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Sam and Candida Hodgson, Glencoyne Farm

August 26, 2019

If you are out working, and you got flock of sheep, and your dogs are working well, and then you see some people walking up past and they all stopped to watch. You know you can see people thinking ‘You know it’s a really beautiful sight to see this people working with their animals out in this amazing la ndscape’. You can see how people would really romance about the landscape because it just looks kind of so perfect. People don’t see it when it’s really wet and cold. They’re usually not out walking, if they got any sense. We still have to use the dog, and a walking stick, and you know most of the farm isn’t accessible with a quad bike and I think it harks back to sort of the things just haven’t actually changed here for so long. You know it isn’t just the farming that shapes the landscape it’s actually the farmers here kinda make it as well. It’s a living landscape. We probably say our best things with you. There’s a lot of my lifestyle is all best things and that is a really nice thing about it. It’s unique to the Lake District fells. You’re bread into it if you see what I mean. You pick it up from people that have done it before you. I listened to a shepherd that we used to work for us at home and my father listen to another shepherd and things like that. That’s why you pick things up, being you learn. It’s sort of like if you think you know everything you fall flat on your face straight away. Like little things though isn’t it, like the first daisy in the meadow in this spring or who saw the oyster catchers get back first. You know that’s a real indication springs coming It’s just like, there’s all those, you know there’s all these environments schemes are all these little indicators of the year that kind of mark the season and they’re just little things that just Sam and me, you know, I’ll be at the table like I went “oyster captures are back again” he went “yeah I saw them yesterday” and I went “You never told me”. Us being on this landscape just a little drop in its kinda lifespan and I just thought I’d like to pass on the fact that we’ve lived here and looked after it. I mean not sort of names on plots or anything like that but that you know the walls are sound and the fences are ok and any hefted flock we leave is actually better than when we took it on. That all those agonizing choices of tops of actually left something better. You’ll probably laugh now, but when you look at the landscape around here it’s absolutely fantastic, but when the sheep graze it and walk it and you walk it with them you feel that you got a bond. And you can’t, I don’t know, it’s, yeah, its life-giving. It’s just everything to me.

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    Another nice wee piece, of real people

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