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Seminar Mental Illness Part 1 090117: Ministering To & Healing Mentally Ill Christians

December 28, 2019

I’m not going to point to you. If you’re mentally ill I Sense that Paul Alright hey welcome to the Arizona deliberate Center. We are in Phoenix, and it’s still like 109 out Tired of it Welcome to the seminar tonight. This is my bread and butter seminar. It’s the revelations God. Gave me on Mental Illness and It was a Shocker to me when it happened. I was a secular counselor for 25 years and To make a longer story short my youngest daughter. Led me to the Lord and then I over a period of years kind of started to transition out of Being a secular counselor now. I felt God calling me to do Christian counseling and I Didn’t want to do it because I had never cured anybody in all those years. I was working as a counselor and I told the Lord I don’t want to do that kind of work unless I could see people actually cured of mental illnesses I Was only patching them like all therapists psycho therapists and the rest of us Psychiatry and all that stuff We just kind of patched people and try and keep them going Most of them were medicated, and then you teach them certain behavioral counseling techniques and different things tonight I don’t want to do that stuff anymore because I never saw anybody cured So I told the Lord I had to I had to have these answers Because I knew somebody I knew I knew they could be cured because I saw it in the Bible I saw, the mentally ill man and mark-5 cure I saw the crazy guy in mark chapter one cured I saw the disabled boy in mark chapter nine cured and So I knew there was there was hope here and A an incredible event like here occurred on this planet Two thousand years ago, and it’s not the normal ones you think of the resurrection and so on those were the big so something shocking happened in the world on a Saturday afternoon in a synagogue Palestine Jesus was teaching there on the first day of his ministry of there abouts and while he’s teaching Right in the middle of his teaching some guy goes Totally crazy right in the middle of the service the guy freaks Right in the middle of the sermon Guy explodes And whenever I read the Bible I always put myself in the story, and I just pretend him there And I try to think like a regular person I think So when I did that I got a revelation years ago I’m sitting there, and I’m in the synagogue that day, and I see this guy go berserk I’m staring at Christ in awe like everybody else was we were all probably speechless at his skills and his knowledge and wisdom and Revelations, I mean we’re all probably My god, who is this guy is my guess and then right in the middle of it? Jacob half the people probably knew him goes crazy Right in the middle of the service And that event that day wasn’t a big deal in the natural world What was a big deal in the spirit world it was absolutely huge? Jesus cast an evil spirit on that poor guy And he was completely cured right in front of everybody and in my mind’s eye. I saw it happen I saw the guy on the ground screaming I heard the demons talking I’d never heard that before Everybody back then knew all about demons but nobody had any cure for them They never did there wasn’t any deliverance before that day as a first day in the history of the world deliverance Showed up on the planet And in the spirit world it was a major event Father was saying Game on For the first time in history Satan’s Kingdom was being invaded It had never happened before I saw myself in the synagogue they witnessing a historic event Someone had a spirit cast out of them Which meant the kingdom of light? Was now taking the kingdom of darkness down? And it was father That’s what it was it was a sign bigger than the Red Sea bigger than Egypt It was a sign Satan’s Kingdom Was now on the clock and the clock was ticking And his time was running out Nobody had ever seen a person delivered from demons before They didn’t know it was possible Not only that but at that moment it happened so quickly and so is King Solomon had all kinds of writings for people with demons he had books on them. They had all kind of potions and activities and Ceremonies you went through to try and get people relieved from evil spirits Not delivered just make it better like I had 25 years as a counselor. I was trying to make it better That was the day when father said I’m taking back everything the devil stole from me, and there’s nothing he can do about it. I Was in that synagogue that day I saw that guy He got healed The demons were talking to Christ I had never heard that before nobody had heard that before They were yelling at him like they were panicking Why were they panicking? Oh they had their butts in the sling? That’s why for the first time? They knew they were in deep trouble They screamed at him. Are you here to torment us before our time I? Didn’t even know there was a time until that moment Deliverance from demons was God’s number one sign that the kingdom of Satan was going to crash That was the one stronghold he had over humanity that no one could get out from under Nobody could get rid of demons sicknesses yeah Famines yeah Destin’s yeah demons no That was the first person ever completely cured of a mental illness mark chapter one And the Bible says the people I was there in my mind. I was in the same group. We were all awestruck We never saw it in this fashion look. He commands the unclean Spirits and they come out and all he does is speak to them Game on Same thing happened to me years later 2000 something later, I was walking through the bookstore there I looked down at that shelf there was that little book there written by a preacher in Prescott the deliverance preacher named, Stan Riley I Can reach down and pick that little book up I was looking for a solution of my emotional problems My anger my lust I was hunting all over the place The first day I found out looking through that book Eric. I had spirits My church had lied to me They told me I couldn’t have any it’s easy for them to say You know what it was there was by mark chapter one moment game on Tonight mental illness game on God showed me how they can be healed It’s like that for an introduction Yeah, pretty. It’s not the normal one. I saw my normal one. It just came to me all right part twos next month I’ll see you then. I’m on the radio every day morning and afternoon right there on these two radio stations Thank you for your donations. I have never been late on a radio payment in 15 years. You believe it That’s mercy. I guess how many teachings I’ve had on giving and tithing Never did one in 15 years I’m also on in the West Valley on 91 FM in the mornings and in the middle of night Looking for the insomniacs all the radio programs are always on Soundcloud comm hard core – Christianity If you want to help us pay for the healing house you wouldn’t believe the bills over there and it’s been scary I Mean scary everything is like thousands of dollars Does anybody know anything about construction Do you do? So we should have been helping me Me Okay, but anyway. We’re almost done. We’re like I can still I can see the end I’m not there yet, but I can see it down the street If you’ll switch over to good search from Google and put our our name in hardcore Christianity they will donate to us when you use the internet donates tonight’s teaching is on livestream com on Fridays and Thursdays, it’s on excuse me Thursday’s is on livestream. Calm Fridays is on YouTube, okay? We have a lot of YouTube viewers tonight Great Scott. We’re on house of Henle a Z tonight If you know somebody who’s mentally ill here’s the Free list I send out just send me an email my cat hardcore Christianity calm. I will send you that step-by-step healing this for people who are Mentally ill okay Mike at hardcore Christianity dot-com tomorrow at 10 o’clock Corina will be here killing it again and You know preteens that are having issues with demonic oppression emotional illnesses the whole gamut Please bring them tomorrow ten o’clock. We’ll see you down here Thank you for donations there on the donation box or on the door there as you go out Thank you for helping us and you can donate off the website using PayPal You want to and all the revelations God gave me art. I wrote in this study guide. Yeah, so if you’re a human service professionals some kind You know this would be any or a Christian. That is I’m sure not a Christian. That’s not gonna. Help you I Wouldn’t get it if you weren’t one a Christian you’re not gonna use it Okay ready to go I had so many announcements there. I’m already tired Alright mental illness is common in America Do you recognize any of these people if you have a mental illness, please? Whatever you do don’t sit around and listen to demons put thoughts of embarrassment and humiliation and shame in your mind Multi millionaires With everything in life. They all have them you recognize these two people Nobody you recognize these people That’s Hershel Walker. He’s got a dissociative identity disorder. You got other personalities living in his head Yeah, if he sometimes during a game he during the handoff was one person when he scored another guy scored Mel Gibson never in a lot least to Lady gaga, she’s Gaga with PTSD Depression yeah you have you ever seen these people before They’re mentally ill how about these people? Dave Hall got mental illnesses these The guy at the gal with the knife You know I’d stay away from her. There’s Phelps the greatest Olympian in history that Phelps a guy. He’s got ADHD How about these two Lois Lane really sick the other guy the singer Wasn’t he yeah, he’s a real sick How about these people? Mentally ill you ever seen them before how about these people? Jim Carrey She almost committed suicide from depression remember that about these people Real problems with mental illness These people That’s Robin Williams, or he committed suicide because of clinical depression Really sick there’s dr. Nash the genius mathematician He had schizophrenia And some guy wrote in a book that examined Abraham Lincoln. He said quote. He’s the most depressed human I’ve ever seen unquote That’s what a doctor said about him All right, how do most people illnesses begin all right here’s one of the major revelations that God gave me about mental illness and here it comes, it’s Starts out by the spirit of rejection and this spirit gets into people in different ways One of them is in the womb one is in the world and This List right here is from the secular world, but they are research studies done on the information The senses and the knowledge that a fetus has and that it picks up from its environment and then research started Studies on them and What I’m saying here spiritually is not in there, but even the second world agrees that a fetus Absorbs stress and pain and other things from their environment And they’ve documented that scientifically they haven’t documented the spirit of rejection and here’s one way you can get a spirit of rejection into it into the womb and attack a fetus if a woman becomes pregnant and It’s too soon after marriage that causes a lot of stress that comes transfer to the womb Sometimes people parents have kids too close to each other and That causes a lot of stress the third one is obviously money An unexpected pregnancy in the child they can’t afford the child Fourth one is very common the mother has fears of birth fear giving children different fears those things can transfer to the womb and Open a door for the rejection demon to enter the baby before they’re born Sometimes their pregnancies pop up when couples are already thinking about getting divorced and Something happens one night. They have intercourse bang and unwanted pregnancy shows up in a marriage. That’s about the crash attempting an abortion common very common For somebody to be talking about or thinking about having an abortion and a rejection demon entering the womb Attacking the child it or if they find out before the birth. It’s the wrong sex That can be a big problem Psalms 58 says the wicked are xuer in Hebrew profane from the womb they go astray as soon as they be born speaking lies what that means is the child got infected in the womb and the kids born like that movie back in the 1960s called The bad see who saw that movie you did I did too anybody else see that movie the bad see the original one Rhoda oh man, I was I couldn’t go to sleep after watching that when I was kid I Was looking around to Rhoda She was not fun She was all right if you’re on a good side don’t get on her bad side Hosea chapter 9 Jehovah is talking about the children of israel and when they had gone into idolatry And this is their glory shall fly away like a burden from birth and from the womb and from conception They go astray Once that’s talking about that’s Demons entering the women entering the fetus in the womb and being born Not just in sin as we all are but with spirits isaiah 40:8 Yes, you you didn’t hear Yes, you didn’t know from that time your ear was not open. I knew you would deal treacherously and I knew you were a transgressor from the Womb. Yeah, some kids are bad to the bone when they’re born and that’s why number 2 Childhood this spirit of rejection can enter a person in childhood if they have a physical disability or physical imperfections that they feel subconscious about and self-conscious and Other people mock them or make fun of their parents reject them because they have some kind of oddity Physically if they’re born the wrong sex for example. This is pretty common tomboys. What are those? Yeah, they’re not lesbians Oh Tom boys are not normally lesbians they’re just socialized familiarly to Censor see true or not Rationally reaction doesn’t matter it’s their perception that a male Activities are more appreciate or liked better than Female and so the person starts to behave and act a certain way, it’s