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Reimagining Medicine: A New Program Prepares Future Physicians

December 12, 2019

(music) Let’s see here. My name is Ray Barfield and I am a Professor of Pediatrics and Christian Philosophy at Duke. “I’ve been practicing medicine for 20 years now. We’ll just examine you while we walk. Reimagining Medicine is an attempt to re-frame the formation of physicians and an answer to the question: What are patients experiencing? I need to be more like you! (happy squeal) In terms of happiness and in terms of flourishing and well-being. These students came into a program called Reimagining Medicine. They did meditation, improvisation, expressive writing, visits to an art museum. And it’s not surprising that they had the question: What does this have to do with medicine? My answer to them at the begining was this: When you become a doctor, you’re going to ask your patients to do all sorts of things that they may not understand. But they’ll trust you. And so if you only get this out of the program, trust. Trust before you understand. And they did. I chose students who are rising juniors or seniors because they’ve had time to think about whether or not they really want to go through with this and become physicians. (clapping) And so they’re ready, but they don’t know what they’re getting into. They’re open to things.

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