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Recuperar arquivos com virus darus

February 3, 2020

Hello! My name is Alexandre, and I’m here on ASP Data Recovery Lab on Presidente Prudente If you’re watching this probably you are experiencing ransomware problem Ransomware are virus that encrypts the victim’s data whose authors asks a payment using cryptocurrencies in order to liberate access to their files On last two years, this kind of attack is very often around the world We on ASP Data Recovery deal with ransomwares on two different ways First we do a analysis of the recovering possibilities of victim’s data without paying the ransom to the hijackers Our prefessionals are constantly updated with all the decryption tools , but unfortunately more than 90% of our ransomware cases are impossible to recover without paying them. In those cases, that there aren’t any solution without paying the ransom we offer all the personal and technical support to negotiate, buy and transfer cryptocurrencies, access to the deepweb when needed and help you decrypt your files as soon as the hijackers send the decryption key. We know that this isn’t the ideal solution but as a Data Recovery lab, we have as mission to offer to our customers the best possible way to recover their files, sheets, databases, videos, photos and projects. Happily, on 100% of the cases we judge beeing “trustfull” this payment absolutely every file when the victim accept to make this payment absolutely every file were recovered If you want to make this free analysis of your case call us on the Whatsapp phone listed bellow On this video’s description you will see a link to our web page and Facebook profile. where we have lots of videos and publishing about our work.

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