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Researchers Develop Microneedle Patch for Flu Vaccination

October 19, 2019

this microneedle patch is an exciting
development it’s a great example of how NH funded research and innovation and
technology can improve the lives of all of us
the micro needle patch is a dime-sized patch of needles that are so tiny you can
barely see them with the naked eye and within this dime and be a hundred or so
of these tiny needles that are so small that when you place them on the skin
they don’t cause any pain even after they penetrate the skin and they are
biodegradable because they can dissolve and worn because they are needles you
can use them for an injection of a vaccine or even drugs such as insulin so here is the beauty of this innovation
and the thing that’s really appealing about it actually there’s several things
but one of them is that the microneedle patch has embedded in it a vaccine that
is dried it’s not in a liquid form as is typically the case when you get an
injection in your arm from the physician or your nurse but in this dried state
it’s within the microneedle on the surface of the needle and once the
needles for applied the vaccine is delivered because it’s dry it doesn’t
require a refrigeration the fact that it doesn’t require refrigeration opens up
fantastic possibilities for how you can store it and distribute it, it could be
placed on the shelf and a drugstore for example you could go in and just pick up
your vaccine and take it home and apply it yourself or imagine that you go to
your mailbox and get an envelope and in that as your vaccine for the year you go
in the house put it on your arm just like you would a bandaid press it a
little bit five minutes later it’s totally dissolved you peel this off
there’s no hazardous material to dispose of because the needles are biodegradable
and melt literally in the skin and you’re vaccinated that’s a wonderful
advance it improves the accessibility because you can distribute it easily it
doesn’t require a professional because you can do it yourself so it’s a
fantastic innovation


  • Reply Isee DeadBIts June 27, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    fantastic thanks

  • Reply invisible pilgrim March 29, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    This is incredible! When will mass production begin?

  • Reply Johan Wiksten May 6, 2019 at 5:35 pm


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