masculine Say what That’s right it depends on the kid. Yeah, it could be cultural mm-hmm But again the the female is born and senses or sees that male Activities are getting more value attached to it so to speak Say like a farm That’s right, they are giving more value that’s right, and then the girl tends to become tomboy age yes Yeah, what’s wrong with that yeah? That’s why I said, they’re not usually lesbian Okay, well that what you described was was all fine. You didn’t say anything wrong. Yeah, who cares? But I was just explaining what? Influences tomboys now what she was saying there while she was describing the tough stuff she likes which is more masculine traditionally oriented and female oriented okay when she was young she saw a greater value in those activities, and she was drawn to them for whatever reason I Didn’t say tomboy were bad. I said, that’s what they are Right there. I’m not criticizing Tom woods So is she a tomboy a Who knows and B who cares? It’s the perception of the person and the people around her how did they perceive her? Okay, is she more masculine, which she’d rather go hunting than go looking for New shoes It is what it is I’m just saying that you’re influenced how you’re raised in your family environment and your familial Senses drift you a certain way to another way But they’re not they’re not normally just because you see some masculine female it doesn’t always mean they’re lesbians okay? The slang term for him is Butch’s they’re kind of Butchie That’s a lesbian That person’s a lesbian not a tomboy or they could be tomboy Ish they could act like a tomboy Yes, that’s very common, which he also includes tomboyish behaviors. What one doesn’t include the other? Sorry I put that in there I Would be removing that in the next seminar I Do catch on but it’s slow all right divorce wow that’s a huge for kids monster huge divorce monster huge when your Ministry to somebody always focus on that divorce particularly when they’re young not the one that occurred in the teens That’s the second and third spouse those are different the first one is the big one okay? ban them it Being blamed for stuff All that stuff let’s in this horrible monster this rejection demon The death of a parent particularly when the child’s young is huge he takes advantage of that he moves in There’s a sense of being abandoned or left alone when a parent dies kids are not capable of sorting through all that see that’s when they need adult help for and Most of many times that the adults I’m not there to help so the child has process trauma on their own and the rejection demon takes advantage of it and moves in on Bullying is huge particularly now. It’s a big subject now. Everybody’s getting bullied It’s really bad the rejection demon loves it because the child being bullied as a sense of fear more and They feel hopeless and they want out of the school, and they want out of their lives They want to run for the hills and The fear spirits let these rejection demons are real easy as a person who feel like they’re being accepted or Loved or any of that really bad bullying it really bad Children with demons is that in the Bible am I just making this up. No. It is not in mark chapter 7 Syrian mother’s daughter Had a spirit the Greek word who got there means young girl probably a grade school or junior high the Bible specifically says she had beckoned with spirits and in mark chapter nine a father’s son is Massively infected with spirits probably had severe autism among other disabilities And Jesus asked the father When did it happen? And he said since he was a child The greek word potty often means an infant He had these spirits since he was infant So that child could have been infected in the womb or got infected After birth we don’t know how it happened, but we do know what happened Number three the best way to pick up a rejection demon is to have jackass parents Raise your hand if you’re a complete idiot as a parent no no Jeff well what you did was You your parents were certified goofs and You picked up a rejection demon as a child and you’ve suffered with it for years Parents are real big Problems here are three secular research studies on The percent of people in prison who had child abuse I’m telling you it’s huge the number of people in prison That child abuse like nine out of ten That’s how bad it is This rejection demon gets in I mean he tears your self-concept down to nothing He rips you down He turns you into a person who sees Themselves as a substandard loser and Then he sends you to grade school. That’s a Nightmare on Elm Street You go to grade school you’re fat Have you ever been found in grade school whoa? Hell on wheels you ever had zits in grade school. Oh Man, you don’t even want to live anymore Yeah, I’m not in kid kids are cruel kids are brutal and A kid that kid that’s taking this beating at school. These are ejection demons jump on them like killer bees they’re all over them and They ruin them for the rest of their lives they never recover Then they never recover As long as that spirit of rejection is in that person that person never recovers They never are completely well ever They die sick This thing is a lifelong killer he’s a monster I’ll go into that later well anyway Absentee parents work all the time really dangerous for kids unaffectionate parents particularly the father’s Extremely damaging for kids kids are born To get some lovin from dad And if they’re not they’re divorced or they have rejection demons and they want to love someone But they can’t express it right Tearing up the kids Ruining the kids dads are huge Loving dads um and they’re priceless lovers Affectionate huggy, kissy. Oh, that’s a tremendous skill for a father tremendous Spiritually emotionally the ones that don’t have it And they can’t do it because they were beaten his kids or they were abandoned his kids or they were verbally abused as kids They don’t feel comfortable with a huggy kissy It’s kind of a look you know They want to do it all, I wish I See that’s that rejection do you so don’t you touch that kid Screw him yeah, Lenny. That’s good Be hard on it discipline. That’s what he needs discipline Discipline without love Jack’s the kid up for life if you don’t believe it go down to sheriff Jones well, then I have tents anymore, but go who’s the new sheriff I Only know his name go down there, and you’ll see all them guys All of just exactly what I just described to you absentee father Divorces death early death of a dad an unloving unaffectionate father Kills them kids telling them the rejection even goes hey They high-five and enter the child they’re down at sheriff Joe’s years later Real bad Do the other ones are obvious verbal abuse? Really bad on a kid rejection Dean will just jump right in yelling in them screaming Anna barking orders Adam Overreacting to their failures yeah That kind of thing they’re the spirits are following you right in to the kid They’re standing right there waiting for you to do it and then they move right with you Yeah, there’s really is a spirit world oh Okay I’m not here alone tonight sexual abuse Oh monstrous killer Sexual abuse is rejection demons on steroids particularly for women, please and then go in fast Fast While you Children believe what the parents tell them yep ecstatic you can’t do anything right? You disgust me just shut up. You can’t be my kid you’re worthless. Hey stupid Don’t you know how to listen you’re never gonna amount to anything? Why don’t you go find some other place to live words? It is hard as a fist stop and listen to what you’re saying might not believe your ears I wish you are never born take time out don’t take it out Wow kids are not at fault that kids can’t sin When you’re born and before you reach the age of accountability your sin is not imputed to you How you do it, love you your sin is not imputed to you third graders cannot sin Nobody knows it’s in. It’s individually. It’s arrived at individually big Jews have Bar Mitzvah advancements for who cares At age thirteen, that’s a guess on their part, so they crank that out, it’s all religious forget that crap Each individual person arrives at that age Individually because everybody matures your conscience matures in a different rate It’s like fingerprints everybody’s different so when your conscience matures, and you know the difference between morally right and wrong click at that moment you’re dead in the water as King David said, I wish it would have died At my mother’s when I was born. Why couldn’t I have been a miscarriage? He said Well if you reach the age of accountability It’s better to die before that if you’re not going to get saved and then die here 90 years later Now you’re indeed doot-doot At the point of accountability at that age whatever it is Hypothetically receives Jewish 13 yes before that now It’s way before that But let’s say it’s 13 just for fun if you if you did something wrong at 12 You’re okay If you die at 12 in a car wreck you don’t go to hell if you die at 14 You’re in deep trouble because from 13 your sins were imputed to you as Paul said in Romans and The clock started ticking on you You were born in sin at your birth, and you committed your first accountable sin at the age of accountability whatever that is From that moment on the Bible says every Sin you ever commit is put on your ledger in the books in heaven. It’s the scrolls actually is what it says Remember that the books were opened and another book was open There’s the book a lie they’re different books and everybody has is being kept track of You’re all being watched Everything you say in do is being written death somehow How does that happen I had no idea I Can’t keep track of my own stuff, but that’s a Holy Ghost thing. That’s way beyond my paygrade by far But every human being is being tracked every human being is being watched and Every man quote will give an account of himself to God unquote and you can take that to the bank every human being I Did a funeral one time and left the people speechless and I’ve done that many times over the years usually for bad things, but this was a good one and I was explaining to them that because I knew there’s a bunch of sinners there I said we all know that Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin for horrible wicked evil men and We all know that when they died they all went to hell And we all know that on Judgment Day. They’re gonna be in big trouble Everybody looking at me I’m in now. Don’t let me in then you’re gonna be in trouble I said You are a spiritual fool. If you think God’s gonna judge, Adolf Hitler and not judge you If you think God only judges the super wicked and let’s just people regular sinners off You have completely lost your mind Adjust God keeps track of everybody from A to Z The Bible says the Bible says they don’t don’t send me an email Okay, how do you pick up rejection demons? Dysfunctional families are the devil’s mmm. I think number one method. I’m not exactly sure about that, but I’m gonna vote for it Husband’s live with your wives according on give honor to the wife as a weaker bayit vessel the Greek Or is to male and it means to place value upon that person it doesn’t mean to agree with everything they say But you have to place value on that person okay And if the husband doesn’t the Bible says a cop though That their prayers are hindered So you see these jacked-up families where the husband is? dishonouring the wife And then the husband is praying and his prayers can’t get answered so you got family problems schools problems discipline problems money problems All kinds of problems nothing goes right everything screwed up The husband is the head of the home and the father’s a head of the family in the eyes of God And that’s how he set it up husband wife kids Father mother kids that’s what God said if you say well screw God. I’m gonna put the mom at the top dad’s a wimp And it was so he’s gonna take second place the kids are gonna start bossing the parents around you have total Spiritual chaos and that family that family is never gonna make it Because you told God to go screw himself. We don’t like your order dad mom kids. We don’t agree with that Lord so you take a hike we’ll do it our way That’s what Satan said doing it your way is self Self we’ll never get your prayers answered it will always be sick who always be infected with demons and will always be a spiritual failure If you are a self oriented person Nothing can be done. Sorry your host We can’t fix you okay? Now I can value you as a person. I can respect you and treat you good, but I Don’t have to agree with everything you do She can do me that way Jhin have to agree there anything I do that’s not what it’s saying Tamayo doesn’t mean that you agree with every obey everything they do But you must place value on that person respect them or your prayers are going to be hindered if you’re a husband now let’s switch over to raging fathers they’re extremely dangerous These fathers that have dominant personalities that have rage issues Wow the rejection demons just fly into the kids they fly into them It’s extremely dangerous To have dads that are running amuck in the house very damaging spiritually All right the fourth. What method is you can curse yourself Okay, if you if you were once again same Greek word to male if you were disrespectful and dishonorable to your parents Let’s say you had parents that were all jacked up, and they were not worthy of honor And they were not worthy of any respect God doesn’t care God does not care, and you’re still required to Place value upon them And you cannot trash your parents, okay? Now if you do trash your parents go down to Sheriff Joe tent city there And you’ll see all these people whose lives have been destroyed People whose lives are cursed No matter. What goes right it always goes wrong Everything ends up going bad. There’s a curse on you, and it’s a parental curse Your