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Questioning whether you should get the seasonal flu shot?

December 19, 2019

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] More than 5,000 health system faculty staff and students have gotten their seasonal flu shots since employee flu shot
clinics began September 14th. Questioning whether or not
you should get your flu shot? Here’s why your colleagues are getting their flu shot this season. We think you should too. – I know it’s a really bad
flu season with the H1N1 plus the regular flu. I definitely don’t wanna take
anything home to my family and I don’t wanna catch
anything from patients or give it to them. – It doesn’t take long. It doesn’t hurt. You don’t feel the needle going in and it’ll certainly help, I think. – I just don’t like being sick and I don’t like making other people sick with an infectious disease. – It’s been a number of
years since I had the flu, but it’s pretty miserable. I’d rather have the flu shot and have a little bit of a sore arm than get sick for a number of days, so I think that’s my motivation. – There’s a lot of people
that feel that it’s harmful, but I’ve never had a flu
shot that was harmful for me, and I think if you look
at the alternatives of somebody getting very sick and possibly dying, even young people. – If somebody comes to me, I’ll try to convince
’em to get a flu shot. I would straight on to
say that better to be on the safe side than
not on the safe side. – This was extremely easy for one. I think the whole process
took me about five minutes. The impact that the flu has
on our patient population who have multiple other
diseases and comorbidities, I don’t wanna make that
worse or complicate it. – I don’t wanna get sick. I don’t wanna spread it to anybody else, and because I’m a student, I don’t wanna miss classes either. – I recommend it. Year after year, I take it, including my daughter and my husband, so that I know, for sure,
that I will be protected, including my family and my coworkers. (upbeat music)

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  • Reply mackraceing September 28, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Well if the h1n1 vaccination will protect you why worry about those that prefer not to have it.Seems they want all to have it at any cost hmmm maybe there is a under lying agenda here.

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