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Removing Calcinosis Cutis: Pt.1

August 17, 2019

These are called calcinosis cutis, okay? This means that calcium deposits really right in there superfic- This is numb, okay? You make sure to tell me if anything ever hurts Better be numb, that is It was numb right? I’m gonna just squeeze that one and see if we can squeeze a lot of that out I don’t know if you saw it before, did you watch it when Dr. Rebish was doing it? Did you see it’s like, a very like, toothpaste-ish *sniffle* material? So that’s the same kind of thing that we see here very umm… white- ish, and that’s because (mute) I’m gonna squeeze it actually with my tweezers and see if it will make it come out You okay? He already sent… *sniffle* … this in. I don’t know about whether this is the best way to do it because we might not get rid of the whole thing Hmm, that’s not it. I’m gonna have to take the top of that off actually. There’ll be a pinch here, maybe, if you’re not already numb here *sniffle* The things you have to do to get these off, huh? You should not feel this okay, I’m glad you’re so steady, look at you, it doesn’t even bug you at all You want them off so bad it doesn’t matter He said he had these since eighth grade that’s gotta be very tough meeting girls and things like that, right? you married, or…? So this is the bigger one, I am gonna just try to snip that off because I just, there’s not really like a… a sac wall, necessarily, but just a collection of calcium under there *sniffle* Since that was raised up so much, there’s gonna be extra tissue there, because you know how it took up space? That one I’m gonna have to remove some, but the other ones we might not do that, we might not have to You’re good right? Sorry, you have watched my videos, you already know that I do that. Annoyingly, too much *sniffle* I ask it too much Okay, I’m putting a little numbing on the other ones, okay, you ready? You’ll feel a little pinch here, pinch *sniffle* Sorry, I’m very sniffle-y this morning. Another pinch Okay… *sniffle* Another little, um, slit, I’m going to make in those These are, again, are a little bit bigger, but, uh, hopefully Let me tease it a little more I think that’s easier *sniffle* Sorry about my sniffling, oh my gosh I can’t stop today *sniffle* Okay, I’m gonna just try to take that stuff out now See, calcium is very white *sniffle* We get this white-ish color there And like I said, these are not true cysts *sniffle* God, if you just had numbing, you would have done this all yourself, wouldn’t you? I can’t imagine Here, there’s a little bit of an indent right there. And I just, I’m just wondering whether- I’m going to try not to make an indent, but I gotta try to take a little bit more off it Cause, there’s a- There’s uhm A raised area still, and that’s the part that bugs you, it was the raised area *sniffle* So. There’s no need to just have a- -that little bump that’s left there with nothing in it *sniffle* Let’s see how this works So yeah, there’s just a raised area, there’s not really much in there. This one has a little bit But, I think we need to get rid of that raise there, yeah? *sniffle* So, that’s what I’m gonna do here, okay? You’re okay with that right? [Yeah.] And you’re good there, nothing bugs ya. So, you had these… When you were in eighth grade or so, and they just slowly increased in number And then how did you?- Did you ever go to a doctor and have them looked at, or…. But that was when you were older? Like did you go by yourself or did you talk (mute) When did you finally figure out that, that was what these were? Alright, right here, look at this one. This one’s a little bump under here, actually I think I can tease that out *sniffle* Oh my gosh, come here Is that like a-? Is there like-? I think there’s two, like one under the other Maybe, because I see a whiteness under there, deeper under there *sniffles* Alright, three down and how many more to go? Let’s just try to do a bunch though My goal is at least- Once we get on a roll, we’re going to be faster about- I’m trying to get- Is that very much what his looked like too? [Yeah.] Okay, so it’s okay when you think they’re a little raised up like that, huh? You don’t think I need to talk anything more on them, right? You’re okay with that? So, let me just try to move faster now Okay? So, I’m going to numb up more of them Let’s get this nice and clean. See how it’s sticking to you, like, the calcium there? Okay, one little pinch here, pinch, sorry There’s two here, a couple near each other Gonna numb this up How is the numbing? Not too bad? God, you were probably dreaming of this day I had one gentleman who had one of these, like, on his- he has them on his tush. Remember him, Christy? [Mhm.] (mute) same guy. He had, like, this kind of thing, but bigger ones on his behind You know, who knows, we didn’t see the scrotal area, maybe he even had them there and he never showed us? Cause he came with his mom, remember? [Mhm.] You’re okay, you’re doing good You’re not complaining at all, so I’m- that’s why you let me- I know he wants to get these done, because man, he is letting me, he doesn’t even care Okay, you help me remember which ones I numbed up Okay, everybody? Please? Pretty much numbing up this whole area, but- So, when I’m actually doing the, uh… removing it, You make sure if anything hurts, I can always put more numbing, okay? See how I’m trying to do all, even the little ones? So, sometimes if I miss a little gap and you feel a little pinch or something, you just let me know Trashcan… and I’m still making a mess All better? Okay, this one here first And I decided now we’re gonna just use the pickup here Should probably get- You know, I should probably get a forceps with- an Adson? The one with the teeth? Let’s see how this goes… [Want me to get you one?] Well, let’s see how this goes here You okay? [Yeah.] See, we can actually see it underneath there *frustrated sigh* Oh, these are annoying They’re like… ugh… … dodgy You know how the skin’s very thin there, so it just dodges you I can’t- I’m gonna have to just- You know, if I just- grab them, actually, with my fingers, I probably can get a good… … um, piece of it anyway, so let me try to do that It’s like I need three hands Sorry I talk a lot, but that’s part to distract you, and- I have noticed in my videos, I talk more now, what the heck? It’s turned me into this monster Like, when I watch my old videos, I’m like, “Wow, look how nice and silent it is” Why am I talking so much now? And here I am… But, you know I’ll give you a break on this one, it’s a little bit more awkward for you, so… The rain is coming down! Alright, that did alright, this one is right here. I see it. You okay? [Um…] Please tell me- See that one came out like a little bean *to the calcium deposit* Get off of me… Alright, that looks pretty good- just trim a little edge Yeah, that looks good, okay That one’s good, let’s go to the next one You okay? I’m squeezing kinda hard I’m just trying to get rid of that guy- that one’s good, did that one Here’s another one. Make sure I’m not hurting you I swear, you better not be lying to me and you’re hurting and not telling me, okay? Cause I- you know- I put numbing here, but I didn’t, you know, I don’t know exactly where I put all the numbing So do you like watching the videos we do on TV? On- on our video, or no? *laughing* It’s okay! I know you still like us I don’t take that personally, it’s- you know, each has their own But you search for it, and you go, “Hey, wait a minute, this is somebody that might be able to help me, cause she just does cysts.” Alright, that was a good one too Just trim this, sometimes there’s just a little extra skin I want to just make sure it looks as good as it can be


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