parents were drug addicts They were crazy. They were loony they were this and that hey I get it my parents were drunks, too but when I got this later in life, and I knew what I had done to myself I ran back to my parents and Apologized huge because I was trying to get the curse off me say If you trash your parents and you have a curse on you we can break that off tonight You get a curse and walk off and one evil That you got to repent of it You got a repent of it Yeah Okay, she says what if you’re what if you trashed your parents you went back and apologized and they don’t accept it It doesn’t matter you’re you’re you’re still off the hook in the eyes of God That’s all that matters. What did God thinks is what matters not what your family. Are you think? In our society nobody believes that but in eternity that’s all that matters what father thinks is something It’s the final say, and if you go and pologize and they don’t accept it. Maybe that’s on them You obeyed God and you’re forgiven and we can get that curse broke off of you if your parents are dead We can still get that curse broke off look you got to repent They doesn’t marriage in the spirit world picked. She said what if you don’t trash on your face doesn’t matter Now the demon started they put the curse on you. They heard it you’re talking to your mom and she’s babbling like a psycho anybody got a babbling mom a lot of people do a Little bit your hold a phone on here no You hang the phone up flip? That’s stupid. Oh, man. You just trashed yourself shit him here, but they heard it and You’re getting cursed but Even like I said even if they’re dead you can still get that curse broke off tonight Let’s do that if you trashed your parents. That is a Horrible horrible sin that will ruin your life It’ll give you the yo-yo life. You don’t want success failure success failure. Yeah, you’ll be calling Tony Robbins every week It’s a parental curse, and it’s haunting you get it broke off there at men Men Beaten by mother thrown down the steps No kidding who wouldn’t Yes, oh Yeah, well you know not for having bad feelings about your mom But if you trashed her and you verbally abused her for what she did to you the demons have put a curse on No probably not Probably not curse for that no No, that’s that you you didn’t mean it But later on if you trashed her or you got in an argument with her Yelled at or whatever you did which I know you did right Come on now She was wrong And she Was running around the table trying to catch you To beat you yeah Yeah, that was luck. What would you say that she’s? What you say about it the girl is what you say about her? That she was lying what else shows that it was not true oh Never did I bite your mother never did I cuss ok? Did you say bunch of bad stuff about your mother? Well um Come on now I Don’t remember. I don’t remember. Yeah, okay listen now what she was saying was here’s what she was really saying someone. Oh quickly she had a mother from hell and Her mother was wrong and everybody including God agrees the mother’s wrong If she trashed her and dishonored her and respect disrespected her later She’s in trouble She can be healed tonight completely forgiven for that then God can remove her Negative feelings for her mother in her soul tonight. I’ve seen it happen under time So no matter what the devil did to that girl there the Holy Ghost has an answer for 100% And God would not tell you to agree with what your mother’s doing God never tells you to agree with sin and what he was telling with you telling you to do was you have to Honor your mother and father even though. They’re wrong And on a very abusive mother like she had she had a when worst mothers you can get She’s the top top 1% mother in horror She was clearly wrong we all know she’s wrong God knows. She’s wrong. It’s unanimously agreed Sheila Doesn’t matter she can still end up in a bad shape By hating her mother finding her disgusting saying negative things about her Trashing her when she’s not around those kind of things right there or picked up the spirit world They’ll drop a curse on you and your life will struggle And if I sat down and talked to her tonight in a counseling session I bet I would see it Bad things have happened to her crazy stuff this kind of thing the curse is just follow you If you’re in it leads to resentment and anger absolutely And unforgiveness again leads to the whole gamut who-who wouldn’t have that Ally with that kind of abuse, I mean, that’s that’s that’s level one abuse any kids gonna have all those feelings But the Holy Ghost again. He’s ready He’s ready to go She can be healed if her mother’s dead. There’s nothing we can do, but she can forgive her mother even though She’s dead she can release her mother’s spirits from her body tonight even though her mother’s dead no matter where she is Yes, sir Jealousy Of jealousy bout about what? The Holy Ghost has got that one covered you can be healed of that To be worse whistle of everybody What yeah now notice it says Tamayo honor not agape love Okay, so if your if your parents don’t want nothing to do with you Which is very common in religious homes when you have a religious split, so let’s see you got the Muslims here And then this one converts to Christianity well that one’s cut off Okay, so the sin is on the parents in the eyes of God but the cut off child as a Christian has to Forgive them has to honor them and the Holy Ghost can help we’ll help you with that we can’t do it we need help And he will help us do it, but you have to be willing to do it you Have to be willing to forgive and bless your mother Even though you don’t feel like yeah Defense truck yeah, he said if what they said is true Is is is it trashing them well that depends? You know a hon on your attitude, and how you say duh. I could say well That’s a blue shirt their matches your tattoos I Could say that matter-of-factly and that’s not negative You’re sure that’s sure tattoos. It’s white and you know how many tattooed your skin’s white? Say, no, that’s what we call genius Now if I start saying the same thing to that guy making fun of his shirt and tattoos see there’s There’s a different attitude or intent there that is I’m in trouble that Angry is not always hatred. He said that’s true Not really but If your look if your parents are rotten and It’s common to have rotten parents duh. I mean you don’t have to go too far to find that happen some family, okay God doesn’t tell you to go there and lie about them and say they’re wonderful people He’s not telling you to do that What he’s telling you to do is in spite of all their deficits You must place value on them as a person to honor them and forgive them if you don’t The demons will attack you Okay now stop right there. He made a great point This is off the subject She had a mother that she had major problems with as a child And then she developed hatred for her mother later in life. Okay, then God Allowed her at this point near life to forgive her mother great She failed at the next step, and the next step is ought. Ah Is the negative that you have for the person Okay, she still has ought for her mother, which she won’t and when she leaves here in that she’ll be fine You can forgive somebody and still have that forum correct No kidding that that is gonna spiritually damage you and Jesus specifically said the Greek phrases I tease if you have aught for any person Don’t offer your gift to God leave it at the altar go back and try and rectify it Then come back and offer your gift Remember that scripture he didn’t say forgive ah See so the devil moves into the Christians, and I’m getting behind here. He tricks them and says well. You forgave him You’re fine, Oh Your mom’s calling Oh God Your mom’s on the phone Well that’s a demonstration of what ought See the Holy Ghost can remove that so that she doesn’t have to not talk to her mother anymore Nice try she said Man you gotta remember something you ain’t you talking to me here Are you ain’t talking anybody else in the world you’re talking to me don’t talk to me now Here’s what she’s really saying is and she’s a good person Her mother doesn’t want nothing to do with her because she had a crappy mother and If I asked for a show of hands I’d get a lot of people to raise their hands like that lady over there She’s a good person. She had a crappy mother This it’s common. It’s like nothing. It’s like another thing What you know? Because of the ought she has she doesn’t call every week to check on her If I call every week she’s gonna start in again she gonna start on me Right I should correct if you called your mother. She she started on something And her mother doesn’t want to talk to her cause she doesn’t like her She’s not responsible for her mother’s ought, that’s between her and God she responsible hurt lot Okay, so when the person’s healed of unforgiveness and odd they called the Nincompoop relative up it couldn’t be not just mother dad mother relative brother sister if strange families are exactly in the same way here It works exactly the same way brothers and sisters How’s your sister doing oh great What was she like when you were in Oh? She beat me all the time? She was she was horrible Worst yet now she does Neil annoy Linds last time you talked to her all about 10 12 years ago Okay, it’s a red flag boom how come you haven’t talked well she hates my guts Then you investigate a little further you seal that person feels uncomfortable with that other person And who wouldn’t it’s not she’s not mentally ill Who wouldn’t feel? uncomfortable that person what I’m saying is the Holy Spirit has the answer for that he can heal you of that aught and The unforgiveness and the awe will break any curse on your life once. It’s gone If you have a bad dad Who hadn’t had a bad dad. Just my dad barnyard crazy Hey, I got a I had to repent of that I Had to I had it I didn’t get that thing broke off me No cuz I had bad feelings about him. I trashed him because he was a jerk He was an idiot There’s no kidding Exactly exactly, thank you. I ain’t loving somebody and allowing them to If somebody consistently treats me That’s Right no no No and again, I never said that I Apologize if I you you’re misunderstanding me, or if I said, I miss I was apparently I wasn’t clear If somebody’s slapping you across the face and you want to be unsnapped you step away from the person If you develop bad feelings and live over that person now, it’s your problem That’s ought if you forgive them for slapping it god doesn’t require you to go back and get slapped again That’s not your job So what he’s saying is I’m disassociating myself physically with this abusive person that’s not a sin But him carrying negative feelings and emotions about that person That is now gonna come back to bite him and that’s gonna block his prayers, and he’s gonna be in spiritual trouble Does that make sense yeah, God doesn’t want you to go get abused yeah Yeah happens all the time Well I don’t know why you called him, but if you have Negative feelings and you got bad thoughts and bad. Yeah about your dad Right exactly This guy is perfectly normal sitting here perfectly normal and again those feelings for his dad are gonna bite him spiritually He’s he’s in trouble and The Holy Spirit can remove that off from him tonight, so that when his dad barks at him on the phone It doesn’t even affect me Sure before I got rid of my dad art I talked to my dad on the phone, and he used to bother me change he never changes He’s still saying something still, but oh god. He screwed my mom over again dad come on dad. You know I go through this Idiotic routine of thinking I was helping or I was a superior person I didn’t realize that I had this odd That was blocking me spiritually and I was in trouble Say now I call him up. He starts talking about some The lunar listen sounds good dad. Love you buddy quick Don’t even feel don’t even feel in the lunar deals Wild business expense you know trips to mark don’t even gonna faze me more But it used to bother me. See. I’m dad God can’t you change after 60 years fuck you stupid? God Almighty what even idiot that I had that was odd I had to get rid of that because I didn’t want to be bound spiritually yes, ma’am Oh, that’s bad Dom is all in time Mm-hmm Well I’m not sure now if she says her brother is jacked up That’s as common as breathing. Everybody’s got a jacked up brother. Okay. Everybody’s got one and Her brother is doing something or saying something to hurt her or holds feelings against her or who is jealous or something like that very very common okay that has nothing to do with her unless she develops aught against his attitudes or behaviors Now we’re in trouble Spiritually now. I’ve got to help her say Animosity lot Thank you say to hear that word animosity I’ve had I’ve been smarter. I’m gonna thought of myself a Good one once animosity crops up in your soul. That’s hot and you’re in trouble even though your relatives barnyard crazy What’s the condition attached to it people don’t even know what I’m talking about okay? I presented in a way if your father is is the biggest out rocket and your father is the biggest shampooer? father Commit you to honor your father your father It says to honor your mother and your father I I asked them about it. What does it mean? He looked at me shrug to show that I don’t know And he was honest and the reason is because the churches are not teaching The situation properly they teach headlines, but they don’t get into repeat What’s in fact involved Thank You explaining you come down through what’s actually involved in it examples just Like that just people have no idea what they thought about it True Sir Well I just told you the Greek word to male means that listen yeah, if someone abuses you That’s the opposite of Tamayo they’re dishonouring you there. They have no value for you if they’re trashing correct No, no that’s a that’s the English translation that was on