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Rihanna Jokingly Shades NBA Player On IG! Doja Cat Recreates Viral Tik Tok Dance w/ Creator! (DHR)

February 28, 2020

– [Emile] Doja Cat
recreates viral TikTok dance with the original dancer. – [Sussan] Taylor Swift
transforms into the man? – [Emile] And Rihanna
jokingly shades NBA star. – [Sussan] All that and more on today’s Daily Hollywood Rundown. (energetic music) – Hello, everyone, welcome
back to another episode of the jungle edition of DHR.
– Rawr (laughs) – We did not plan this, and we’re both wearing a similar pattern. This is the weirdest thing ever. – Is it tiger print? – I don’t know. I mean,
it looks pretty similar. – Yeah, like it actually almost
looks like the exact same. – That’s weird. – Like a stencil.
– That is weird. I mean, we must have just
been, like, connected when we were getting dressed this morning. – Yeah, we just do that. We get connected when we get dressed. – Cause we don’t have
a stylist or anything. – That, too, yeah. – We just pull from our
closets, but anyway, moving on. (laughs) – Actually, if we’re going to get into, woah, you know what? (beep) – We’re just going to go
ahead and get right into the tea starting with Logan Paul. – [Sussan] I know, I know,
we’ve talked a lot about Zayn Malik and Jake Paul
this week because of the drama that went down over the weekend, but we have another update for you guys, and it’s all thanks to
Jake Paul’s brother, Logan. Logan just revealed even
more details to the story, releasing previously unseen footage of the night in question. – [Logan] Yo, real fast. (beep)
(muffled yelling) (beep) My friend, my friend, my friend. (beep) Talk to me. Talk to me for one second. (beep)
(muffled yelling) – [Sussan] In the video,
you can hear Logan standing outside of Zayn’s room attempting to calm him down saying,
“My friend, talk to me “for one second” when Zayn refuses to open the door to his hotel room. Zayn begins to raise his voice because Logan won’t leave him
alone while Jake stands outside the room with him recording the entire thing with a video camera. You can also hear Gigi
at the end of the video attempting to calm Zayn
down saying, “Please, “just, can you stop it?” Logan claimed during
one of his “Impaulsive” podcast sessions that
his point in releasing the footage was to attempt to settle the feud between Jake and Zayn as their hotel rooms were right across
the hall from each other. He added, “Zayn is screaming,
he’s screaming from inside “his room. I knock on
the door, he’s screaming, “he’s losing his mind. “I’m confused, he’s throwing out insults.” He also opened up about his
thoughts on Jake’s recent behavior saying, “We’ve been
having conversations with Jake. “We’ve been talking to
him about leveling up. “He was drunk, and I’ll
go ahead and point this “to alcohol being the
root of so many problems, “and he tweeted some dumb (beep).” Logan’s next statement
comes as quite a shock. He said, “I (beep) hate
that I have to say this, “but I believe Jake. “If this wasn’t it, needs his Tokyo. “He needs something that
is absolutely going to push “the reset button on him. “I believe he needs to take
a long hiatus from YouTube. “Disappear, sell his
house, try new things, “gain some real skill,
some real knowledge, “and find himself, because
I think he’s a little lost.” He obviously really upset Zayn. – Yeah, and, you know, we see the footage. I don’t necessarily know if the footage helps the situation. – It actually really confused me. I watched it so many times. I was trying to figure out
who said what, who was what. It was really confusing,
and I couldn’t really make out what was being said
most of the time, as well. – Yeah, I mean, here’s
the thing, at this point, let’s just drop it.
