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Reducing mental illness among Aboriginal people

December 20, 2019

Dr. Tracy Westerman founded indigenous
Psychological Services in 1998 to address the high rates of mental illness among Aboriginal people
in the absence of government funding. She went on to graduate from Curtin University
with a Doctor of Philosophy and a master’s degree in
clinical psychology in 2003. Dr. Westerman has trained over 22,000
clinicians in culturally appropriate psychological approaches, delivered
keynote addresses to national and international audiences and is active as
an expert witness in a number of parliamentary inquiries. She has been
presented numerous awards with the most recent being the 2018 West Australian of
the Year and has been inducted into the 2018 WA women’s Hall of Fame.
Dr. Westerman has spent over two decades working to reduce the burden of mental
illness in Aboriginal people and ensure minimum standards of cultural competence
in her profession.

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