ER it doesn’t quite work No, you don’t glorify what their screw ups are See, but you still have to place value on that person as your parent as a human being as someone God loves See then if you if you can do that then the art will click But if you have these negative emotions and these negative thoughts and this About the person oh my god, that is odd, and that’s gonna hurt you spiritually So you can get rid of that tonight, I’ve actually seen the Holy Spirit lift that right out of the person right on the spot You can get healed of your dad I Got healed of mine Hmm God is no respecter of persons what I ran out of time there. Oh, let’s get back to the seminar then Hurry So it may be well with you it says here if you don’t if you don’t place value on your mother and father Your life’s gonna be screwed up and Just look back at your life, and see oh my god stuffs happened to me I can’t even believe that shouldn’t happen how did that happen? That’s unbelievable when you hear those terms coming out of a person’s mouth look for a curse somewhere I Can’t believe that happened that that couldn’t happen to me in years that that never happens anybody else that kind of conversation That’s a red flag. You’re cursed I Mean stuffs going bad out of the blue stuff you had nothing to do with stuff. You didn’t cause and It’s not just happening once every 50 years. It’s clicking fairly regularly. You can’t believe you’re getting hit That is a red flag you might have a curse on and it could be related to Trashing your crazy parents And most of us most of us had I Had him you most of you have had crazy parents some people had good parents and that’s great That is a tremendous asset, but in our society now There’s more dysfunctional families now than there have ever been most people have mixed up crazy parents here in America Vast majority of Again the Holy Ghost got an answer for it you’ll heal that thing if you’ll repent tonight just confess it hey I don’t like my dad and I said so okay God says I don’t like what your dad did either, but I don’t like what you did And this is about you you want to be healed your dad doesn’t So will release your dad to the Lord do you get here? And the Holy Ghost I have the last laugh your abusive parents Who said you were nothing? You know nobody suddenly? You’re the one healed the family nobody else is The last will be first the first they’ll be last You want to live a good life get that parental curse broke off of you fathers. Do not provoke your children to or gay anger Okay, a lot of parents make their kids mad all the time. They’re unfair to them They’re unjust they overreact the situations and the kid starts developed Deep-seated anger pretty soon that spirit of anger gets in there and that thing carries into his Family’s her family that her next family Then the next and she said I never wanted to be like my dad and turned out just like my dad It’s the anger demons they transfer from one Parent to a child from a child to that child they go down the tree Number five a child can pick up rejection demons and eventually become mentally ill through self defilement mark chapter seven Jesus called all the people together he said hearkened to me every one of you and understand There’s nothing that you put in your mouth that can defile you Things that come out of you they quite not all profane you and so Your kids are screwing up your parents are crazy, and you let them have it Don’t you change don’t you have any respect for anybody? Why are you hurting these people you know listen? You’re like it once you trash that other person you Defiled yourself Spiritually a Few Well soon as you left them off you actually did it to yourself Spiritually, you’re spiritually defiled So the demons deliberately send people to you to aggravate the living heck on you, so you will trash them once you trash them You’re defiled Oh Obama and Trump, I hate those mother Hey, dude Trump and Obama yeah, I agree they’re both born They’re both completely nuts, but you just trashed yourself when you trash them That’ll end the seminar god bless you gnight Nice to see you Listen when you run your mouth like a busted chainsaw. You’re actually spiritually destroying yourself You’d be better off going to Domino’s and stuffing down six pizzas, then tell him to eff off Because stuff and six pizzas May not be healthy to you, but spiritually it did nothing to hurt you Jesus said he said your food comes in here, and then it goes out the draw we went over that in detail in our last Bible studies and everybody just enjoyed it I Got a whole bunch of draw emails everybody loved it Doesn’t matter what you eat that does not spiritually hurt you in the Old Covenant it did in the New Covenant You can eat anything you want Krabbe nine trim tonight go ahead and eat it now this has nothing to do with common sense or diet. That’s a different subject That’s not addressed here. This was a spiritual conversation Okay, should you eat rat poison? No, but if you do eat it. It’s not spiritually defiling you and It doesn’t taste good If you trash somebody and you give them a piece of your mind, and then you’re down to two or three pieces You’re spiritually rotting yourself out by yelling at your kids Screaming at your mom yelling at your wife blistering your husband you’re destroying yourself And you’re allowing rejection demons that come in the home and invade your body That’s how it works, it’s a spirit world oh Yeah, yeah yeah now he said it’s part of its taking offense that’s correct, but the offense sometimes is It’s usually in the soul. It’s emotional. So you tell me I’m a piece of crap Now I’m offended okay, but I haven’t spiritually defiled until I said what you suck to As soon as I said that plunk it fell on me Yes, you can trash yourself and defile yourself, I’ll never amount to anything whoa You just gave the demons the curse. They need it to make sure you amount to nothing Nobody understands how Dangerous words are because everybody just runs their mouths like busted chainsaw Rob How about everybody’s talking all the time words are powerful? Spiritually pow find me Okay, so Because you have a rejection demon Dez doesn’t mean you’re mentally ill okay. This is only the beginning of it It’s how it’s set up. It’s how the devil sets up. These mental illnesses. It usually starts with this spirit All right any questions on that section Yeah, he’s button for punishment All right, there’s no questions. Good now. Let’s get to some other revelations that are very important Here’s how it works Satan controls the planet Earth there’s about seven or eight billion people on the planet nobody knows for sure that’s just an educated research guest But it sounds somewhat, right? How does he control them well the war is over the human mind and This in the spirit world the devil has special demons he uses to control people let’s take a look at him real quickly and All these things apply to have regular Christians, but in a mentally ill Christian they’re just amped up they’re on steroids This section always applies to all Christians But in mentally ill Christians, it’s just Dramatically accelerated, that’s the only difference okay According to the God’s Word lies and fear are a polar opposite to truth and faith and You can’t mix them because a little leaven leavens the whole lump so if you mix anything fear in with faith the fear overcomes the faith Rots it out If you add a lie and with the truth, and you mix them that becomes a lie You call it a partial truth or partial truth Okay, so they’re opposite total opposites, right? The devil uses special spirits to attack people’s minds particularly Christians and Here’s how he does it? Truth is a concept built on a series of facts That’s a – that’s a – fact if you add them together It will be a four That’s a fact four is exactly how many items we need to feed this family over there and They will be blessed truth Fact plus a fact equals that fact applied there gives you a truth For God’s and His only begotten Son Why he so loved the world and If she believed in everybody Shouldn’t have everlasting life Well the fact is God sent His only begotten Son well that didn’t good enough Why do you send him love that’s that’s another fact not good enough I Believe it Now I have eternal life truth Facts are different than truth so to speak Facts are a collection of concepts that make up a truth The devil uses facts to trick Christians And he tells him it’s a truth You prayed yesterday didn’t you? Yes that You asked God to do this and that didn’t you? Yes fact He didn’t answer the prayer did he That’s a fact, right True oops Now you’re dead The truth is not true Why didn’t father answer that prayer There could have been several other facts that Caused him not to do that, but the devil jumped to the truth and said he doesn’t care You asked him didn’t you true fact? He didn’t answer did he when you want him to fact The devil goes well the truth is he doesn’t care about you whoa Whoa you’re stacking facts now. They’re distortions Now you’re using facts to manipulate the truth You didn’t tell me all the facts Ally has fax in it He’s smarter than we are He’d just shoot facts and the facts are accurate. He prayed didn’t you yeah, that’s fact You need that don’t you That’s a that’s an accurate fact. I do need that well. Did did you get it from God? No, I didn’t That’s an accurate fact well then the truth is he’s not listening to you He near your prayer yeah, see He’s not giving you all the facts, but he’s drawing a conclusion and giving you false truth And does not explain it right. There’s a difference between facts and truth You can use facts to manipulate something and it becomes a false truth or a half truth or a partial truth The devil’s spectacular at that a super genius And these demons live in lies and fabrications and distortions What happens is The war is not between Sunnis and Shia It’s not between North Korea and South Korea It’s between the holy spirit and the demons trying to take over the human mind The kook in North Korea forgot his name duck duck ook ook He’s crazy, but he’s not crazy The spirits have taken over his thought patterns And they give him false truths they’re fake truth by giving him facts That are incomplete Yes, I think they’re incomplete I don’t technically know what’s going on in that system Was just I was guessing that that the guy’s mentally ill The war in every born-again Christian is the same They desperately want your mind the Holy Spirit wants your mind The difference being He will not force you to give it to him You have to voluntarily of your own free will give it to him the devil will try to force you to give him your mind and That’s one of the broad definitions of mental illness The spirits have taken the person’s money Whoever gets the mind gets the person Let’s take a quick look at these yep A few years ago, then what happened Okay, what was your question? Okay, I I don’t know that sir, yeah Okay now let’s take a look at these scriptures real quickly Here’s one of the major revelations God gave me in my mind When you’re in church you just read these scriptures on a Sunday morning in you’re not really absorbing them you’re not really analyzing them correctly It’s the church system, and you’re taking a bunch of data, and you kind of read your regurgitate it back And then you go on to your other things God revealed to me. There’s a huge difference between a Christian and the disciples Attack there’s no comparison all disciples are Christian almost noted Christians are disciples When this revelation hit me years ago, I began it’s that are under my church looking at people I was no man, this is huge Almost all the people in my church were born-again Christians. I’m almost none of them weren’t cyclists I Mean a complete study on both of them a disciple is completely different from a Christian Totally never They live totally different they think different we have different attitudes their whole lives are different Here’s how it works First Timothy 4:1 the spirit speaks expressing me that in the latter times some shall depart depart from their faith giving heed to planus spirits and Dada Scalia teachings of diammonium demons And I’m thinking how in God’s name here can All these born-again Christians it says depart from the faith right there That’s a Greek word pista that means God faith How can they all depart from the faith? How does that happen? God showed me this in the mind the devil gets into the mind and takes them away Planus is a Greek word for deceiving Demons teach Christians lies And they believe them, and they lose their faith speaking lies in hypocrisy having their conscience seared with a hot iron Connery also means to have your conscience hardened or cauterized a conscience that’s hard doesn’t work anymore doesn’t filter out right and wrong a Person who has a seared conscience does something that’s obviously wrong, but has no remorse for it Hence many mentally ill people hence criminals hence They do stuff and they don’t anything about it they bother They lie they cheat. They steal they We have no conscience anymore Well Christians end up life that way to They backslide they go back into the same sins they were doing before they before they became a Christian that some of the worse I’m pretty soon. What happens their conscience gets seared? And they don’t pick it up anymore If you keep doing something that’s wrong over and over and over again Their conscience will sear and the Holy Spirit can’t convict you of that behavior anymore He warns you you’re doing something wrong, but you’re not hearing it you can’t sense it anymore, so you keep doing it Any kind of sin if you keep repeating it your conscience will sear And you won’t stop it, and you won’t even care if you stop it you don’t care that much embody that much anymore It all starts in the mind through lies They will speak lies to them 1st Corinthians chapter 4 this verse