(laughs) It’s been a week of this,
so let’s just move on. – Moving on. – But, moving on, we have
to talk about Doja Cat. You know that viral Tik Tok dance. ♪ Do you really know it ♪ It went viral, “Say So,” she
has dropped the music video, and we’re going to break all that down, but while you’re here, we
want you to hit that subscribe button, so then you
never miss any of the tea that we’re going to break down. With that being said, also hit that bell. – Yes. – Because you want to get
notified, and leave comments in the comment section below. Now, let’s get into the video. So, fans asked, and Doja Cat
delivered an epic music video for her song, “Say So.” Doja Cat dropped teases
for the “Say So” video on both Twitter and Instagram yesterday just hours before revealing the video, and the video is everything
we could have dreamed of. It’s 70’s inspired, there’s
tons of pink glitter. Oh, yeah, and the iconic
Tik Tok dance to her song. ♪ Didn’t even notice, no
punches left to roll with ♪ And Doja Cat and her backup dancers made the dance look so good. We definitely don’t look
like that doing the dance. Overall, though, the video
is just a ton of fun, and might just be one of Doja
Cat’s best videos to date. Fans were loving it,
but there was one part in particular that fans
were obsessed with. They were quick to point out on Twitter that Doja Cat actually
included the TikToker that made up the dance. This fan wrote, “Doja Cat
including the “Say So” TikTok “dance and the girl who created it “in her music video is so cute. “I am so obsessed with this woman.” And another said, “The girl
who created the “Say So” dance “was in the music video with Doja Cat.” And that girl’s name is Haley Sharpe who uses the handle yodelinghaley. I mean, I think this means TikTok has officially made it, right? Because it actually influenced
an artist’s music video, and the video is trending
on both YouTube and Twitter. We’re starting to see
more and more of this. Like, people are going viral on TikTok, and then the artist is actually either incorporating them in the music
video or giving them credit, but then there’s also
another more troubling trend of people who have gone viral
and the original dancers haven’t gotten the credit,
but now they’re finding them later, like, “Oh, let’s
give that person credit” after this other person has
made all this money from. So, let’s just make sure – That if we go viral with something, – Right, we did it.
– You include us. Yes. – We did it. – All right, moving on to some
Taylor Swift news you guys. So yesterday, Taylor teased
“The Man” music video dropping, which dropped today, and it
is everything we could imagine and even more, and we’re
about to break it down. But did Taylor shade Kanye and Scooter? Well, first of all, she
underwent a major makeover to star as the leading
man in the music video, and her transformation is no joke. And fans are living for
this transformation, including this fan, who said, “Why the hell am I attracted “to Taylor in “The Man” music video? “This is so (beep) hot.” And another said, “How the (beep) does Taylor
look so hot as a man? “She seriously is THE man.” Most notably, she took
major digs at Kanye West and Scooter Braun
referencing her ongoing feuds with both of them. Now, let’s start with Kanye. In multiple points throughout the video, Taylor runs through a
hallway that may look kind of oddly familiar to you. Why? Oh, well, because it’s
just as creepy and empty as the one in Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West’s house. Fans obviously took notice
and pointed this out on Twitter putting the
two hallways side by side, but that wasn’t the only Kanye reference. Other fans suggested that
the scene where the man leaves the sleeping woman in
bed after sleeping together is a reference to Kanye’s famous video. Now, let’s move on to
Scooter Braun, shall we? In the scene where Taylor pees in public, there are signs along the wall
along with her album titles, and of course, it’s 13th Street Station. But let’s talk about the signs. Now, one says, “Missing, if
found return to Taylor Swift,” and another one is a picture of a scooter actually crossed out, and obviously fans had a
lot to say about this sign, but we must move on to
Taylor’s album names graffiti’d on the walls. Now, fans couldn’t help but
notice that the word “Karma” is written in huge letters
amongst her album title names. Of course, “Karma” could
just refer to Taylor’s belief that everyone will get what’s
coming to them eventually. She’s been very open about
that in past interviews, but because of its placement
with her other albums, some fans are convinced
it’s going to be the title of her next album. There is so much to unpack
in this music video. Obviously, we couldn’t address
everything here in DHR. We’ve got a daily on our newsfeed, so you head to our channel, you can catch up even more there. – Break it all down. – But even in that video, like I said, we still couldn’t cover everything, because it is honestly the
gift that keeps on giving. This music video, oh. – People love finding
Taylor’s little Easter eggs, and I love that she does it. You know, it is a fun game
as a fan to try to figure out what it is, and it’s even more fun when you guess and you get it right. – Yeah, kind of like what
we do on Celebrity Lowdown. – Yeah. – Now, if you haven’t tuned in
to Celebrity Lowdown before, it’s a show that we have on Saturdays, and we play a lot of fun games where you kind of get to be a detective, so you can tune in.
