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August 25, 2019

– Hey guys, how’s it hangin’? It’s me, Ayydubs. And today, I’m revealing your secrets with my best friend, and only friend, Jenn McAllister. (burps) That is not me. – Well that’s not me. (both laugh) – All right, can we just start? – Yes, yes, let’s get started. My friend and I used to shoplift underwear all the time because it’s so easy. Then we got into stealing
makeup and clothes. One time we both stole entire new outfits. Okay, but anyways, we were at this store and decided to steal
some shorts and stuff. Well, I, they thought,
we looked suspiciously on the cameras and
chased us to the entrance and took us back into this
room and called the police and put us in handcuffs and
walked us through the whole, huge mall in handcuffs then
drove us to the police station where our parents had to
pick us up and so, yeah, I got banned from that store for a year, but I can go back now, so it’s all good. But for a year, I had to
pretend I hated the store whenever my friends wanted to go in because I didn’t want to
tell them I was banned. (both laugh) I wonder what store it was. – Probably Hot Topic. – Once, the night after
the end of March break, I didn’t want to go to school because all the girls are bitches. So, I spent the whole night
praying that I would break my arm before 8 a.m, when I
would have to leave for school, and hopefully find a girlfriend there. What? – Girlfriend where? – But the next day, I didn’t break my arm. At all. So once I got home, I spent
a good hour banging my arms on corners and edges so I
might be able to break my arm. But I didn’t. And the next morning, I, my
arms, were covered in bruises. – Wha– – You need to find more efficient ways to accomplish your goals, because that ain’t it. Please read I have never told anyone this. Okay, by the way, a little
bit of nasty stuff is coming, so get ready. (rhythmic rock music) So, when I was little, me and my friend thought that sex was an exercise. So, when she’d invite me
over, we want to her room and we would play house. I would tell her that it’s exercise time. And so, we sat down and rubbed
each other’s private parts with our feet. With socks on. Yes, I know that’s still bad,
but I was in first grade. And now we’re in sixth grade
and we are still friends, and I have very good memory and she has bad memory so I don’t think she remembers. Oh, Jen, it’s exercise time. – I don’t work out. – You’re not about the cardio.
– It’s not exercise time. – Okay, what about later? – I don’t know what to say. (both laugh) – I have two pretty
different secrets to confess. I hope you’re ready. – When I was super
young, I had this friend and she kept asking me to
come to the bathroom in school and try something she’d seen on TV. We honestly must’ve been
about eight at the time. So I went with her, and
she ended up telling me to pull her trousers
down and touch her bits. – Who says trousers and who says bits? This person must be from England.
– British. Pull down my trousers and touch my bits. (laughs) I was confused, but I did it anyway. For a while, she kept
telling me to come with her, and then after a while, she stopped asking and stopped being my friend. I was kind of upset. Then I grew up with this memory, and obviously now I
understand what was going on, and I still see her around, and she always looks at
me and never speaks to me. I’ve never told anyone until now, and I never knew what to do about it, and I have no idea if she even remembers. Oh, and I’m a big animal lover. But I accidentally killed
my auntie’s goldfish by overfeeding it around the same age and blamed it on my brother. That floating goldfish still haunts me. Love you by the way, X.
– X. – I was like, “Whoa, love,
that caught me off guard.” – She keeps speaking in meme and I’m ready to not hang out
with you until this passes. Until this sickness passes. – It’s mathematics love, X. – One time I was on vacation
with two of my friends and they’re lowkey bad
friends and are V selfish, and I got upset because
one of them said something, and in the middle of the
night, I went to the bathroom and stuck her mini bottle
of sunscreen up my vajayjay. This is so bad, I’m sorry L-O-L. Is that supposed to, was that
– Is that– – supposed to be vengeful?
– Bad for them? What? – Were you hiding it up there? So she couldn’t use it?
