Samoëns Holiday Vlog 2018 – Chronic Illness Ups and Downs

December 6, 2019

Bienvenue à Samoëns (Welcome to Samoëns) Yay we made it
on holiday and the first footage I’m shooting is from our bed for the week
because traveling is tiring. We do have a lovely room though. There we go. So yes first things first we are resting up and later I will give you a tour of the
chalet Welcome to my tour of the chalet so this
is our bedroom door, we are downstairs and there is another bedroom here. I love the log fire on evening. Cheers! I am drinking vin chaud on our first visit down into the town. Here I am on top of the mountain in
Samoëns. It’s a lovely day and we can see the miles, it’s been so cloudy up to now. I am home alone this evening, the chalet
we’re staying in is catered but the chalet hosts get one night off in a week
and this is their night off so they booked a restaurant for everyone but because we
went up the mountain today and I had lunch out I do not have the energy to go out again, out into the cold, walk down a hill,
sit, socialize, have dinner, walk back up the hill.
It’s just too much. But this is what chronic illness means, sometimes, well a
lot of the time, I miss out on things that I’d like to do or I have to choose
between things because I only have a limited supply of energy there’s only so
much I can do so I yeah I have to pick and choose which can be really
frustrating. Hello, today has been a rough day I haven’t been able to get out and do anything. I couldn’t do anything yesterday, which I expected, because on
Wednesday we did quite a lot going out for lunch up the mountain but I was
hoping I would start to feel a bit better again today but that did not
happen if anything I felt worse. So I hope I’ll sleep ok and feel better
tomorrow because it’s the last full day of the holiday and I want to start
feeling better so that I can cope with the journey home as well I’m having a better day today and have
made it into town. We’re just a little bit early for the cafe that we want to
go to, to be open but they have seats outside and we might be able to get a
vin chaud or a hot chocolate while we’re waiting Today is transfer day we were supposed
to be going into a restaurant but it’s closed
so we’re having an unexpected wander about town. Which is a bit hard because I
haven’t taken my medication yet that helps me stay upright because I need to
space it out today because we’re gonna get home quite late.
Hopefully we will find someone to eat soon. We found a restaurant so we’re just
waiting for the others and we will be eating soon. This is my view. Here we are on another bench in France waiting for our lift to taker us away from Samoëns.

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