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Sexy woman shows lingerie that is making success for married men

October 24, 2019

hi, excuse me I’m selling lingerie Do you want to look? There are beautiful models. have that bra! he’s beautiful It will look great on her. see if you liked the color There are these beautiful and wonderful panties. They form the pair. this one is beautiful too there is another model that is making the biggest success! Do you want to look? yes if you want to show this is it! it’s called “come what has” what is it? you are crazy? taking off his clothes in front of my boyfriend but it looks beautiful WOMEN – She’s taking off her clothes in front of you and you’re still staring.

ACTRESS – Your boyfriend really likes this model. MEN – My love, I love you. he liked! he did not like he liked yes come back here Hi couple, excuse me okay? yes I’m making money from selling lingerie I would like to show you my models. I want to see have this wonderful bra It will look beautiful on her. It suits my hair. There are these beautiful panties. It’s called Bombinha. that Cool has a model that sells a lot Would you like to see it? yes is the model “come that has” What did you think? What the f*ck is that bitc*? He liked very much. I here with my boyfriend and you come and show your ass here look how beautiful You are crazy…f*ck put on this clothes MEN – calm down, sweetheart

ACTRESS – you are insecure I’m not insecure! fu*k WOMEN – you’re looking? fuck

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