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December 10, 2019

Aloha I’m Scott Summer. Here at our health
and wellness center we combine modern technology and 5,000 years of ancient
healing wisdom to help heal our patients safely and naturally. Here at the center
we focus on the four pillars of longevity. The first is food as medicine.
It’s the core of everything. The second is supplements. We know that
we’re not getting enough through our food supply the soil is depleted and
we’re under a tremendous amount of stress so we need whole food supplements
and nutritional herbal supplements to support our bodies more fully. The third
pillar is lifestyle changes we all know we need to make changes that we need to
you know exercise more drink more water get more sleep and there is more that
we’ll teach you here at the center as time goes on as a patient. And the fourth
level is therapies we really believe the body’s electric and that when you
balance the electricity of the body detoxify the body and a regular basis
that we can find balance and longevity. He’s been able to treat my whole family
and my whole family is now living really optimally you know we’re much healthier
we’re much happier. My wife had the best pregnancy she’s ever had.
He’s keeping me healthy so that I can go skydiving when I’m 100 years old I’m 92
now I have been skydiving two times in my life at 80 and 90 and I plan to go
again when I’m a hundred. So we have to keep keep me very healthy for that.
Scott’s my primary wellness physician. I love his approach to food as medicine
and that works for me and my whole personal philosophy on my personal
wellness. We always have a choice to go to a
Western medicine doctor but I find that Scott’s approach works better for me. I
would prefer not to take medicines that are pharmaceuticals and as I’ve been
going to Scott my energy level is very high I feel great and I feel good about
how I am following that program. So if you want to get healthy I recommend you
come and see Scott Summers immediately without procrastination. You can
achieve health strength and wellness and enjoyment in life to achieve your
highest potential. It is possible. I welcome you to come in and to find your
path to health and wellness.

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