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Ringworm in Cats-Causes, Symptoms πŸ˜ΏπŸ™€

August 14, 2019

what is Rea MERM ringworm is the common
name for dermatophyte dosis which is a highly contagious fungal infection that
affects the skin usually in close proximity to hair and nails in many
cases their mattify tosses presence as a red ring shaped infection on the outer
layers of the skin ringworm is not life-threatening but it can be
uncomfortable and may be spread to other pets and humans while cats of all ages
can contract during worm infection kittens are the most susceptible
symptoms of ringworm in cats in some cases ringworm symptoms are
easily observed however in less obvious cases ringworm can be more difficult to
diagnose in cats especially long-haired cats the following symptoms will often
cause a veterinarian to suspect ringworm scaling of skin and coat erythema and
inflamed redness of the skin route that can patches of skin patchy hair loss
often accompanied by crusty skin unlike a mycosis an infection of the cat’s
claws that causes them to become scaly and rough it should also be noted that
after coming in contact with ringworm fungi some cats become carriers but
never exhibit any outward symptoms these cats will likely infect other animals in
humans if they are not treated causes of ringworm and cats ringworm is
caused by a fungal infection that settles into the outer layers of the
skin usually near hair and nails the vast majority of ringworm cases are
caused by the spores of the Micra sperm canis fungus but on rare occasions
ringworm has been found to be caused by the spores of three other thank I Mike
Ross sperm per C color Tricia fightin R integral fights and Mike Ross Perot
museum regardless of the particular fungus that has caused the infection the
overall causes are the same these fungi are highly contagious spreading either
by direct contact between animals between animals and humans or through
contact with a contaminated object or surface cracked skin is exceptionally
vulnerable to ringworm infections as the spores can settle within the cracks once
the skin comes in contact with the fungus there is typically a 7 to 14 day
incubation period before the infection becomes visible on the skin’s surface

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