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Reduce Hair Losses by Organic & Natural Remedies with Henna Powder(Bangla)

August 16, 2019

Hi Friends How are you hope you are well welcome to Sindhiya Organic Herbs everyone worried about hair problems its possible to care of hair easily with home remedies Henna is best for that Henna make strong hair roots Henna used for hair care since centuries been used for hair dye & to prevent to roughness of hair Henna works well if mixed with some other ingredients have to select/buy Henna of good quality black Henna is not a kind of henna its totally chemical made Colors of Henna only may radish brown, dark brown, coffee color etc pure Henna couldn’t be black black henna made by.. very dangerous chemicals its very harmful for skin & scalp chemical called PPD may damage skin also may cause of skin cancer Henna should be Natural/Organic with Natural colors other dark colors made by PPD & other dangerous chemicals which be harmful for body & skin should care of this before buying Henna. Benefits & uses of Henna for hair plz watch video till end to know; How to make Hair strong, Beautiful & shiny with Henna. If you are new on our channel plz subscribe our channel click on bell icon to receive notifications of new videos. Ingredients; Henna, Fenugreek(Powders) & Mustard oil. Fenugreek & Mustard oil is great to grow hair. (Method:) 2 Table spoon Henna powder half tbl spoon Fenugreek powder mix them well in Mustard oil & make the paste use it on hair & scalp wash after 2 hours with shampoo (Remedy 2:) Henna, Gooseberry, Hibiscus Orange peel (powders) its great to make strong hair roots (Method) 2 tbl spoon Henna powder 1 tbl spoon gooseberry powder 2 tbl spoon Hibiscus powder 2 tbl spoon Fenugreek powder 1 tbl spoon Orange peel powder mix well all with curd/yogurt use it on hair & scalp wash after 2 hours with shampoo (Remedy 3) Henna, Green tea & Lemon Green tea is best for split hair & make hair soft Lemon works as conditioner (Method) 2 tbl spoon Henna Powder 2 tbl spoon Green tea 2 tbl spoon lemon powder/juice & Curd/Yogurt mix Henna & Green tea liquor keep it over night mix lemon & Curd next day morning use this pack on hair & scalp wash after 2 to 3 hours with shampoo. (Remedy 4) Henna, Fenugreek, Curd, Lemon this is good for dandruff & allergies Lemon helps to remove fungus 1 tbl spoon Henna powder 1 tbl spoon Fenugreek Curd according to need 1 spoon Lemon powder/juice mix all well to make paste use this to hair & scalp wash after 45 minutes with shampoo (Remedy 5) Henna, Banana & water it is great for healthy, manageable & shiny hair make a paste of rip Banana with water then mix 2 tbl spoon Henna well with it wash hair with shampoo before use this use this after shampoo as Natural conditioner on hair till roots wash after 10 minutes with normal water Banana provide minerals & vitamins to hair and works as Natural conditioner to give great look to hair use this remedy twice in a week (Remedy 6) Henna, white part of Egg, Lemon, Coffee /Tea & Beetroot best for black shiny hair Coffee & Beetroot gives Natural glow ob hair (Method) 2tbl spoon Henna powder black tea liquor, 1 Lemon juice 1 Egg (white part) 2 tbl spoon coffee powder 1 tbl spoon Beetroot powder mix all well with black Tea liquor keep this paste overnight use next day morning on hair & scalp wash after hour with shampoo it helps to prevent Natural color & glow of hair. If you enjoy this & feel its good info plz like & share with family & friends we’ll bring more valuable remedies for you to get upcoming remedies plz subscribe the channel & click on bell icon Thanks for watching & being with us STAY BLESSED. Say NO to chemicals CONNECT with NATURE, Thanks.


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