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Rachael Ziska, DO, GHC-SCW Internal Medicine

December 9, 2019

I’m Rachel Ziska, I’m an Internal
Medicine provider and I started with GHC in 2018. Incorporating a patient’s
individual needs into a treatment plan requires a lot of communication by both
a provider as well as the patient. Really trying to meet somewhere in the middle
and understanding you know what might be the best for a patient’s health and
what’s the proper avenue to achieve that. I like to empower my patients by giving
them as much information as I possibly can, and really letting them know what
life might look like down the road if you know they do X, Y or Z. Of course
these physicians don’t have crystal balls I don’t have all the right answers
but I have a little bit of a glimpse that I like to use and educate my
patients and and let them know that really their health is in their hands.
What brings me the greatest pride or joy in my practice on a daily basis as
always my relationship with my patients, hands-down. That’s what brought me into
the field and that’s what’s going to carry me through it. So just seeing
the patients that you’ve seen time and time again, meeting somebody new for the
first time and and establishing those relationships and building on those and
carrying those forward is that’s that’s what it’s all about.

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