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Rashami Desai Sevgilisinden Ayrıldı. Çok Kırıldım Dedi. Biran Damla Yılmaz Domuz Gribi Oldu.

February 23, 2020

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Rashami desai said I was very broken at Bigg Boss House. The actor was among the top 4 competitors
in the Bigg boss house. The actress broke up with her boyfriend Arhaan
while at the bigg boss house. About the journey on the show, the actor said. My journey at the Bigg boss house was full
of ups and downs. Your individual journey was really hard, and
I felt lucky to be one of the best competitors in the show. It is a great feeling to be in the top four
after a four-month competition. I feel very strong right now. As for her separation with Arhaan, the actor
said: There were different rumors about me. I decided to leave him because of these rumors. Because I realized who the rumors came from. I wish happiness to him, raining everything. He said the following about his frictions
with Siddharth Shukla. Our chemistry with Siddharth did not hold
it from the very beginning. We fight all the time. But we accepted each other. I’m glad he was the first. Many people think that the rashami pattern
does not show its true side. The actor said the following about this. I showed all my end points in the show. I had no one to comfort me emotionally. I was broken at the show, but I pulled myself
together, I had to stand strong. The mother of the actor, who is offended with
her mother, came to the show for the final, and the
actress said the following about the subject. These moments were important to me. My mom told me I inspired many girls outside. His words made me proud of myself. Biran Damla does not play in the series version
of the dam film starring Türkan Şoray and Tarık Akan. When everything was ready for shooting, swine
flu became an instant, so the shots were delayed.

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