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Residency Candidate Tour: Pathology & Lab Medicine at URMC

February 8, 2020

Good morning. My name is Bennett Wilson. I’m a third year resident here at the University of Rochester. I wanted to give
you a quick tour of our Surgical Pathology facilities. So this is our grossing facility where we do our grossing daily. As you can see, we have a resident here
doing her grossing work with PA’s in the background. At our facility we have almost 10 PA’s. We have very adequate support for our grossing. We also spend some time previewing and signing out daily. This is one of our multi-headed scope
rooms. This is where we hold our daily consensus conferences for the
subspecialties, as well as weekly unknown slide conferences for the residents. So each day after we finish previewing our cases we spend time sitting one-on-one with our attendings for signout. We have a wonderful group of
attendings here, who are very interested in educating the residents and who are great mentors for us. At the University of Rochester, we do complete subspecialty sign-out. So in this area are slides for the service that we are assigned to for the day that come out. We preview the slides prior to taking them to sign out with our attendings. Here in this area as well, we also have our teaching slides and library, as well as a dedicated area for the residents to touch down for the day
and leave our stuff and get extra work done. This is our resident room. That’s our room that’s only for the residents. where each resident has their own personal desk and we each have our own microscope. This is where we often spend quite a bit
of time while we’re on clinical pathology rotations and not working downstairs on surgical rotations. Or if you want to come and do extra research or just keep your stuff, this is a room dedicated just to us. Although we have very much enjoyed this resident space we know that there’s a brand new resident room already in the works. This room has been designed with a lot of resident input where you will continue to have your own private space and desk and microscope, but in an updated facility. At Strong Memorial Hospital, we have many other in-hospital amenities including six different coffee houses. I know coffee is a must-have for many residents. We also have an on-campus gym where you can get a membership for only nine dollars a month. During the summer months, there is a farmers market in the Flaum Atrium so you can buy your groceries on the way out of the hospital. This is the Flaum Atrium where we hold our weekly farmers market. It’s also where we have Research Day when many of the residents in our program who get involved in research and any poster or project that is presented at a conference will be presented at Research Day here once per year. Welcome to Bailey Road. This is our new
central laboratory. Residents will rotate here during certain clinical rotations,
so let’s take a quick tour. So, it still has that wonderful new building
smell. This building features many amenities including an on-site gym,
cafeteria, also an adjacent wooded area with a walking trail. It’s only a couple
miles from the campus and there is a shuttle that travels to and from the main
hospital all day. Welcome to our core laboratory. In this lab, we perform millions of tests per year. This specifically is our microbiology section. We are excited to bring online a brand new Kiestra automated microbiology instrument this year. This is our brand new, state-of-the art cytogenetics lab. Each resident is required to do one month of cytogenetics and microarray. We also have advanced electives available if residents request them. This is one of several resident dedicated workspaces scattered throughout the building. Residents will rotate here for molecular pathology, cytogenetics, microbiology, as well as a lab administration rotation. Here you can see we have desks just for us, as well as windows. And you can sit and admire the beautiful view. This is the conclusion of our tour. Thank you for joining us. Good luck with your interview season and hopefully we will be seeing
you at the University of Rochester.

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  • Reply kheffah November 19, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    Very informative for prospective pathology residents. Certainly helped me form a better idea of the program and, broadly speaking, what to expect in a pathology residency in terms of the daily routine. Thanks!

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