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Salt Water Gargle for Bleeding Gums Sore Throat Tonsillitis Bad Breath

November 22, 2019

One of the easiest home remedy that has amazing
health benefits is salt water gargle. Almost all of us must have used salt water
gargle to treat sore throat in some time in our lives, it is that famous all over the
world. Salt water has amazing uses other than relieving
sore throat. What is salt water gargle? For those of you who don’t know, salt water
gargle is the act of gargling our mouth with warm water in which salt is dissolved. Salt Water Gargle for Acid Reflux. Salt water gargle will help reduce certain
symptoms of acid reflux like throat irritation and it also helps get rid of the acidic taste
in the mouth. Salt Water Gargle for Cough. Boil a cup of water with half teaspoon of
crystal salt and once the salt gets dissolved, add in handful of tulsi also called as holy
basil leaves. Let it boil till the color of the water changes,
now strain and use it to gargle. It will greatly help reduce cough. Salt Water Gargle for Toothache. If you are suffering from bacterial infection,
salt water gargle will help reduce the infection and the inflammation in the gums thus reducing
tooth pain to a great extent. Salt Water Gargle for Bronchitis. Gargling with salt water will help loosen
up the phlegm and will greatly ease the discomfort that we face when we are suffering from bronchitis. Salt Water Gargle for Bad Breath. Salt water neutralizes the acid in mouth and
change environment that is challenging for the bacteria which causes bad breath. Salt Water Gargle for Oral Thrush. Salt water gargle helps as it alters the ph. Level in the mouth and change the environment
for the yeast to thrive. Salt Water Gargle for Tonsillitis. Gargling with salt water helps reduce the
infection which in turn reduces the inflammation and pain effectively. Salt Water Gargle for Bleeding Gums. Salt water gargle reduces inflammation and
arrests bleeding. Try to do it 2 to 3 times a day. Salt Water Gargle for Sore Throat. Suffering from throat pain usually they will
be asked to do salt water gargle first as it helps reduces the infection and inflammation
which in turn helps reduce throat pain. Mild forms of throat infection can be treated
with salt gargle itself.

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