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Secret Fortnite 8-ball vs Scratch virus style – Fortnite

December 27, 2019

hey guys Omarr here so I hope everybody’s
having a good Christmas this is this videos just to showcase and show you
what the virus crop did scratch skin looks like so if you remember I ran
about in week 5 of season season 1 of chapter 2 you could get the scratched
skin here once you unlocked one of once you complete the challenges for I can’t
believe what challenges was it it was basically the low down and if you
complete the challenge you got this a sort of loading screener and you can see
that the scratch skin was highlighting the hologram there now what was leaked
was that based on your level if you’re over level 200 so if I show you here I’m
a level 228 so based on your level the scratch skin will start to get corrupted
with a sort of virus you can tell and essentially when you get over 300 or you
know 300 itself the whole body of scratch will be corrupted and it says an
entirely new different type of skin itself if you haven’t already looked go
back and check if how far the virus has corrupted scratch and maybe you see and
that’s something that will stand you up from the crack thank you so much
watching guys and I’ll talk to you guys the next one

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