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Real Talk about the Flu Vaccine | Kaiser Permanente

November 8, 2019

[Music] I never used to get the
flu shot, and I actually came down with
influenza one year. It was two years ago that I
got the flu, and I got it really bad. I was, you know, in my 30s.
I was healthy, and I was completely
incapacitated by the flu. Couldn’t breathe hardly,
couldn’t swallow, had a fever of 102,
had to stay in the hospital. Well, you don’t want to go
through what I went through. Young people, old people or
people that are compromised in some way can die from it;
it can be lethal. I can’t afford to get sick. I’m a single mom, so I just
can’t be out for a week. I have a 9 and an 11 year old
and I’ve always given them the flu shot cause I think that’s
the best way to prevent the flu. I have asthma and allergies and
my doctor highly recommends it so I can stay healthy. I recommend to all my family and
friends to get vaccinated because you never know if it’s
going to be a bad flu year. I get the flu shot to protect
myself and to protect my patients as well as
my daughter. I’m pregnant and I want to
make sure that I protect my baby as well. It’s not really about yourself.
It’s about others too. Sometimes you can transmit
the virus even if you don’t feel sick. I get the flu shot every year. I get it every year. It’s important to keep
everybody safe.

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