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RELATABLE FOODIE STRUGGLES! || Awkward Moments with Food That We Face Everyday

December 28, 2019

I must have fallen asleep watching that
movie. Wait a sec, hear that? I think someone’s in the house!
Be brave, Sofia, go see what’s up! What I’m gonna do when I get in there! Oh pillow won’t
protect me… oh this could do some damage that’s it I’m going in what’s all this
chocolate ice cream what who is that Hey
what are you doing in here hmm oh no you found me just had a little sugar craving
see this restaurant is great you’ll love it what that looks delicious
hmm hello Hey let me step outside for a sec hold
on you should always wait for a friend to
begin eating but sometimes that can feel like torture talking to anyway but
having just one fry is a slippery slope yep she’s going all in maybe Emily won’t
notice she’ll definitely notice if the entire meal is gone way to have
self-control Olivia hey where’d my lunch go oh yeah
hey what does that piece here well if you aren’t gonna eat it having some
chocolate milk are we mmm that’s the stuff jeez is that
slurping really necessary sorry okay just a little more left how
am I supposed to get work done with you doing that
Emily sure is determined to finish every last drop ever cut open a carton to get
every last bit of sweet tasty goodness that’s it I’m working from home hey can
I have a bite when asking for a bite of someone’s cake you may want to specify
how do you get a bite you want one bite coming right up you practically need
glasses to see that thing hmm pretty good find that your hands are full when you
really need them lucky for you you have two other limbs just waiting to help wow
you’re pretty flexible Sophia this takes being self-sufficient to a whole new
level doesn’t it nicely done man these grocery bags must weigh a hundred pounds
how am I supposed to open this door without putting them down wait don’t put
the bags down you could just use your foot remember yes I can reach the
doorbell hey take one of these will you but your legs can also come in handy
while sitting down finally I could sit down and relax and watch my movie oh man
how am I supposed to set this stuff down when the tables all the way over there
simply use your foot to pull the table closer to you yep
almost got it yes now again join my movie in peace going
to the movies with a buddy is a great way to spend a Friday night just
remember to buy two separate pockets of popcorn you were smart enough to get a
snack so why should you have to suffer through this for the entire duration of
a movie okay maybe if I just move the bucket far over she won’t wanna keep
reaching for it there you go try and get easy now Vicky Oh seriously
okay there’s got to be a way to stop her from taking all my popcorn oh I know
exactly what to do if you happen to be wearing a hoodie that day go ahead and
turn it around so that the hoodie is right under your head yep just twist it
around just like this once your arms are back inside go ahead and pour your
popcorn into the hood come to Papa you buttery salty morsels job well done
Kevin born a petite small puppy hey sorry I guess there isn’t any left all
right you can get your own ride home later there’s not much that can ruin a
much-needed junk food binge but before I put on my show to watch I’d better set
all this good stuff up hi rise check juicy burger check alright
it’s time to dig in don’t forget the entertainment uh yeah
that’s the stuff man these fries are salty let me take a
sip of my soda oh this soda is just out of my reach looks like I better call in
some reinforcements for this one Amy premier girl okay I have a serious
problem I can’t reach my soda without bending over see that’s your serious
problem Sofia okay I’ll teach you a little trick that will save you all this
strenuous effort pretty handy right now you can enjoy your show and eat without
even bullies sitting up being lazy sure tastes good doesn’t it yes it’s the weekend
that means hours of laughing with friends in beautiful weather wrong sure
you could go out on a stroll or to get a fun treat but that would mean washing
your hair and putting on real pants on the weekend you’re expected to have fun
oh nice you win Lilly but hey eating snacks are fun right it’s
easy to envision getting some exercise on your days off but gossiping while in
a sitting position feels so much better of course you could chat with a friend
about current events or talk about how hot jared is from Spanish class for the
thousandth time oh my gosh this is going to be so cute when was the last time you
washed your hair is there really anything more fun than a shopping spree
with your besties oh my gosh I can’t wait to wear this new
stuff on Monday ah looks like you fell into a little food coma studying for a
big exam isn’t that hard all you need to do is sit down and focus and you’ll
retain everything you need you’re gonna Ace this test Sophia wonder
why people say studying is so hard it just takes a little brainpower that’s
all smartypants okay I can totally Ace this exam oops
okay I’m focused I’m focused okay
seven times four divided by negative nine is um oh man all this math is
making me sooo sleepy and we’ve lost her I dozed off again focus Sophia focus
everyone knows that once you pick up your phone the distractions are endless
hey what’s that amazing smell I could really go for a little mid study snack
wait are you okay just one little snag then you have to get back to studying
yeah that’s good stuff oh no in all honesty I wasn’t really reading it
anyway when eating in public it’s all about
good manners and etiquette you always keep your napkin on your lap and
wouldn’t dare eating with your hands oops better get that little piece of
bread there and remember to always keep your mouth closed while chewing yes
I just ate my fries with a fork I’m in a nice restaurant for crying out loud but
eating at home alone is a whole other story
it’s a place where manners simply don’t exist and there’s no such thing as
eating too much heck you may even start dinner with dessert there’s no one here
to tell you no so why not oh yeah and you haven’t lived until you’ve dipped
some hot french fries and some creamy vanilla ice cream
oh hope you wash your hands before this eating at home is all about stuffing
your face and Emily here is a true champion at it
Bon Appetit girl Bon Appetit no matter how funny something is laughing in
public it can be a delicate science you don’t want to let your cackling laugh
scare people away but when it comes to laughing alone all bets are off
Oh getting coffee up your nose was totally worth it this movie is hilarious


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