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Self-cleaning Cloth Could Prevent Illness

December 21, 2019

In these auger plates an innovation was born
that has the potential to save lives. As scientists we want to develop protective
clothing for the whole society. Doctor Ning Liu received her PHD from UC Davis
in March of 2011. After conducting key research with Professor Gang Sun, in the creation of
a compound that can cause cotton to break down toxins and bacteria when exposed to light. This is the bacterial solution treated with
normal cotton fabric without dye, and this is the one with the dye When applied to clothing, the dye wouldn’t
affect the feel or the color. It’s a breakthrough they say can help professionals who face risks
we often can’t see. We know the hospitals, healthcare workers
are having high risks of exposure to different disease. Aside from healthcare, these scientists say
it could also benefit those who work in food processing and in farming. Doctor Mark Schenker,
Director of the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety says he’s cautiously optimistic. It’s an exciting idea that has a very real
potential to reduce exposure to toxins in agricultural workers,but there are practical
issues that need to be addressed. Issues like cost, distribution, and ensuring
that the compound is safe. Those working on this project say the research is ongoing,
but their goals are firm. To help professionals do their jobs safely and maybe to see their
product on store shelves someday soon. In Davis, Kristin Simoes, for Newswatch.

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    safe? it kills bacteria!!

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