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[Robot Trains] EP.30 Highlights | Virus clone train?! | KOR

February 18, 2020

Duke is like that. He hides in to lighten up everyone.. It’s only you to know Duke itself well, Kay. But if we don’t know the value of darkness, we’ll be destroyed. Kay, you should trust Duke. Stilla was predicting this.. It happened because we didn’t trust Duke. What do you mean Stilla was predicting this? Relax, everyone. To figure out the situation is first. Sally, investigate where they are from, and how they are related to Duke. Yes, Jeffrey. Then we’ll go back to the areas and check how much they are damaged. Thanks, everyone. (Duplicated trains…) (Is it because of virus?) (Something is weird..) (I feel nervous..) Huh?! What are those? What’s wrong, Jeffrey? Get to your position everyone! Reversed booster!

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