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Sanofi and NIH Start Trials for H7N9 Flu Vaccine

September 15, 2019

Here’s the latest on In an attempt to preempt next year’s flu season The National Institutes of Health is sponsoring two phase two clinical trials of an experimental flu vaccine in development by sanofi pasteur Will the vaccine offer protection against the h7n9? Strain of the influenza virus, which experts say has the potential to cause a pandemic Hello, I’m Sarah hand editor-in-chief and webinar moderator for And welcome to this edition of xtalks vitals Our featured life science webinar for this episode is lessons learned from implementing an enterprise Clinical data hub click the link in the description box below to register for this free webinar Scientists first identified the h7n9 strain of avian flu about five years ago in China While the strain of flu has never been reported in the US it has caused six outbreaks in China which the World Health Organization has reported resulted in over 1,500 cases of human infection the H7 and 9 influenza virus is largely spread through contact with poultry and other birds However mutations could allow the flu to be transmitted from person-to-person since this flu virus has a high mortality rate of nearly 40 percent and Few people have developed immunity through exposure to the virus Public health officials believe. It’s imperative that a flu vaccine be developed to address this threat The two clinical trials of Sanofi h7n9 flu vaccine will look to determine the most effective dosage of the vaccine along with the effect of an adjuvant on stimulating the immune response Investigators are currently enrolling participants for these trials have multiple sites across the u.s. subscribe to the xtalks youtube channel by clicking the subscribe button below and visit by clicking the links in the description box for more information on this story and our life science webinar for this episode lessons learned from implementing an enterprise clinical data hub

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