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Rickey Thompson & Denzel Dion React To Viral Music Videos (Oliver Tree, Lil Dicky) | The Cosign

December 17, 2019

Rickey Thompson: Hello I’m Rickey Thompson. Denzel Dion: And I’m Denzel Dion and we’re
going to see which one of these viral videos gets our cosign. Rickey Thompson: Yup. Denzel Dion: I started making videos in 2014 just to see if I was going to be funny online, because
I know I’m funny in person. I just wanted to see how it translated online. Rickey Thompson: I’ve been doing videos since
2013. I was just really bored in high school. I had nothing else to do and I really wanted
to showcase my talent to the world. I mean I just knew since that day I was like,
“Okay. I’m about to be a star.” So I just knew. Denzel Dion: See, yeah. But I always knew before social media I’m
going to be a star. Period. Point blank period. Rickey Thompson: But this gave you a little
bit of hype. Denzel Dion: It gave me a boost. Yeah I wasn’t born to be regular. I wasn’t born into regular. Rickey Thompson: I came out shining. Denzel Dion: Shining star. Rickey Thompson: What makes a viral video
is visuals, I feel like. People are so obsessed with visuals. Denzel Dion: People are obsessed with visuals. Rickey Thompson: So obsessed. That’s like the first thing that you watch
a music video, you think what? The visuals. Denzel Dion: Okay. Okay. It matches the beat. Rickey Thompson: Oh. Denzel Dion: Okay. Okay. Rickey Thompson: Oh my gosh. Denzel Dion: Do you still like it? Rickey Thompson: No. Denzel Dion: I don’t like it. Rickey Thompson: Animal abuse. Oh. Denzel Dion: Oh my God. You see this is … You see. Rickey Thompson: Oh my God. Oh my gosh. Denzel Dion: No I’m not into this at all. Rickey Thompson: No I don’t like it. Denzel Dion: Oh my God. Rickey Thompson: Who is this? Denzel Dion: Who’s grandmother? Rickey Thompson: See I love this though. This is nice. Denzel Dion: Something’s about to happen. Something’s… Rickey Thompson: Watch him turn into the bird. Oh. Rickey Thompson: Swedish. Denzel Dion: Of course. Now this makes sense. Rickey Thompson: Now this makes sense. So Swedish. Rickey Thompson: It’s like … Denzel Dion: It’s too much. Rickey Thompson: The animals- Denzel Dion: The animals. Rickey Thompson: … is what messed me up
at first. Denzel Dion: Hitting people’s heads is just
… It’s too gory for me. It’s too gory. Rickey Thompson: You know what? Denzel Dion: I don’t like it. Rickey Thompson: I don’t like it. It’s the kids. It’s the kids. Denzel Dion: I don’t like it. Rickey Thompson: Because Ariana Grande you
think sexy, and then you see the children. Denzel Dion: Yeah. Denzel Dion: They’re talented. Rickey Thompson: They are talented. It’s just not … Denzel Dion: No. Denzel Dion: I would never. Denzel Dion: I mean the video and everything
is fine, just not them singing the song. But it’s cute though. For kids. Rickey Thompson: It’s cute. Denzel Dion: It’s Kidz Bop. Rickey Thompson: It’s cute. Yeah. It’s for Kidz Bop. Denzel Dion: Very, very Nickelodeon. It’s not like Ariana Grande’s video, but they
did the best they could. Denzel Dion: They tried. Rickey Thompson: I heard about him. Denzel Dion: What’s his name? Rickey Thompson: Oliver something. Rickey Thompson: I like it. I like it. Denzel Dion: I need to hear. Rickey Thompson: I like it. I like it. Denzel Dion: I need to hear it. Damn. Rickey Thompson: If you heard this at a festival,
you would go off. I would go off. Denzel Dion: I mean I would go off because
just, we’re in a festival, but would I download this and play this while I’m driving my car,
no. Rickey Thompson: I would. Denzel Dion: Would you really? Rickey Thompson: I honestly like it. Denzel Dion: I don’t hate it. But it’s not something I play on daily. Rickey Thompson: I love it. I love the awe, destruction. You know if you’re really going through a
rough day you just can play this and just can… Denzel Dion: No day can get rough for me to
be doing this. Rickey Thompson: You know I’ve had days I’m
like … I want to go off. Denzel Dion: My days are perfectly fine. Rickey Thompson: I feel like the reason why
I like this is because before people were afraid to act like this and now people just
want to act up and I like this. Denzel Dion: People have always been acting
up. Rickey Thompson: Not crazy, crazy like this. Denzel Dion: Yes like this. Rickey Thompson: Like he is crazy and I like
