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Remember Hand Hygiene During Cold and Flu Season

November 21, 2019

I’m definitely a believer the hand
hygiene is the number one most important way to stop the spread of germs and
reduce the odds of getting sick. It’s well proven in hospitals but I think
throughout our daily life the hand hygiene is critical. It’s simple people
forget about it sometimes but it’s really simple and it’s important it’s
all about reducing risk if you’ve got germs on your hands there’s a risk they
can get in your body or get in someone else’s body
and make you or them ill, washing your hands or use an alcohol-based hand
sanitizer is going to reduce that risk. It’s important to perform hand hygiene
throughout the day both at home and at work. There’s many occasions where it can benefit you such as before you eat, as
you’re preparing food, if you ever deal with anyone who’s sick
or injured that’s a key moment and then I like to tell people after you’ve
touched something that could be contaminated like the trash or diapers,
or you’ve contaminated yourself like sneezing or coughing, and then of course
the one that everyone knows is after you use the bathroom you should wash or
sanitize your hands. A good routine for proper hand hygiene
which is especially important during the winter germ season when you’re more
at-risk is to wash your hands, the experts recommend washing for at
least 15 to 20 seconds you’ll hear some people recommend singing the Happy
Birthday song a few times or the ABCs all the way through as you’re doing that
it’s really important to cover your whole hand and make sure you use enough friction to get the germs lifted off the skin and down the drain. Now sinks and
soap that you trust isn’t always available so a great solution in those
cases as an alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer and in that case like with
PURELL® you want to use enough to cover your whole hand and experts recommend
having your hands wet for about 10 to 15 seconds. There are many good solutions around
hand hygiene that employers can provide for their employees, number one I would
say is in a bathroom you want to provide a good hand wash and I like to see an
alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer at the door of the bathroom to try to catch
that portion of the population that just doesn’t wash their hands, throughout the
building especially at places where there’s a lot of traffic such as the
elevators, lobbies, cafeterias you want to provide an alcohol-based instant hand
sanitizer so they have that option at points where they’re at risk of either
getting contaminated or contaminating themselves and again any sink throughout the building should have a good hand wash. There are many good tips that parents
can teach their kids around hand hygiene and many of them are the same as there
were years ago especially around hand-washing you want to wash your hands effectively for 15 to 20 seconds, cover the whole hand, use enough force to to
rub the germs off your hands and down the drain. The invention of the
alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer gives us a great ability to teach our
kids to clean their hands before they’re eating something at a restaurant, after
or during a sporting event, when they’re at school contacting a lot of other kids
that’s a great time to use an alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer.

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