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Rotavirus | Rotavirus Symptoms | Rotavirus Vaccine

November 17, 2019

As parent’s you’re supposed to protect your
kids and provide everything can. Our two year old daughter and had what we thought was
just a run of the mill stomach virus and then she just became rapidly worse.
constant vomiting, constant diarrhea they were really having a hard time putting
an IV in her so they had to stick her over 10 times she was crying and there were no
tears no because she was so dehydrated and was one of the toughest things I’ve
ever had watch. they came in and said that her rotavirus test came back
positive you need to get your child vaccinated against rotavirus because it
is a serious cause of diarrhea the one that’s most likely to have your child
end up hospitalized I had called home to check on her younger son who’d also been
sick and they transferred him by ambulance to the same children’s
hospital and he stayed for three days she stayed for four days It never crossed my mind that both my kids could be that sick at the same time. my actions caused my kids to suffer
check with your provider to see if immunization is right for your family

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