– That just sounds like a yeast infection waiting to happen. – When I was in fifth grade, I saw my friend’s armpit hair
when she raised her hand. I felt really uncomfortable
for some reason. She’s my BFF now and she
still doesn’t know about it. – And? – I’m freakishly tall for my age. I’m 12 and five-ten. And I’m taller than all of my friends. I’m really insecure about my body because being taller, I weigh
a lot more than everyone else. Everyone is around 100 libs but I’m 140, and that’s just because I’m
way taller than everyone else. But still, I feel fat. – Subconscious, love. Who thinks that hard, X-X. – Please leave a comment down below, and let me know if that’s funny to you. Because it’s not funny to me, and it’s like beyond hilarious to you. Oh. You mad? Oh. Jen? Love. When I was 12 years old, me being me I would watch videos on how to masturbate. I tried and then I peed all over a rug in my room on accident. It smelled terrible,
so I rolled the rug up and put it in my closet. Next thing you know, we
hired someone to find the whatever the smell was. Little did they know, I peed
on it and put it in my closet. I haven’t masturbated since. – Really? – So I used to volunteer
at my local church. Basically all I did was look
after five-year-olds for free. And all was going well,
until one of the little brats gave me head lice, I was really
fucking pissed by the way. So fast forward a couple days, and I’m at school with my friends. They were all pissing me off that day. They were constantly fussing about me and calling me their little baby. So for revenge, I pretended
to be really tired and constantly lean on their
shoulders and hug them. To which they thought
I was just being cute. And really, I was infecting
them all with head lice. The next day, they all
came to school crying about having lice, to
which I cried with them. As to not be suspicious. To this day, they still
don’t know it was me. They still think I’m a little angel, and they still piss me off. – Damn, you need to get some new friends. Or maybe they need to
get some new friends. You all need to get some new friends. – (laughs) You just need to separate. – What the hell?
– Like the little lice in your heads, you need
to just pick each other. – Ew. (groans)
– Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop. (screams) I killed a frog with a
friend when I was younger. We stuck a stick up its ass. Honestly, we both feel no remorse. It was in Tennessee and
there are frogs everywhere. I’m not trying to do that
whole, “I’m insane,” thing– – Me when I’m insane. – But, it was kind of fun. – Ew, that makes me so sad. – Ribbit. (both laugh) Do you best ribbit.
– Ribbit. – Ribbit.
– Ribbit. (dog chain jingles) – Ribbit.
– Ribbit. – Ribbit.
– Ribbit. – Ribbit.
– Ribbit. – Ribbit.
– Ribbit. She’s looking at us like yeah, what’s up. – Ribbit.
– Ribbit. – Ribbit.
– Ribbit. – Ribbit.
– Ribbit. – Let me get her. – Move slowly. – I’ll go this way. – I feel like this is
very ineffective way. – No! – Yeah, that’s not how you do it, love. (screams) Oh my God, are you okay? – No one knows this! So I had a friend in kindergarten, and we were pretty close. He moved to Florida five years later. Flash forward to 2016. He came back! And is surprisingly my neighbor. In 2018, he started dating this bitch called Rebecca. At that time, I started to like him so, I kinda sorta mean-girled her ass. I became friends with
her to ruin her life, except she sadly doesn’t get hit by a bus. – Remember that happened in Mean Girls. – Oh. Sadly she didn’t get hit by a bus and she changed schools. After that fiasco in 2019,
he said that he liked me, and now we’re dating. But… There’s a lot of dots. I sorta kinda maybe accidentally
decapitated his cat. And he thinks it was Rebecca and now Rebecca is in a mental hospital because they think she’s a psycho. Yeah, right. Wait, what? Why is this not about the cat part. – Because this person
clearly has no remorse. – Like, it’s all about this bitch Rebecca, but not about the cat? – How do you accidentally decapitate an animal?