really surprised me years ago It says the god of this age I own has blinded the minds of those which believe not now this verse didn’t seem to make any sense to me Because I didn’t know any Christians who had their minds blinded However it doesn’t say that I was mistranslated not in mom means thoughts What the demons are able to do is block truthful thoughts from entering the person’s mind It’s amped-up times 10 in a mentally ill person What are you getting so upset or for why did you blow your stack like that he just dropped the feather what happened? Well, you know this isn’t it You see what’s happening there, it’s all in the Manlio person’s mind The feather you know anybody who looks at it. Well, that’s no big deal. It’s just a feather and blow it on In a Christian the same thing happens only it’s not as severe The thought comes in your mind like that guy said you take an offense We don’t like you How does that happen how did I take an offense oh I? Had a negative thought about what she said to me If that thought is put in my mind by a spirit, what are they trying to do? They’re trying to manipulate me they’re putting a thought your mind Patients that have paranoia are prime examples of this process They have thoughts come into their mind that aren’t real They don’t want the thoughts because those thoughts hurt them That’s because about their thoughts the thoughts are being implanted in their minds by spirits When you talk to them, so he want to see you’re overreacting It didn’t go like that. She didn’t say that she didn’t mean that this and that nothingness The person’s not hearing it why they’re blinding their mind from receiving those truthful thoughts You’re meant somebody couldn’t reason with her talk to It’s a war to take your mind If they take your money they can control the rest of the person You haven’t somebody had critical spirits, they aren’t saying something negative. Where is that coming from? It’s coming from their mind, what’s in their mind negative thoughts? Where those thoughts come from we know they couldn’t have come from God because God never uses negative thoughts So that eliminates one of the suspects? Now we’re down to two suspects. That’s either a Seducing spirit, or it’s you If it’s you You need to repent because you’re Antichrist you have negative thoughts the Holy Spirit’s thoughts on tazza t’v If it’s a spirit in your head once that spirits removed that pattern stops Alright, I’ll close with this then After I do this I Saw the rest of that verse there and it confused me because This verse is being written to Christians and He’s talking about those who believe not I’m thinking all Christians are believers wrong sucka There are Christians who are also unbelievers And when that clicked in now I now I was on my way oh my god This Christian that believes differently than that Christian that one believes different in that one this one believes in tongues that one doesn’t this belief in healing and Deliverance that one doesn’t this one believes in water Bachelor this one needs and sprinkling that one’s hosing off. This one’s spitting Everybody has different beliefs And some Christians have blocks of truth they will not accept Holy Roller here Baptist they’re Baptists guys solid on truth of salvation Holy Roller guy no what about the rest of this I don’t believe that Now I made sense When I got into Christian counseling something really bothered me When I was transitioning up I Started to look at these church people I was hanging around I Was in the Assembly of God religious and I noticed something shocking That really bothered me The Christians Had the same problems the sinners did They had the same emotional illnesses they had the same mental illnesses They had the same Screwed-up lives. I couldn’t believe it I’m not making this up I Had to find out from God how in the heck does this work this this can’t be I know I’m missing something ah That was an understatement I was missing a whole world The spirit world and didn’t know it how it operated? And I was baptized in spirit that spoke in tongues I’ve been a active church member of the hardcore Church attender I was Su super doubt superstar Don Church hardcore I Was up here most other Christians were down here in my world and then Assembly God was I was an on fire type person You know and they were like that I’m looking around going these Christians are as sick as the sinners. I used to counsel for 25 years And so I went to godness and my god I have got to know You know I gots to know And and the Lord’s so merciful if you want to know something he will help you He will be just got to pursue your way in Hell, right There clap before you lord, hedak Had I casually approached and said you know I was wondering something I would have never got the answer the Holy Ghost doesn’t do that If you don’t care he lets you go I’m not making that up trust me I know from personal experience If you don’t care tonight And you don’t want to be healed and you don’t want to change the Spirit of God will let you go The gospel and the benefits of the gospel healing and deliverance are only for those who care only For those who are going to step out of their comfort zone only for those who will push their way in Throughout the New Testament four Gospels one healing after the other Clearly Illustrated given to people who cared Rich allowing rulers left with nothing The difference between the deliverance center the church is we give you an opportunity to get healed You don’t give that in church They have a system set up. Here’s how we do it We do that then we do this Let me do that and we pray here, then I talk here that I sing here, and I say another prayer here, then you leave Not here If somebody wants to be healed and they’re gonna push their way in you got a mental illness You can be completely healed I’ll close with this story. I’ve already told you at the fort So I’ll make it short. I started my radio program in 2002. I had a call in program on Saturday on KP execute some guy calls in and he says He gives me a message you say hey, can you come out and pray for me? I? Said yeah, I would I? would take names with people that called in and then I would go visit in their homes, and I’m gonna pray for him and I didn’t know what I was doing Which is your typical Christian? I? Didn’t know what I was doing, but I was my enthusiasm carried me to a new level aha, yes Enthusiastic people will go places angels will fear to tread Michael the Archangel Mike come back oh Boy I Drive out cleared Apache Junction. I’ve already told you the story before I apologize out way out there I go to a rotten mobile home park trashed out mobile home single wide mobile place is trashed guys on social security I Go in and take my little interview finish my interview up guys got bipolar Done my interview now I’m sitting there going okay? Alrighty then What the heck do I do now Because I already know bipolar can’t be cured You don’t go out and just talk to somebody and they’re cured I’ve been doing that for 25 years Secular world I know that I’m in trouble here, okay The Holy Ghost now I So I’m sitting there thing goes you know what I’m gonna. Take a shot at this thing, and I did I Stood up from his dining room table. Which was a broken-down card table, and my chair was rickety I Got up from my chair. I went around there put my hands on his head like this. I grabbed this head like that mm-hmm Why did I do that I made it up? I? Don’t know what I was doing. I was just begging for mercy You know I’m on the radio now, and I’m out here. I’m enthusiastic I’m trying trying to sort of God I Don’t know what I’m doing like the rest of the Christians So I said hey, I’m just gonna take a shot at this. I’m thinking what do I got to lose? You know I’ll just run out the dope drive out of the broken-down trailer park and race home and hide I Reach up clunk right over his head. I said now now now I’m in trouble I’m stepping out on faith because I heard that at church you step out on faith Now I got to come up with a prayer yeah I’ve been I’ve had many bipolars before in in my old life. I know what it the deal is But now I’m on I’m on a different level here. I I’m gonna spiritual level. I’m trying to do something for God This is a different setup. We’re not trained this way in graduate school you Don’t go to a secular school and get training in the spirit world. It’s all secular stuff. That’s what I learned So I said alright, I’m gonna come up with a prayer, and I did I I don’t remember what I said lord I Whatever I said, I’m sure it was great a While and holding the dudes head He starts to tuning fork means He’s shaken and It’s shaken and it’s rattling Then it’s rolling That was my joke I did that one for me This guy’s heads going like that and he’s not doing it, and I’m holding his head, and I’m going What’s going on here, and I’m thinking am I picking up something I’m praying now. I’m really praying yeah, now. I started praying and Stops Put my hand back look down his face. He had a Glassy eyed, you know kind of Look on his face orbit that look I said what happened to you What did you feel something what you feel what happened I? Was gonna ask him you didn’t get me anything to do, but I didn’t Don’t send me an email. I do not say that I Says well, what did it kind of feel like what happened? He said it felt like something left my head. I felt pressure go like that and When he said that something speared me right here, I felt something My god, I just stumbled on a Miracle Called the guy a couple days later bipolar was all gone racing thoughts gone sleeping like a baby Rage incidents rage Nothing with triggering. You know just ain’t gonna help you watch Yarv around those people walking on eggshells are on them cats asleep. Don’t wake him up who’s out there? Oh, no God. No that Was gone all of it It was a spirit that got in his brain Gave him bipolar What a shortened story up I Saw everything like that. I started digging in the Bible. I saw Eric sickness is caused by spirits mental illnesses emotional illnesses Everything I Saw it it took me a while. You know I had to learn it I Mean I didn’t have what all like click, you know it took me a while, you know hobby six years And as I’m standing here right now as God is my witness. I said thousands of people Delivered from spirits right in front of my eyes Not cuz I’m great God had mercy on me in a Vulcan down mobile home park in Apache Junction It was it was a bigger miracle for me than him Because I was asking God, how does this mental illness work? Why couldn’t a human anybody? How come the meds don’t work? How come the meds make a worse sometimes? Why are these people so sick I? Know why? Yeah, I get a lot of hate from this because the secular of people like I used to be some of them hate my guts because oh you’re blaming it on the devil and They don’t believe in spirits, and you’re hurting mentally ill people you’re telling okay I get all that I understand that and I know why they’re saying I don’t have any bad feelings about them Maybe I would have done it too. If I’d have heard it years ago I might have done it myself so I cut them some slack But I don’t care what they think I was there in that mobile home you weren’t there I saw that you didn’t see it. You know what you like that. Yeah stick that in your ear I saw it now You can’t talk somebody out of a miracle unless they want to be talking I don’t want to be talked out I saw the guy I saw him get better Period I don’t care what you think and then I saw all them other people get healed I Really don’t care what you think now. I saw all those other people did I heal any of them? If I can heal somebody I wouldn’t be standing here tonight I’m the only yacht somewhere I’ll be having Kenneth Kenneth Copeland bring me drinks That’s right No this has nothing to do I mean I couldn’t he’ll fly This is the Holy Ghost the blood of Christ and the broken body of Jesus What and then God showed me where these mental illness healings come from I Got it in a dream. I don’t know almost from God, but I had a regular dream, and I saw a crown of thorns Years ago, and I just hit me that’s it They put the crown of Foreman’s head, they hashed it in to his skull that Was the sacrifice for your healing of your mental illness? Okay, let’s turn the lights off and clothes and prayer then real quickly part two next month of Ministering to the mentally ill okay father God I apologize for going too long on the question and answer period Maybe I shouldn’t do that next time. I’ll I’ll pray about it, but that doesn’t make make any difference now I don’t care about that what I care about right now is Anybody here tonight who has like that poor guy in Pachi Junction some spirit God in their mind a spirit of rejection Entered them during a period of abuse as a child a period of self-abuse a period of cursing their parents a period of self cursing Defilement they said horrible things about themselves They said ugly things about themselves and the demons heard them say it and took advantage of that Person is here tonight Needs to be healed. I just talked to a few people already to Lourdes. They’ve got ought here tonight They did forgive their parents But they don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore or they’ve got bad feelings about them Or they got negative emotions about them. That’s hot and That is covered on the blood. I know that Lord and tonight Anybody who has these issues the Holy Spirit is here for healing? Child abuse emotional abuse verbal abuse aught for parents parental curses Anybody here tonight Lord who has been a rotten father Who hurt their kids? or dishonored their own father, and they’ve got a curse on their life their prayers are being blocked because they husbands are hurting their wives Anything along this line the Holy Spirit’s here tonight with the blood that Jesus shed and the crown of thorns to heal and to save and to deliver