, but, Some of us have to contribute to society. [KYOKO giggles] KYOKO: Ow. TAKAE: What are you laughing at, hussy? KYOKO: Who are you calling “hussy,” hag? [Car being lifted and then flipped over.] KYOKO: Ow! NATSUNO: (thinking) Why is he here? TORU’S DAD: D-Doctor, Please, Please, tell me Toru’s going to be okay. TOSHIO: I’m sorry, sir. Your son is dead. AZUSA: Natsuno, Are you going to be okay, sweetie? NATSUNO: Yeah, mom. I’ll be fine. AZUSA: Okay then. Also, Also, a letter came in the mail for you. I think it’s from… Megumi Shimizu? Wait. Wait. Isn’t that the girl that died a couple of weeks ago? Poor thing must have gotten lost in the mail. It still feels pretty ominous though. NATSUNO: Yeah, it’s pretty weird. Don’t worry, mom. I know exactly what to do with it. AZUSA: Alright, sweetie. And remember, Take time to grieve. [Door closes] SEISHIN: Sunako? What are you doing out here? SUNAKO: Oh. Hi, Mr. Priest. I was just… Taking my nightly stroll through the woods. It’s such a lovely forest. Not many like it- SEISHIN: You’re lost, aren’t you? SUNAKO: I am not lost, Mr. Priest! I simply… [SUNAKO sighs] SUNAKO: Do not know where I am currently. SEISHIN: Alright. SEISHIN: Alright. Come on in. SUNAKO: Huh. I haven’t been in a church in a long time. SEISHIN: I guess your parents aren’t too religious? SUNAKO: Something like that. SEISHIN: Well, no judgement here. You don’t have to believe in God to come here to improve your spirituality. SUNAKO: I’m surprised, Mr. Priest. You’re not trying to force your god down my throat. Isn’t that a bit unorthodox? SEISHIN: Not at all. It’s not my place to force you to worship my god. I only try to lead people down the path towards their own enlightenment. SUNAKO: I’m not sure if I believe you. But, if you’re lying in the house of your lord, You’re at least bold. SEISHIN: If you walk away from your time here a better person, Then I have done my job. SUNAKO: Well, it’s time for me to make my leave. It was pleasant talking to you, Mr. Priest. SEISHIN: Make sure you stick to the left of the church until you reach the trail. That should lead you back to Kanemasa. SUNAKO: I don’t recall asking for directions. SEISHIN: I know. But sometimes, we need a little push to get back on our paths. SUNAKO: Have a good night, Mr. Priest. [TORU’S MOM cries] MASAO: Toru was such a great guy. I remember when I showed him my first LEGO city. He said, He said, “Oh,” He said, “Oh, neat.” Oh! I remember when I got that high score in that arcade game! He was all like, He was all like, “cool, bro,” He was all like, “cool, bro,” while I was playing! Tamotsu, you remember. You were there. Then, there was that time when Toru tossed me a baseball. I almost caught it. [MASAO sighs] MASAO: Hmm? What a surprise. You haven’t said anything this entire time. Where’s your Toru stories, hmm? Geh! NATSUNO: Fuck off. MASAO: Of course that’s the first thing out of your mouth! You should remember where you are, kid, And show me some damn respect! NATSUNO: *chuckles* You want respect? How about this? A family just lost their son, A family just lost their son, their brother. So how about you quit crying for attention, Put on your big boy pants, And show some damn respect for the dead? MASAO: Why… You?! AOI: That enough, Masao! MASAO: What? AOI: Our brother just died, And you’re trying to make this about you! MASAO: But I… MASAO: But I… He… AOI: If you’re not here to mourn, Then just get out! [MASAO tries to hold back tears] [MASAO cries] MASAO: My best friend is dead, Natsuno out-staged me, And now I have to walk around back to get in the house. Can this day get any worse? SHIKI: Leap of faith! [MEGUMI hums] MEGUMI: Huh? [MEGUMI cries] TOSHIO: Ma’am, Why didn’t you come to the clinic yesterday? SETSUKO: Oh, SETSUKO: Oh, the voices told me not to. TOSHIO: The voices. SETSUKO: Mmhmm. They have been giving me sound advice ever since my daughter-in-law died. When to wash, When to sleep, Even when I should go out to hunt for my food. It’s wonderful. TOSHIO: Alright. If we can just take a quick walk down to the clinic, SETSUKO: Oh no you don’t! The voices warned me about you! TOSHIO: Alright, alright! I’m going! Crazy bitch. [Door slams shut] SETSUKO: Now, voices… What should I do next? Clean the dishes with Clorox?! That’s crazy. TOSHIO: I work my ass off TOSHIO: I work my ass off 20 TOSHIO: I work my ass off 24 TOSHIO: I work my ass off 24/7! I don’t need this shit! Kid, are you in need of immediate medical care? If not, We’re kind of backed up at the moment. NATSUNO: No, I… NATSUNO: No, I just had a few questions. [TOSHIO sighs] TOSHIO: Whatever. I got a couple of minutes. NATSUNO: Do you remember Megumi Shimizu, A girl who died last month? TOSHIO: A lot of people died recently. I can’t remember them all. NATSUNO: Well, someone who caught the same disease. Are you sure that they all died? TOSHIO: Hmm, well, let’s see. They all go into cardiac arrest before rigor mortis sets in. So yeah, I’m pretty sure they died! NATSUNO: So, NATSUNO: So, they can’t come back as something like NATSUNO: So, they can’t come back as something like a vampire, right? [TOSHIO laughs] TOSHIO: Why… Why, of course- Not. NATSUNO: Forget it. It was a stupid question. TOSHIO: Yeah, yeah… TOSHIO: (thinking) No… Vampires can’t be real. Can they? Hey, everyone. Robert Wiggins from BYTE here. Thank you all for watching. And I would like to thank all the voice actors and actresses who appeared in this video. Also, if you want to subscribe, make sure you also subscribe to “BYT Info,” since I don’t trust Youtube’s copyright system. That’s all for now. See you in June. And, as always, SUNAKO: I’m surprised, Mr. Priest. You’re not trying to force your *beep* down my throat. Isn’t that a bit unorthodox?


  • Reply SNK May 6, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    Always good to see Shiki get some attention. Kipper and Cannacae are definitely the MVPs; Toshio sounds pretty fitting for his character, and Megumi has that on top of doing a solid job on the really fun more deranged spin of her.

    I'm honestly kind of confused on what sort of direction are you going for with the project though, based on the fact how little comedy/jokes there seems to be. Is the intent for it to be like a full parody, or some kind of a literal abridged retelling with some comedic undertones? If it's the latter, that's both completely fine and honestly refreshing to see; not everything abridged has to be some super comedic fuckfest.

  • Reply Kurutoshi☆Melody July 7, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    This video felt like a Boondocks episode. I was laughing, and it is a smartly executed video make more like this one.

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