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S. Korean gov’t to use 4 chartered flights to bring Koreans home

January 28, 2020

for inspections are carried out and
everyone that visited in return from Wuhan Plains will be sent to the Chinese
city to evacuate South Korean citizens Shin Semin zooms in on the government’s
countermeasures the South Korean government says it is flying its
nationals back home on board for chartered flights from the Chinese city
of Ohana the origin of the deadly coronavirus which is currently under
complete lockdown the government will take active steps by sending charter
planes to Han for two days on January 30th and 31st for Korean nationals
wanting to return home according to the plan during the two-day period almost
700 Koreas will be flown back home that decision the foreign ministry said is
part of the government’s responsibility to protect the lives and the safety of
Korean nationals no matter where they are preparations are also in place for
when those people arrive they’ll go through a detailed inspection and will
also be monitored in an isolated facility according to relay a statute in
order to stop the possible spread of any coronavirus in the country those
arriving from Wuhan will be put in a governmental protected living facility
for a certain period of time a full-scale inspection began this Tuesday
on all those who have entered the country from who Han from January 13th
to the 23rd some 3,000 of them in view of the virus’s incubation period of up
to two weeks presidential office said that the government will do thorough
health checks on all such people regardless of whether or not they’ve
been showing symptoms earlier in today president moon jaein went to the
National Medical Center in Seoul to check the response system himself and
urged officials to take pre-emptive measures even if they may seem excessive
he also ordered the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to
stretch its workforce at the government hotline 1 339 for those who show
symptoms of the disease in addition to protecting Korean nationals the
government will be sending China relief supplies including some two million face
masks on board flights promising to help stop the
disease together with a Chinese government Shin Semin Arirang news

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