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Seasonal flu vaccination animation

November 24, 2019

I’ve been advised to have a seasonal flu
vaccination but I’m worried it might harm their baby all pregnant women
should have the seasonal flu vaccine to protect themselves and their baby it
could also help provide immunity to baby in their first few months I’ve heard the
flu vaccination can actually give you the flu the flu vaccine doesn’t contain
live virus so it can’t give you flu if you do feel unwell taking simple
painkillers in the first 24 hours will help
I caught flu last year and couldn’t spend time with you for a week
I didn’t know I could have a free flu vaccination if you are the main carer of
an older or disabled person you are eligible to have a free flu vaccination
I’m so busy I just don’t have time to get my flu vaccination if you have a
long-term health condition and catch flu you could become seriously ill you can
now get vaccinated at many local pharmacies in addition to your GP I
haven’t caught the flu in years I don’t think I need to get vaccinated health
and social care workers are more likely to pick up an infection as they work
closely with people being vaccinated also reduces the risk of spreading flu
if you are eligible for a free flu vaccination it’s important that you get
back vaccinated every year protect yourselves and those who you care for

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