– Tune in. All right, so Wednesday night was the Lakers versus Pelicans game. Why are we talking about sports? Well, of course there’s a celebrity angle, and we’re going to
break it down right now. So, we aren’t huge sports fans here, but we love what Rihanna had to say on LeBron James’ Instagram post. So, LeBron James, LEBRON JAMES, posted this photo in a series of photos to his Instagram. He captioned it saying, “About last night, “gang gang on one over there. “Love them boys.” In the photo, you see
LeBron James dunking on the Pelicans’ Josh Hart, and people had a lot to say in the comments section. Meek Mill said, “LOL, violated him.” Jamie Foxx said, “Bro! “When I say you showed the pluck out. “17 Years? Come on, man, MVP!” But everyone is living
for Rihanna’s comment. She simply said, “Anybody check on Hart?” The photo alone already
has to be embarrassing, but then you have Rihanna
in the comments section laughing at you, too,
and people had all types of things to say on Twitter. This user tweeted,
“Nobody ever gonna contest “LeBron at the rim again,” and people replied, like
this person, who said, “Josh Hart after being
humiliated by Rihanna,” and someone else tweeted, “Hart right now,” and someone else tweeted, “Josh Hart when he has to
defend LeBron in the playoffs” with this video of Rihanna singing. ♪ I don’t wanna do this anymore. ♪ I just love when celebrities chime in and they join in on jokes. Obviously, this was all in fun, but it was an embarrassing photo. Like, literally, LeBron’s dunking on him, and he’s just there, it’s in his face, and it’s like, “Whoa.” In that moment, what are you thinking? You’re like, “Oh, God.” All right, it is time for the final rundown!
– the final rundown! (laughs) – One minute 30. – First I felt like we were those, like, MMA, like, “Oh,” but then
we sounded like an airplane. – Wait, Brandon, can you
add the echo effect to us? Rundown! And we have one minute and
30 seconds on the clock starting now!
– Starting now! (coughs) – Oh, I’m choking. Lady Gaga shared a teaser
for her new song and video. So, of course, we got
the teaser for her song yesterday I believe, but
she’s now shared a teaser for her “Stupid Love” music
video, and we’re ready. The song comes out at
midnight, as well as the video. Midnight on the East Coast, by the way, but she posted this clip and captioned it, “Stupid Love,” the single and music video out Friday, 2/28, at midnight Eastern.” – Woo! I cannot wait. I think I’m going to stay up for that one. – Hey, I mean, it’s only 9:00 for us. – Oh, that’s true, yeah.
(laughing) Now, moving on to our next
story about Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson. Miley Cyrus is letting us
know all the special ways she helps Cody Simpson. He posted this photo saying, “Love my job. “Prince Neptune Poet Book coming April 7, “new music to coincide.” Miley replied to the photo saying, “Where’s the screenshot
of me flashing my boobies “while you record? “Tip, smiling when you sing helps pitch “by brightening the sound. “You’re welcome for all the above.” Now we know why he’s
smiling in all his pics. – Listen, we know why he’s
smiling, we have the inside tea. Very interesting information,
but we must move on. Kylie Jenner, she’s dominated makeup, she’s dominated skincare. Now, she’s coming for your hair. So, Kylie did file a trademark
for Kylie Hair a while ago, and that has been approved. It was approved on February
6th, and it includes shampoos, conditioners,
hair masks, hair dye, hairspray, and more, and
we’ll have to wait to see when it will be released, but this could be very interesting, and more money in her pocket. – Yeah, basically, yeah.
(alarm sounding) I don’t think there’s anything left. – I mean, no, there’s
plenty that she can do. She can do clothes, she can do stools, – Plants!
– She can do desks. She can do cards.
– Chairs. – I mean, there are so many options. – Yeah, true. All right, you guys. That is it for today’s episode of the Daily Hollywood
Rundown, but before you go, I really want to know
what your favorite part of Taylor Swift’s music
video was, “The Man.” I mean, we didn’t even get to talk about how incredible, how much of a man she really looked like
in this music video. There was so much to
unpack, so let us know your favorite part in the
comment section below. – Yes, and I want to
know what you think about Doja Cat’s music video for
“Say So,” and if you haven’t checked out her older
videos, check them out. They’re so good. And guys,
we’ll be back here tomorrow, and the next day. We’re here every day, really. We’re always on Clevver. – Yeah, I mean, and we kind of, like, Well, no. I was gonna say we have beds
under the desk, but we don’t. – I don’t know what she’s saying. We’re gonna go, guys. (energetic music)


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