– You don’t. – You lie about it, ’cause it’s not true. – You purposely do it. What the fuck, what the f– I hate this. – Do you understand. Do you think this sickens me
every time I film a video. That this makes me sick in the head? ‘Cause I feel sick in the head. Because of you! (screams) (laughs) Sorry. – Whoa, love. I’m literally speechless right now. (both laugh) So my boyfriend put his juul in my pussy, and started hittin’ it. He did it for so long that
the juul started to get hot. I wanted to take it out but
I don’t want to be mean, so I left it in. It ended up burnin’
and scarrin’ my vagina. Disgusting! (laughs) – That’s not mean to take
something out of your vagina if you don’t want it in the there. Disgusting!
– Disgusting! This is probably not really a bad secret but it’s hauntin’ me
so I need to share it. I have a younger brother, we’re about two years apart And as I’m writing this
I’m 19 and he’s 17. So once, maybe four years
ago I was a shithead and I went to his room
after he fell asleep and snooped through his phone. I had memorized his pattern lock thing and after seeing him enter
it over his shoulder. I couldn’t enter chat
conversations that weren’t opened because it would show up as
read and leave evidence of my– Spionage, spoinage?
– Spionage? Spionage?
– Spionage, spionage. But there were some
conversations with a few girls. They had been opened not long
ago so my brother himself so I was safe. That showed some dirty talk, mostly one-sided from my brother. – Ew. – And I took pictures of
that with my own phone and shared it with friends L-O-L. So that’s one part of the secret, part two is not directly
related but kind of. So this is much later,
I guess two years ago, I’m with mom for two weeks
and suddenly I get a message from my brother and it’s a video. I open it and it’s a few seconds long, and it’s a video of someone jerking off. So just a hand and a dick
is in view, (both laugh) but I know it’s my brother ’cause I know what his dick looks like– Okay it doesn’t say that.
– That’s not what it says. – Because I recognize our living room. Yes, he was jerking off
in our living room couch. And he doesn’t send anything else. Afterwards, and I’m just appalled. I had no idea what to do
because I know that he knows I’ve seen it, so maybe an
hour later in desperation, I sent back something unrelated
that had to do with whatever conversation we had the last
time we messaged each other, and he went with it, so we
just never spoke of it again. But the memory of the video
is forever burned in my brain and I’m traumatized. Also, he was obviously gonna
send that to someone else and I’m very much not comfortable
with him sending dick pics to people, but it’s not like
I could lecture him on it without bringing up the
whole ordeal and feeling an unbearable amount of awkwardness. So I’m just here now, hoping
he doesn’t do it anymore. And that he doesn’t send
dirty texts to girls anymore. Yikes. (laughs) Disgusting! (laughs) One time I was riding
my bike home together with my friend and talking. I accidentally ate a big fly. I’m vegetarian. It tasted disgusting, by the way. (both laugh) I’m vegetarian. (both laugh) – Last secret! Ay, ay, everybody in the house. Last secret of the night!
– Come on girls, put your hands together.
– Whoo, whoo. – Last secret of the night.
– Last secret of the night. So one of my friends from middle
school graduation was like, getting bullied from the
same asshat that bullied me, so when he was walking up
on stage, I tripped him. He broke a leg, an arm, and his neck. – Yeah fucking right. You tripped him and he broke
his leg, arm, and neck. – You never know. Our friend group laughed, I
was sent to juvenile home. I still keep in contact with that friend. Also, I’d like to say,
Lillie it breaks my heart that cancer took you
before you could graduate. R-I-P Lillie. And I hope you die asshat,
bully bitch, small dick ass (laughs) hoe. – What the fuck, who’s Lillie,
what just happened there. (sighs) Literally traumatizing, love. No, this was fun. – You enjoyed it. – Have me back again. – Thank you guys for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up, leave a comment down below, and subscribe. I upload videos every…
– Thursday. – And if you want to see Jen in another “Revealing Your Secrets”
or just really any video, then, get this video to 100,000 likes. And if you don’t, I’m gonna kill her. Get this video to
motherfuckin’ 100,00 likes or I’m gonna kill this bitch. – Make sure you subscribe to my channel, or else I might get killed. I’m scared. Love, X-X. (upbeat music)


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