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Reasons For A Child’s Sore Throat, Pediatrician Explains

November 4, 2019

Dr. Frederick Mandell>>>Children with sore
throat is a very common occurrence in the pediatric practice. Often they come in complaining of sore throat
with or without fever. Their differential diagnosis is one of three
things. It is either a virus, which is most common
and those children can have some fever, they can have some redness and they can have difficulty
swallowing. The second diagnosis is staph, of course,
and that is always an issue and whenever there is a sore throat, especially with fever, staph
culture should be taken to rule out staph infection of the throat. The third diagnosis is mononucleosis, especially
in older children and they usually have white exudate on the tonsils and there is a large
number of lymph nodes around the neck. So those are the three things that I think
about when a child comes in with a sore throat.

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