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S. Korea’s life expectancy unchanged at 82.7 years in 2018

December 4, 2019

new data show a baby’s born in South
Korea last year are expected to live an average of eighty two point seven years
the figure is the same as the year before
marking the first time in half a century that life expectancy has not gone up our
Kim je has the details data from Statistics Korea released
Wednesday showed that life expectancy of South Korean babies born in 2018 was
eighty two point seven years the same as the ear before this is the first time
the figure has not risen since data was first collected in 1970 statistics Korea
says that’s because the country’s death rate which is a factor in life
expectancy rose last year due to a spike in elderly deaths during last year’s
exceptionally cold winter the reason life expectancy remains similar to the
year before is because of a surge in the number of elderly deaths in 2018 last
inori and February were exceptionally cold it was South Korea’s coldest winter
since 1973 due to the cold weather there was a rise in elderly deaths from
pneumonia still South Korea’s life expectancy is higher than the oecd
average for both genders females are expected to live an average of eighty
five point seven years exceeding the OECD average by two point four ears
males are projected to live seventy nine point seven years exceeding the average
by one point seven years South Korean females are expected to live about six
years longer than males the gender gap reached its peak in 1985 with eight
point six years and has been narrowing since then data also showed that a
40-year old men in 2018 will likely live for another 40 point eight years while
40 year old woman is expected to live forty six point five years more for
those aged 60 and 2018 men are predicted to have twenty two point eight years
left and woman twenty seven point five years kim daehee arirang news

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