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She injected WHAT into my Butt?!

October 15, 2019

(upbeat music) – So my morning routine is like, super vital
to my high performance and normally that
consists of me waking up, immediately doing some kind
of personal development. Like, I pick up my
phone, I put on YouTube, I pick like a motivational video, whether that’s Tony Robbins,
or Jim Roan or Gary Boehner, something to like set my mindset, cause I gotta detect my mind
before my mind detects me. Then it’s usually moving my body, whether it’s with my pre-workout, I have a litany of supplements I take. I actually take my apple
cider vinegar first, and a litany of different pills and things that get me moving. Well right now, I’ve been
on the road speaking, right? And sometimes your body
gets a little worn down. So this morning, they
actually have B-12 shots, and I thought, well, I’m always willing to use my body as a guinea pig. Never done this before, but I was like, if you needed an immediate boost, I take B-12 pills in the morning. So I was like, oh, let’s
come check this out, see if this is something,
see if it’s beneficial. I was feeling a little rundown last night, you know, after all these interviews and speaking engagements,
throat was a little scratchy. So it’s like, come check this out because what has become
my morning routine, is me experimenting and
adding one little piece here, one little piece there,
this stretch there. And so, when somebody looks
at my morning routine now, and thinks Jimmy that’s super extensive. I’m like, it is, but it’s a
bunch of tiny little steps, over a long period of time that I have, oh, I grabbed this good idea from this guy and this good idea from
this, you know, idea, and it’s become mine. So, I’m gonna see how
this goes and see maybe, if this is something else I wanna add. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) – So we’re doing vitamin injections which are amazing for energy,
mental clarity, focus. When you inject it in this way, it goes straight into the bloodstream. So, it’s all available
to your cells right away. Anything for mood boost,
methyl folate’s really nice. – [Jimmy] Okay. – [Philip] I can tell you
really enjoy this too. – I actually really,
I really do love this. – [Philip] Which means
it probably has awesome effects on people. – I also inject joy, so. – [Philip] That’s the secret ingredient? – It’s the secret ingredient
that people aren’t aware of. – [Philip] Great. So do you take each of the listed vitamins separately like that? – [Krystle] Yeah, so each
one will go like this, look. – [Jimmy] That is so cool. Absolutely. Man, you’re giving him like, the ultimate. – [Krystle] Yeah. (mumbling) – [Philip] That thing’s full. – When you inject it into the muscle it goes straight into the bloodstream, and it’s all available
to your cells instantly. It bypasses your digestive tract. So, you get really high therapeutic doses delivered directly to the cells. So, it’s fully bio-available. – [Philip] That’s great. – So people usually
feel a boost right away. – [Philip] Yeah, let me
get a shot of that. Cool. Signing his life away over here. If he dies, he dies. – Brick and mortar but people
can get things sent to them. Like, you can have injections. – [Jimmy] They do it themselves? – You can self inject. Yeah. – [Philip] Alright, if you want to, explain that again, we thought. – You thought is was going in the vein, but actually it’s going in the glute. Just need to get to the
top portion here, yeah, and then put your shirt
away to the other side. Yeah, that’s a place for a good shot. – [Philip] Not bad, alright.
– We’re getting into it here. – [Philip] This man does
squat, be warned alright? – [Jimmy] Alright, here we go. – [Philip] We’re in, we have contact. – [Krystle] It’s all happening. – [Philip] And… – [Krystle] I don’t like to go to fast. Start out slow. – [Philip] He’s goin’ in. (laughing) – [Jimmy] What’s that. – [Philip] It is wacky man. I never expected to do it. – [Krystle] So it’s pretty instant. People will feel it right away. – [Jimmy] That was gonna
be my next question. – [Philip] What are you feeling? How do you feel man? – I feel like my ass is sticking out here. (laughing)
– [Man] Slightly exposed, vulnerable, okay good. Luckily, she’s, you’re in good hands. – [Krystle] Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got you. That’s it. – [Jimmy] Awesome, so
basically I’m a super hero now. It’s what we’ve decided. – [Philip] A boost of
energy, how do you feel? – Wow. – [Krystle] He’s got a shine in his eyes. – [Philip] Well, it’s called Shine, man. – See? I’m ready to rock this. So, people are watching,
how do they find you guys? – They can find us at, we
have a Shine Natural Medicine, is our Instagram, and you can come, we have a center up in Solana Beach, so. – [Jimmy] Perfect.
– Yeah, you can come in in person, drop in anytime,
and get an injection, and IV therapy, and then see
one of the naturopaths too. – And the lesson in all this
is be willing to experiment. This is what I set up with this, like my morning routine’s
a really big deal to me, and over 11 years in the
health and fitness industry I’ve lost 100 pounds, I’ve
helped other people get fit. I’m partially my own guinea pig. So, before you look at something and go, oh, well that’s bullshit, or
I don’t know if that works, or I’m scared of needles, cause you can get over that, try it. Cause you know that’s the
best way to figure it out, is just to test it yourself and see if it works for you, right? – Yeah, see how you feel and that’s it. The interesting thing is, I actually found vitamin injections when
I was in high school. I had Epstein-barr virus and I
went to an alternative doctor at that time that, nobody was doing it. – [Jimmy] Right, before
it was cool, right? – Yeah, before it was cool,
and it really helped me. It was the one thing that
helped me get out of it. So, yeah, and you’ll feel it. People can feel it instantly so. – I’m in a good mood right
now, I will say that, so. – Yeah, yeah. – That’s awesome, so there’s the lesson. Experiment things,
continue to try to like, these bio-hacks, like,
they really do work. And all these little different
things as we, kind of, add to our repertoire and our, I kind of call it, your health tool belt, is your overall health is better. – A hundred percent. – Awesome, thank you so
much, this has been fun. – You’re welcome. – Now I’m gonna go kill this workout. Okay, like this, subscribe,
we’ll see you next time. – [Philip] So sometimes,
the moral of the story is, you just gotta drop your
pants and give it up. – You just gotta drop your pants and go. (upbeat music)

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