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September 9, 2019

Hey, what’s up, it’s Trish from Settle In.
Today we are going to be talking about sexual health and why it’s important for you as an
international student to protect yourself while studying in the UK. We’re also going
to be covering how to be safer, where you can get contraception and how you can be checked
for STIs so don’t go anywhere. In this video, we’re going to be talking about sexual health, but we’ve written a blog with a lot more information so if you would like to learn more about that, link in the description. But first things first, what is an STI? An STI is a sexually
transmitted infection that is passed through bodily fluids. It’s really important that
you get yourself checked because some STI’s like chlamydia and gonorrhoea don’t have symptoms
at all and you can get yourself checked in any of these places such as a GUM clinic or
your GP surgery. Did you know 1 in 4 students in the UK have admitted to having chlamydia?
So it’s very important that you get yourself checked but the best way to prevent yourself
from getting an STI is to use contraception. Contraception is available in so many places
in the UK such as pharmacies, sexual health clinics, supermarkets or even bathroom dispensers.
So you’re probably familiar with the most common types of contraception such as condoms,
the pill and the emergency pill. First of all you can get the pill or the emergency
pill from pharmacies and your GP surgery, for more information on that, you can visit
our blog, link down below. But the best way to protect yourself from pregnancy and STI’s
are through barrier contraception such as condoms. So as mentioned before you can get
condoms from supermarkets and pharmacies but in the UK we have this thing called the C-Card
which allows you to get free condoms from sexual health clinics. We’ll put the link
to that down below in the description. You might already be familiar with long-term options
such as the implant, the coil or the injection and as an international student you are entitled
to free healthcare in the UK and sexual health comes under this. Now bear in mind that these
are long-term options so although you can get these for free in the UK you might have
to pay for them when you return home after your studies if you decide to get them removed
or renewed. It’s important to know that health services in the UK are confidential so if
you go into a clinic to get yourself checked for an STI you don’t have to tell anyone and
no-one has to know why you are seeing your doctor. So that’s it on sexual health, for
more information we have a blog about everything you need to know from the symptoms of STIs
and all the different types of contraception you can get in the UK, so have fun, but stay
safe. I’ve been Trish, you’ve been awesome, we’ll see you in the next one.

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