it. Rickey Thompson: I love Childish Gambino. Denzel Dion: I do too. He was so good at Coachella. Denzel Dion: I love their chemistry. I love their chemistry. I love the way … Rickey Thompson: It wasn’t like very forced
chemistry. Denzel Dion: Forced. It was very natural. Rickey Thompson: Very natural. Denzel Dion: Very second nature. Rickey Thompson: Maybe she’s like, “Oh my
God he’s so goofy.” Denzel Dion: I like the way he moves. I like his mannerisms and stuff. Rickey Thompson: Look. She’s like, “Whatever.” Denzel Dion: Like, “Boy bye.” Rickey Thompson: So cute. Denzel Dion: We need to watch this. Rickey Thompson: We need to. Denzel Dion: I love the way he walks. I love everything about him. Rickey Thompson: I love that he’s so goofy. I love that. Denzel Dion: This is very childish. But then I get they don’t want to make it
very serious, because no one’s going to listen to something that looks very serious. Rickey Thompson: But I mean back in the day,
We Are The World. Denzel Dion: But that’s icons. Those are the legends. Rickey Thompson: These are all people in the
music industry that are big. Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber. Denzel Dion: But then you had Michael Jackson
and Lionel Richie. Rickey Thompson: Okay. But at that time, and now we have this time. Rickey Thompson: We could have a modern-day
We Are The World and this is what they wanted. Like this … I don’t want this. Denzel Dion: I know. Denzel Dion: But this is good though. This is good. Rickey Thompson: It’s good that it’s talking
about the … yeah. Denzel Dion: Yeah for the new generation. This is good. Rickey Thompson: I keep forgetting the generation
below us. Denzel Dion: The new generation below us. No it’s not for us. Rickey Thompson: You’re right. Denzel Dion: So I’m fine with it. Rickey Thompson: I just feel like with a song
like this, if you’re trying to let people know we need to change the world, you need
to make it- Denzel Dion: I feel like it should be way more
serious. Rickey Thompson: That’s what I’m saying. Denzel Dion: But not too serious, but to a
point- Rickey Thompson: I feel like it shouldn’t
be animated. I think it should be more serious. Denzel Dion: because you see, this video would
have been wild to me if I saw everybody together. I would be like, “What are all y’all doing
together? I want to see what you guys are doing.” But since it’s like this … I did see, like
I always check on the trending topics on Twitter. I did see this happen. But then I saw the cartoon and swiped right
back. I said, “okay.” Rickey Thompson: Yeah. See? Denzel Dion: Overall? Rickey Thompson: Everybody gave something
different. Denzel Dion: Everybody gave something way different. Everything was very different. There was some pops and some flops. Denzel Dion: The first video is really still
… Rickey Thompson: Yeah I keep thinking about
that. Denzel Dion: I’m going to think about that
all day. Rickey Thompson: I’m just thinking about
all … yeah. Denzel Dion: Every time I see a horse- Denzel Dion: … or a Panda I’m going to be
like “Oh my God.” Rickey Thompson: Or a lion. I think of a woman hitting it. It was … yeah. Denzel Dion: After watching all these videos,
the artist that gets our cosign is Donald Glover and Rihanna. Rickey Thompson: There you go. Denzel Dion: Guava Island. She did it. Rickey Thompson: Mm-hmm. Rickey Thompson: We love it Denzel Dion: It was a no brainer. Rickey Thompson: Very simple. Denzel Dion: Very simple, very cute. Very nice. And it showed that you don’t have to do anything
too crazy to get a good response. Rickey Thompson: Right. The song was good. Denzel Dion: Yeah. Everything was good. Rickey Thompson: After watching the video
it made me feel good too. Rickey Thompson: I love a music video that
makes you feel good. Denzel Dion: When it first started we were
like… Rickey Thompson: “Oh they’re cute.” Yeah. Denzel Dion: It was very nice. Rickey Thompson: Yes. You know? You get real angry, you just want to … Denzel Dion: I have never been that angry
in my life to do such things. Rickey Thompson: Really? You never … okay. You coming back from school and somebody did
you dirty one day and you’re like … You get angry. Denzel Dion: Sweetie, you know me. If somebody … Rickey Thompson: Well you … You would throw
them hands. Denzel Dion: I don’t have time to go home
to hit things.


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