suds Oh to deliver if you fall in that category I Pray Lord they will not leave here tonight without repenting without opening their heart and without receiving their healing You bought and paid for their healing This is why you came for this purpose was the Son of God manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil It’s the purpose for the Son of God now In Jesus name this racially and there if you unwittingly unknowingly Trashed your parents, and you didn’t know when you were young that brought a curse on you And you have had a lot of pain and suffering and sorrow in your life And you’ve always wondered where in the world that all this crap come from? You raise your hand you trashed your parents Right there now If you want to be healed just come up here real quickly. I’m gonna do the parent thing first And we’ll do them will do the Husband thing next if you trashed your parents, and you did not know you were ignorant as I was I’m with you I’m not criticizing anybody. I’m as bad as as everybody is You didn’t know that when you trashed your parents you were bringing a curse on you You didn’t know the Bible said that In the Old Testament all the laws of Moses were removed Except the ones that were carried over in a New Testament All the laws of Moses were replaced Unless the New Testament carried him over and that was one of the laws of Moses the New Testament carried over the curse come up there a curse on your life nice, sweetheart When you trashed your parents It carries forward, and then your life doesn’t go well, and that’s exactly what Paul said Now you can’t get this curse off you Unless you do what the Bible says you have to have godly sorrow I got this curse broke off of me in 2004 from my mom and dad they were drunks But I was broken at the altar when it happens I was broken Listen me carefully on this curse When you trashed your parents you hurt your heavenly Father the most And the way he took it the way he took It’s as if you were thrashing him Because he told you not to do it And the bow your heads Father God, there’s some people standing here that do not have godly sorrow right now I’m gonna pray my heart out for him This is something we desperately need they ignorant ignorant ly hurt their parents by saying negative things about him and by cursing them and highlighting their stupidity and their ignorant and a Curse fell on them and the Bible says their life didn’t go well And let me tell you something and all the mentally ill people I’ve worked with over the years Almost all of them have that in their background almost every one of them They trash their parents And when you trash your parents it opens the door later on in life for serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia Dissociative identity disorder bipolar Anxiety disorders Anorexia come out Devils anorexia bulimia Psychosis seared consciousness Seared conscience no remorse No remorse Well, that’s your tears. Oh Father god. I’m so sorry for what I done to my parents I’m asked you to forgive me. Oh God Come out of there. I’m asked you to forgive me for what I? I’m asked you to forgive me for what happened to me I? Hurt you Lord Jesus come out quicker Lord Jesus born it’s confess it you might say it Say it Say it No you say it come on that hand right now come on there right now come out quickly Come out Various come out come on over you come out right now come out come out of there hurry Come out of her the Holy Ghost is moving quickly now step in just confess it come out right now Come out right now Come out of there quickly quickly Come out quickly just confess it Just confess it quickly quickly confess it Lord Jesus, I’m so sorry I cursed my mother. I called her a biatch. I ripped her She said these things about me. She did these things about me. She betrayed me she dishonored me she just disrespected me so I dishonored her I Disrespected her and a curse fell upon me Lord Jesus save me from this Curse my life is cursed on the I’m financially fine for a while then I’m broke I’m in love for a while then I’m divorced. I’m in a relationship damn house My car runs, then it blows up my school goes well Then it falls apart some curse come down upon me God have mercy on me cause sweetie. Let your tears go Just confess it your parents were no good. They were rotten. They were sinful. I get it I understand that Very good either Just let your tears go that’s your tears go come on just confess it Sweet Jesus forgive me sweet Jesus forgive me just confess it Just confess it this would come out just confessing father God forgive me I Let my dad have it I ate at his guts for years He wasn’t fair he abandoned me cheated on my mother he beat you a house, then he beat me like chorus, then he beaten the tree limbs I hated his guts I Said so I said, so you can own that body right now come on there right now I said so hey when you said so the curse fell right on top of you friends Well, I got saved I got saved No, the curses. Don’t automatically leave you just did you guys say you? Don’t automatically get healed just because you got saved you don’t automatically get delivered from demons just as you got saved Don’t fall into that Farcical doctrines, that’s a lie you’re not perfect after you get saved, but after you get saved. That’s when you start Renewing your mind. That’s when you start changing They told You got played Demons use parents to hurt the kids it’s a setup Well what their doings got if you hear what he just said show you the Clayton’s parents, I’m 26 okay this guy’s a fight with his parents 26 this parents have nothing to do with anything tonight Nothing, this is not about his parents. They don’t want to be healed. They’re not here. They don’t care. He wants to be healed He has to repent and I mean fast come on sweetheart. Just open your heart. Just do it. What’s her? Who hurt you? There’s Tina raise your hands Lord Jesus Lord Jesus you see this See this beautiful woman right here. She has scars on her soul This Tina hurt her bad very bad Christina Christina hurt her right there in her soul, and she cursed her back She cursed her back alone. She did that cursed fell upon her my god her life is gone bad The devil has been whipping her feeding on trashing her Tonight she’s got to repent Jesus Forgive me for hurting my mother Christina wherever you are tonight. We will train for you right now We’re going to bless you come out. We’re going to bless you tonight come on Christina Moe live I’m sorry say it Mom I’m so sorry forgive me for what I’ve done Forgive me for what I’d done Forgive me for what I’ve done number two Down your mother bu Oh No what’s her name Oh? God she’s still alive Okay, father God. I’m asking right now. You see this man of God standing here Lord He’s got a good heart, but his soul is scarred because Ruth Butchered him as she drove demons of anger and rage into his soul and sadness and sorrow will follow Right now Lord, I want you to find Ruth tonight. I want you to go find her and put your hands on her I Want you to put your loving hands on Ruth tonight? I know she’s got demons I know she’s a hurt person. I know she was wounded as a kid But tonight we’re gonna forgive her We’re gonna forgive her Ruth The Lord Jesus loves you don’t ever need to hurt anybody ever again like you’ve done your son And we are going to forgive you and release you from your son’s soul tonight Ruth come out right now Come out Come out all your demons come out of there right now come out hatred for with summer Right now Your son When he was young Father forgive him Lord Let your son go let your son go Come out father come out Mother go come on Let her go Every spirit from your mother go spirit of lust go adultery don’t Come on the Holy Ghost sees all that Adultery come out right now anger My mother Fornication adultery pornography come out right now Come on good girl there you go hard come out of there. I said Come out deep-seated anger for my mother childhood rage come out of me right now go Arguing in the name of The holy ghost I done Myself There we go, let’s do it The Bible says in Matthew chapter 5 Love your enemies and bless those who curse you Right Now She’s got a good heart Mother-in-law I forgive you What’s going on with you Yeah, okay now listen carefully when you launched it was the finally At the time he did that During the intercourse What do you think Why is he doing it? Are you scared? Yeah? Will you hurt? Yeah was he forcing you? okay, at that moment I was he he was my brother noise about 35 35 okay now that he had a Spirit of rejection and then he had a spirit of lust Okay, now. You aren’t the only person that you did that? Factor seems like there’s three of them listen when he did that to you Spirit transferred in The god I stand here with your child. She’s a beautiful person. She’s got a good heart And she loves you but her perverted relative He was 35 she was 12 or 14. He took advantage of her And he raped her And she was afraid And an unclean spirit and her body And this spirit is still in there He tells her to use food as a comfort Instead of the Holy Ghost And tonight we are going to forgive Rick for what he did We ask you to bless him We are forgiving him for his sexual perversion we’re asking you to heal him and bless him Right now And all of his ugly perversion unclean spirits right there he is right there I said I have this huge scar. What is it? I got stuck with the necro type I was one of them Street walkers on them beer you got stuck and what? Struck with the necrotizing fasciitis the flesh-eating bacteria, so we’d have 60% percent of my body okay with that Let’s heal that next this is more important Nick they’re ready Take a big breath Okay This one’s tough, this is the harder one In the name of Jesus I forgive you for what you’ve done to me and I release you for my soul right now into the hands of the lower And I want that spirit that transferred in my body I Want Nick out of me right now? Rick and the name of Jesus Come out of there, and I curse this bacteria that attacked your body in the name of Jesus I curse you to failure I bind your power /e ater I curse you you demon of spirit of Infirmity I bind your power now I command this disease to leave this body now go Come out Come out She’s gonna repent of every bad spot and every bad emotions she ever had for you Injustice anger frustration Every ugly man that ever touched her body every demon from these ugly minute adultery fornication Prostitution all of it all this wickedness and all this evil comes out of that body tonight She’s gonna repent of every bit of it Lord Jesus forgive me God please forgive me Please forgive me Lord Will you forgive me Lord Please forgive me Lord She’s got to repent come on now, just repent of it, sweetheart. What’s your name Gemma? Gemma come on, sweetheart We have bad feelings for these people bad men I Don’t have any more negative emotions about any other Nothing at all or anything you need to repent all do you think of talking bad to my kid? What’s the are you have against the kid You said you had a bacterial something hhor– what a duty? And when did you have about? Oh a dose yeah 22 surgeries when windows you have that this shooting of street drugs wimp December December eleventh nineteen six shoot June 21st 1997 I was in a coma Redistricted everybody walked each other again. Okay? Everything. Did you tell the Lord you were sorry for hurting him for doing that? No, because I never I never blamed God Ever no, I didn’t ask you it was blame. You said did you apologize him for hurting? What do you mean for me in creating God mm-hmm? Well he loves you very much, and when you yeah when you destroyed yourself that that hurt him He was hurt Wouldn’t you be hurt if you love somebody and then they hurt themselves? And you never did see that’s why I can’t go ahead telling right now Dear, Jesus. I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. I hurt your feelings I Damaged my body I hurt my body. I hurt myself. I’m so sorry Please forgive me Lord. I just let your tears go Holy father of so sorry for when I was sitting and living in a horrible life of drugs sex all of it The Bible says that we reap what we sow I sowed in the sin, and the devil gave me a flesh-eating bacteria He gave me a flesh-eating bacteria and almost killed me but Mercy saved me I should be in Hell right now burning in hell and God’s grace save me And lord, I pray so sorry I didn’t in tears tell you how thankful I was that you saved me How sorry I am that I hurt you Sorry, I hurt you I’m ask you forgive me and heal my body and restoring Give me my healing back in Jesus name the count of three Check your body if there’s any change Check your check is your veins different what pain? Pain the left side yeah does that hurt now feel like that this used to hurt Did that hurt before no before On there real fast Jesus now There’s only way to feel Down there and see if anything’s changed, you know there’s anything change Anything else a different Now do you have pain anywhere else in your body other left side yeah, it’s car is neck all gone No, will you call me in a couple days and tell me what happened with that. Yes, I will this thing Call me this week, okay, I want to hear what happens to the rest of that crap. I want that gone are you doing? After announcer, I’m sorry you know I love you. Hey, did you repent of that ex-husband? You believe you did that ain’t good enough That’s a bad Come on. I earned in law father law he was very brutal They’re gone, I know they are yes good Who’s next Come on We’ll just You know Oh, you’re an offense sponge is what you are an offense sponge other people come in and you take an offense on the road Somebody does something you take an offense You know you know what that does puts a cork in your new wine it’s corked up and won’t come out Go ahead and repent of it I’m a fence sponge. I’m so embarrassed more. Please forgive me, okay right now Jesus My