Risk of hip fractures in elderly increases in winter

December 2, 2019

now the increased number of Falls by
elderly people during the winter brings with it an elevated risk of hip
fractures and because hip fractures come with potentially life-threatening
complications preventing Falls in the first place is especially crucial park
se-young with more this 87 year old woman fractured her hip after falling at
her home and had to receive artificial joint surgery winter is an especially
dangerous time of the year for fall injuries with the most common fall
related injury in elderly people being hip fractures and the average mortality
rate within one year of surgery for hip fractures among patients over the age of
65 is 20% when elderly people in their 80s and 90s
fracture their hip it’s hard for them to move and they have to lie down they can
develop bed sores or pneumonia which can result in death hip fractures are the
only broken bones that come with a very high mortality rate this is why it’s
important for the elderly to prevent Falls during the winter it helps off
slip-resistant flooring at home and use walking canes to help with balance
experts say walking outside often and getting plenty of sunshine can help
increase bone density but se-young arirang news

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