command this demon of offense these wounds on my soul People trashing me cursing me saying negative things about me. How you doing come out right now? What’s wrong with you, sweetheart? What’s left? Help me a lot you did Know we need well, she got bad your knees are healed right now Robert Robert he touch your knees are you? Torn meniscus don’t want walk walk down there March. Hey kick your legs up like this. Hey marks like that Go ahead March over there There you go March back here, sweetheart Pay the low back okay now let’s think about that for a second. I do have a Now you got some bashing fracture where it’s been better. Where’s it up? Right there okay, now. Let’s just think for a second. Okay, who hurt you the most in your life Your mother had schizophrenia Next month Was her name Hilda I think That out he said, I’m not that enemy you have any bad feelings about your mom For years, but I had since forgiven her and I know I didn’t ask you that I said you have any bad feelings about her Negative emotions about your mother. Oh yeah, there’s still some there What’s her name Hilda ready raise your hands Lord Jesus? this woman of God just got her knees healed we thank you for that but I Know you’re not happy Lord because you want to heal the rest of her God always wants to heal everything He’s not satisfied with partials and She can’t be healed Lord because she still has ought Against her mother she got bad feelings against her mother And she hadn’t repented of it Now her mother’s behavior and her mother’s attitude and what her mother set That was all caused by demons she had schizophrenia They were using her mother to hurt her They used her it was up set up there was a plan and it worked They gave her bad knees bad back obesity sadness depression sorrow It all came in Tonight and now must all go out We lift up Hilda to you right now Lord, she’s still life How come you don’t know You’ve been estranged father God forgive her for being estranged from her sick mother Forgive her for bad feelings for her sick mother We command this I come on that back right now in the name of Jesus Mother I’m releasing him Mother I’m releasing him Father God, I pray you’ll help that young man over there. He’s got bad feelings about his parents He’s he’s got a witchcraft demon like stubbornness Stubbornness is as the sin of witchcraft and Rebellion is like iniquity You which I curse you tonight come out you which come out I’m calling my mother tomorrow. I’m telling her I love her telling her I forgive her Given several years ago it didn’t work now. Let’s get that negative feelings about your mother out The demons trick you they told you abused caller and say something that’ll work. It didn’t work you Carry it around on and in there Come on Rays come out of her Schizo frania come up, please come out Right now come out I want my mother I met body. I’m out of my soul right now. I Release her to Lourdes I Let her go come out Come out come out Check you back out check it out Still hurting Who else other than your mother Are you estranged with my mother my older brother? That’s for my own protection their older brother Just what to you? What do you do these? I? sexually abuse me Heavy end of the trail what’s his name? Alison Alison Oh Alvin Mercy had no idea And you’re still afraid of me Yeah, you are okay. I don’t fear beer by sevens. Ayat, II know it’s all burn your brother no, I just Well, you don’t know where I know so you couldn’t get around if you wanted to could God protects me But you couldn’t find him if you wanted to could I could find my younger brother and find him through him possible And then with that scarier if you saw him again Alvin he’s dangerous Well Alvin’s took detection well there’s more than protection there, there’s there’s anxiety fear there Right I don’t know if he walked up here you could be afraid Other people around but I sure SEC wouldn’t get into an isolated be afraid Come on Let’s go Alvin you come out of that body right now All my relatives all these people that drive me crazy. I’m repenting of this sin Alvin you come out of that body right now get out of me Are you doing did you let him go, did you let that guy go You’re blocking my back healing you ruined my life here cigar now you’re blocking my healing I Got a turn out, but over to the Lord. I gotta get him outta here You sure it’s all over right? Yeah, they see that there She’s got transfers from him Is he bisexual? No He’s bisexual He’s got spirit. She stuck with a they transferred in here Well, she’s got art for a mother every time she gets her emotions you get some treats Totally are a little bit soul in there and it’s blocking her spiritually She’s very intelligent, so she thinks a lot While you’re talking or she’s thinking watching me everything I do So you got to get these kind of people Smart woods to relax and close her eyes just close your eyes and relax now listen. You made some bad choices Okay, and it damaged you spiritually and emotionally by the way And the mother thing wasn’t your fault It’s the devil he took her long before you were around and that’s a totally separate issue So right now lord. I need you to help this woman. It’s very bright very smart She thinks too much. I need you to give her some childlike faith tonight the childlike faith To just pray out of her guts To get this effeminate demon out of that body She picked up during a don’t reach And help her mind more she uses her mind to tuck stuff away, she doesn’t see the severity of the situation Our discernment is love I need you to touch her Lord Touch her and quick Quickly quickly Lord. I’m so sorry. I let that spirit even shaking Did you have verbally abusive Were you bullied in school Anybody’s bad This is pretty easy What you believe No all of us finger here’s what I need to do to take their Christianity I’m throw it in there and let’s start over right now Now you are very loved person, so works when God thinks about you all the time He’s been a hurt emotionally hurt a lot because he doesn’t have you or He’s hurt You’ll get that in a minute right now. I’m just gonna get the truth in you We can get for the Holy Ghost But what you need is the Holy Ghost? No, I know you don’t know okay? You’re not listening try it again I’m just gonna. I’m just gonna tell you the truth, okay And then we’ll get proof for it later You are very loved person by God, and he thinks about you literally all the time Yes, and he’s very hurt and lost its ear and Conscious and the way he lost it was the spirits got in your brain and your brains all spiritually Jack though You don’t know head from tail spiritually You listen to this guy that guy in this Internet and way that it’s messed up in there And we both know you don’t know the truth You’re out I’m gonna give you the truth, and I’m gonna ask Lord to prove it to you You’re a very lovely person and that’s what you’re missing in there is love And that’s what you really want You would love to have somebody to love and you’d love to have somebody. Love you. You would really like that You know He Wants you to be That’s not gonna help you everybody has that what you’re missing out is God’s love It’s pride that want to know pride, that’s gonna lead to nothing the ruin you’re gonna End up a total loser now what you’re really looking for lighter is Father’s love You know They get the love from the Holy Spirit and the pride comes from scenes Know the toilet choices Christ but Your pain that’s got these spirits there’s one in your head and they do all kinds of weird directions, so I didn’t get the Failure Let me know what happens Next What’s the problem Stay here yeah what you need, huh Gianna? What’s wrong with you? She’s the one that spoke out about her mother oh Yeah, her mother at large man in front of her This was almost incoherent. Oh, yeah It’s gone yeah, yeah now your brother raped you and your mother abused it Okay, other brothers didn’t you and an older brother molested you yeah? Yeah, okay now what happened was some Long before you were born up in your family tree Really strong demons got in there and they were perversion spirits they were very strong and They got in the family tree and then they came down the tree And then they the demons told this guy this guy this guy this guy to get her Then they told your mother She was sexually abused to yell at you trash. She would hurt Okay now that’s good That’s that’s interesting news, but that’s not going to help us right now now what I need you to do Just listen to me. It wasn’t your mother doing that to you It wasn’t your brother your cousin, and it wasn’t your dad Two brothers and one cousin it wasn’t them doing it. They were told to do it To hurt you Because they wanted you to be in pain for the rest of your life And that’s what’s gonna happen you gonna be in pain the rest of your life. If you don’t do what I tell you You ready okay close your eyes raise your hands now. They just repeat after me dear Lord Jesus I Was hurt bad as a child it seemed like everybody was against me The Lord Jesus The Bible says that I have to forgive all of my abusers In order for me to be forgiven And for me to be healed And I can’t do it on my own I’m asking the Holy Spirit to Help me release all my abuser From my soul the name of Jesus all my abusers My brothers my cousin my mother in particular, and I’m asking you to break this mother curse off of me, right Now as I forgive her and I release her in the name of Jesus? And I want all these demons from my whole family out of my body right this second Are you going to do what I told you yeah, you’re gonna do what I told you Okay, you know that’s phase two you ready. What’s his name again? Now take a breath breathe Come out Breathe I release it right now I release it to the Lord I release it to the Lord go Go I give it to you Lord, I release it right now go now Come out of me All the hurt all the pain out of there come on come out of there Come out there this here comes cheap coffee. It’s coming out right now come out come out there Goes come out of it come out there. It comes There it comes Hold that come out right now Come out Come out of there come out come out there. It comes go Come out Come out of it right now sorrow pain misery go Come out of there Come out come out know the rest of the compound. Go there. It is keep coffee come out Come out of there Come out in Jesus then Come on come on there go go come on come on Come on no hurry up Come on go Go let it go Emotional thing come out sadness come out Misery come out I Let that boy go now I let him go I’m releasing him from my soul now Come out Come on go come out let your tears go let it go come on You get healed the night If you will release it you’ll get healed that’s how it works go Come on oh Lord I pray for all these people that have lost lost their gift of Tears They can’t cry anymore. They feel like stone on the inside father God. I ask you to crack them break them Break them There we go Right now no they go just Repent of it, that’s how you don’t here’s how you dear Jesus I screwed up bad. I’m so sorry I’m so sorry. Please forgive me Come out come out right now I don’t have my tears anymore What are you doing there? Why are you sitting there? Why didn’t you come for trying Okay ready now this we need your husband to help us here, or we’re not going to get to our goal Okay, can you close your eyes? Take a big breath All right, Satan she repented the other day. She already repented. I already went through it I don’t need go through that again you start coming out right now in the name of Jesus Christ there He comes to you now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I command you I command you spirit follow me I command you spirit Get out of my wife right now Come out there. It comes Coughing come out right now go with Jesus Ben come on my wife Frank a second Come out come out go right now get on my wife right now in the name of Jesus come out right now Come on Hurry up come out of Satan come out of me Don’t Transfer spirits Demons seducing spirits come on me right now you get out of my life right the second Come on Hurry up there. You go Atta girl Come on just just just get mad No are they still in there yeah? He picked up other ones Never got treated ya know have you cried in the last two weeks What were you crying about Actually, I was just praising worshiping you weren’t Did you get the gift to hate Yeah Burn out – Let’s try Like chronic fatigue, no planner follow this that’s like and they’re doing it Are you doing Are you doing Middleton’s I mean? I’m still doing around the clock. I still lower his services. How’s that going? Okay, let’s block and almost Did you repent of your mother you speak in tongues Okay There goes one go Berra comes right there go come on come out Come out right now come on go come up Get ready, let’s go push a button available, but you repeat after me come out right now. I said Good girl keep going come on buddy right now come out mind control Follow this demon come up Come on Please what a mushroom that LSU derivative of louder, please Come on everybody I said Now tour come on push it up come on and that girl good touch her Lord dear Lauren good. They’re about to come up sit down right there come on right now come on that body Satan I command you and Jesus then who come out on my head now come out now mad I go keep going Louder. What are you doing in there come on right now stop doing that come out right now? Stop it come out Satan Stop torturing him go Hurry up and come out quicker Controller come on the controller come up Come out the controller Touch your Lord not your the anointing Come on that body right now a word emotion that about release it rivers of living water release Come on there stop stop stalling come on stop stalling hurry up stop stalling Right now Myself Go right now come on hurry up Now you fight harder you do everything Kelly telling you can you fight hard you hear me Don’t let her slack off Keep it going he has a nice anointing. She just not using it right and then she Constantly depends on you for everything you’re right. That’s how she got in trouble in the first place So we have to break that soul tie between you and her replace it with the lower You’re kind of her God And as long as that connection is there we’re in trouble You’re not a god you’re her husband, right? Anybody up here anybody Stand right here, she’s gonna sing in tongues with you ready go Good Satan you get out of my wife right ii go now Come out of her come on sweetie fight harder get out of my head Good beautiful very nice beautiful Singing times You know this I was just speaking of short syllables Notice that okay Now you try to follow me again, and then you add some syllables on your own and just relax and release it And just follow them Volvo Basha and compassion available vendor amore vole ACTA Deco mesh events whatever shared a devotion Amma on door overshadow, baby They’ll about any salon got any something called a machine developers don’t Bondarev SAV hola mama Oshun any syllable keep going under emotion What’d she say she’s Still feeling one No, they’re not out know that we’re not down to them yet now you you have to get angry Fight hard Are you mad What does it take you get you you know upset at the devil how do you how do you do that? Okay, are you upset about what he has done to you? You’re not it’s okay for the devil to ruin your life like this Feeling what I can feeling what? They’re blocking it they’re blocking in your mind. They know if you get mad at them, they’re gonna have to start flying out of it They think if they think you’re kind of okay with them being in there and you’re not really like Infuriated out they’re gonna stay in So if I faith could you do it in the name of Jesus the Son of God not come out of my head like that Got a girl Very good keep going different syllables any syllable Kendall she barely But I move a little actors, and I’m here so here’s my question What’s going on? Pressure if I had know what’s causing the Vision I saw The Holy Spirit coming to me The devil came and told me that if I wish to a really hard Life and their dis hordes of demons that came into me. I’ve been going through deliverance It was since we became a Christian when I was twenty. Where’s your dad dem Huh was your dad yeah, it was And how did those demos get in your house the first place well, my mom said she saw my dad walking through the hallways Even though after he was dead no spirits Too much brilliant any of their culture, I think well I did When I was late here in nineteen I got into Transcendental Meditation Alright now we can see how they got in pretty easy and When’s the last time you had a really hard cry? Boss already crying over I used to cry over everything all the time That’s probably bad even been a couple years ago I always known as a crybaby My wife I cried with her for years What church Church, do you love it? What’s my wife in church building Well, I used to build a relic Cathedral that they Went to look extreme Sweetwater now Quite a few years of our old facility and then Then I got into the Messianic movement Did that for a while and then currently I’ve been attending a tree of life with? rabbi Jack was on there For the last couple years do any of those churches you just mentioned they do deliver children Yeah, Bela Cathedral. I went through a lot of deliverance and there And then also went to Church for the nation’s Did some deliverance there? Fact that was I hung out with Larry Stockholm for a while and when his wife did a lot of deliverance with them chopped dill Stockdale yeah Did deliverance with them for a year or two? Drifted away for the last five or six years have done anything. You know what kind of work you do electronics technician so we’re at Have you ever been on my website yeah, you go that article on the gift I hate Under the teaching buttons Right yeah, I look for some of the teaching, but I don’t remember that one particularly. Okay, would you will you be your next finding? Okay, will you read that article and then you beer next Friday? Let’s get okay? Sounds good Appreciate it appreciate you guys good, man Yeah, it wasn’t your fault you know when you’re a kid, and you get hit like that. It’s not your fault Okay, somebody else was at fault But it became an adult Wow That’s why nobody’s being able to get them out Okay, you get in the weaker demon child the weakened ones come out right and then but the controller Yeah, he’s right there, and you touch the presses. I mean my my I lose there I literally can see my flesh move back and forth I look in the mirror. That’s him He knows that He doesn’t have to come out here, but if we cut the cable legs out from under he’s gonna be in trouble. Okay sounds good Streamers listen to me now go to the website How’d it go? Mike stone yeah, no no what how you doing what happened? Okay when he forgave you Something I love myself did anything you have something spiritually You do when’s the last time you had a heart Christ hard Christ oh You got saved That’s typical all the time now Yeah, well you see the curse smashing you yeah, yeah a lot of these curses are weird like The kid will pick them up here they don’t they don’t know they have one and then The devil kind of uses that as an insurance policy in case they get saved Then down the road here when they get saved click They put it in and then their life after they get saved falls apart Yeah, you follow me The kid picks it up here. They don’t know they have it because they’re a kid but later on when they get saved So when they institute to destroy the Christian life – they think ahead Christians don’t what they think about stuff they plans We know we don’t do that we Christians. Just live out it and see their parents okay alright. Now. I know what to pray Okay, what’s your name? Daniel alright hey Lord look who I got here Daniel standing right here This curse manifests that a couple of years ago And it’s trying to take him flat out try to kill him on a motorcycle They want him to go to prison for the rest of his life. They’re working out right now The demons are working right now as I’m speaking on Another strike, that’s gonna. Put this kid and in bars stop behind bars for literally years He’s in trouble Not after tonight Lord I want you to to give him that gift he had the night he got saved You’re wearing a kneeling at the altar or standing stall when you guys start crying yeah, where were you Right back here in your minds ready go back in your mind in your mind Go right there, you’re kneeling you’re on your back at the altar you’re crying remember that Can you remember that And the Holy Spirit was touching you that day you were laying on the ground The Spirit of Jesus was touching You were loving him and you were telling him you were sorry He was telling you I forgive you son, I love you, then you told him you loved me You asked him to forgive you that night, and he did You asked him to love you that night And he did remember that a couple years ago in your land on the floor at that church Just go right back there right now And just open up your heart take a big breath Breathe again Holy Spirit come in Breathe Holy Spirit come in Breathe Holy Ghost come give him back his tears Give him back his tears in two years Lord Jesus, I love you, and I need I Love you and I need your help The Devil’s got me in bad trouble. It’s putting it on me He’s putting it on me just trying to kill me tried to kill me on a motorcycle I’m not gonna die I’ve been called by God for some special work To use and I’m not gonna die a loser like everybody else does. It’s not gonna happen I’m gonna go back to my first love When I was saved two years ago, we’ll go back to my first love right now Jesus Holy Name Jesus name Holy Spirit touch me now touch me dear lord Touch me dear Lord laying on the floor, just like I wasn’t Open in my heart. Just like I’d get two years ago opening my heart. Thank you Jesus Hey, hey grab that kid Hey bring that kid here Hey, how you doing oh yes, yeah remember me oh Yeah, yeah, I’m right. Talk to you last week remember that oh, yeah. Yeah, have a seat here Close your eyes just close your eyes That’s okay, just close your eyes all right And what’s this diagnosis? Awesome what’s his IQ? Do we know testing no close your eyes sir open your mouth there all right? Look what’s his name again? Oh, that’s right, Isaiah Yeah, okay, just here. You just pray quietly Yeah Just breathe out of your mouth. Yeah, all right all right Lord. We got autism camps here That’s a fear demon He’s got every demon but no Lord We got our first autism case here We’ve never had one healed yet and And tired of it Burned out with it and His mother loves him so much It’s amazing in fact almost every one of these cases their mother loves them dearly That breaks my heart And we’re all going to agree together or two or three gathered together in the name of the Lord the Holy Spirit is here in the mid We are going to command this devil this rack of demons there’s a rack of them in there That one there has to go first These spirits in the name of Jesus going to Come out in Jesus come out in the name of the Lord The fathers dealer the father’s within this the father sends Perversion go right now. I said Stop hurry up go hurry up go come on come on right now Perversion Porn I bind your power pornography go Come on Come on Come on Come on I command you in the name of Jesus Right now I said go now I say go now Hurry up hurry up hurry up Everyone no more playing around no more stalling no more waiting months and months no tonight sit All of it demon of sin go demon of sin Demon of sin go Sinning go Sinning go Get out of that come out of his hands come out of his hands Get out of his hands right now right now Where’s the sister Why are you telling the story? Because he say why he’s explaining why she’s your sister Oh? Young girl I prayed for that’s his sister right yeah, okay? Such as Brad Paisley’s behind the clouds Disney Pixar’s Cars, why are you telling? I was listening our cousin telling us because I was Like why I said, he’s like she’s waiting like a sister jeez I think it’s cold here, let me see if I can memorize my This is not helping us We’re praying for you. Not your sister right now Right okay? Now we’re gonna. Go Phase two of your deliverance hey We’re gonna go to Phase two of here’s a woman’s right now Okay, you put your hands on her head, and you can solve to learn Expose your eyes Now you tell the spirits to come out of your brain right to second the name and change to say that in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus I come in My commands the spirit to come out of my head You tell that spirit to come out of your head spirit, I command you to come out in the name of Jesus Because because you’re hurting my mother because and you’re breaking your heart. She was breaking You’re breaking my mother’s heart. You’re breaking my mother’s heart. I hate you for it I hate your what I hate you for hurting my mother, and I command this spirit come out of my head right now that way Get out of my head right this second come out now get out of my head now saying harder Get out of my head Hey, no. This is the other one. This is the one that’s hurting your mother You want to keep a demon that hurts your mother? Come out of my head right the second come out of my head right the second I Command their spirit come on my brother come out of him right now I command the spirit there you go. Good girl say that Say having it come out of my brother and let him alone leave my brother alone Though you tell that spirit the time out of your head that hurt you hurt your mother No forget about your sister. She’s praying for you. Now. She’s praying for you. Now. Don’t worry about her. What would you many? Know they’re not gonna hurt her we want to pray for you You gotta tell him to get out of your head We know Ram Yeah, I know I believe you now you got to get that spirit out of your head And the only one that could do you you have to do it? No there’s another one in there you missed one yeah Yeah, the one that doesn’t want to pray anymore that one The one that does you don’t want to pray anymore that one’s telling A demon from your father’s at it I’m talking about that spirit right there in your head He’s in your head he’s wearing her out He’s wearing her out there. He comes get out of that head right now tell him to go Get the next one out. Yeah good. You got the anointing go ahead get the rest rest up now Come on. No the next one you already got that one out come on get the next one out next tell him to go I Want the spirits driving my mother to exhaustion to come out of? All the demon confusing my sister to come out of my head Come out of there go go go now Come out go go go Lord we pray for this beautiful sister there she does right now we want to ask you to give her the anointing of the Holy Ghost and Protect her from any transfer spirits in this family from her brother Protect her from the spirits a letter mother into sent Chasing them had demons taking offenses from relatives Being hurt and people say negative things about Cover her Lord protect her life save her life from the misery the brother and the mother of gone through Save her from her dad’s demons. I pray right now in the name of Jesus Cover her with the anointing of the Holy Ghost from this day forward he Oh Lord Lord Lord go come on ahead come out of there come out Let’s get the next one Next one no that was that one’s gone already next attaboy get him now tell him to come out and you hate him go Come out right now hurry up Go hurry up Everything okay How are you doing? You just taken them All right Streamers, please go to the website, and hit the post deliver button quickly. I’ll see you next Friday right here seven o’clock Pacific time You


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