September 16, 2019

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, think also of my new pink chain Moony naturaupathe Cellulite gives the appearance of a skin
orange to your skin. In women, cellulite will settle on the hips,
the thighs, the ankles, the nape, the shoulders and arms. In humans too
but no further farther than the size. Rather harmless problem, cellulite
affects the mind more often than the body. In this sense, it is worth treating it.
Sooner or later the body reacts negatively to the attacks of the image of oneself. But cellulite can also make you suffer
physically if you are very sick. It becomes essential to consult
a specialist. Besides, know that cellulite often results from bad
diet and excess stress. In all cases, this is another good
reason to pay more attention. Grandmothers Remedies Against Cellulite
The following internal and external remedies are worth as much as a cure
preventive. Food
Avoid all that is farinaceous and too rich in salt and oil, industrial products
plan a vitamin cure B6, C, zinc, manganese, magnesium, A fast of a few days can greatly
help eliminate cellulite in the long term. In the absence of a fast in the water, a cure
fruit juice or vegetable juice (fresh) will do.
When taking a bath, think about massaging in the banana with soap if possible
Castor oil is excellent for the skin It will allow to rub the fat pile A remarkable remedy for fighting cellulite
To fight cellulite, many beauticians use combined Aloe vera jelly
with ingredients quite similar to those of poultices mentioned above.
If you can not get such a preparation with aloi vera, you can
replace it by mixing a good amount jelly of aloi vera (organic shop) with
the indicated ingredients Lemon and caffeine
• Squeeze 2 lemons. Filter the juice and add the same amount of coffee very strong. mix
and pour into a bottle that closes.
a little cayenne pepper Rub each day with this lotion
the parts of your body affected by the cellulite. Caffeine gets through
of the skin and activates the destocking process fat cells. Vitamin C that
contains lemon drains junk waste in the tissues. All will contribute to the elimination
cellulite. Tip: Prepare this lotion in small
quantity because it quickly loses its efficiency. Keep it for 2 to 3 days maximum,
away from light and heat. Spread generous amounts of
your mixture on the parts to be treated. Then cover them with cellophane paper.
Stay extended for about 1 hour. Repeat treatment every day, as many times
that will be necessary. Aloe vera has very powerful effects
astringents, hence its ability to drain excess water and toxins present
in the tissues. It also promotes reconstitution cell and cell proliferation
healthy. Note: The suggested mix will warm you up
skin (sometimes a lot), do not worry no, it’s a sign that the mix is
well his job. If you find the sensation too uncomfortable, reduce the amount
of cayenne pepper. In internal use, you can combine these
treatments with: Cellulite, advice and more …
A state of mind and an anti-stress lifestyle are also necessary to guard you
against cellulite. Cellulite is the result of a generalized intoxication of your
system where negativity and stress can play a major role. Thank you for watching this video
until the end, as you know my videos are easy simple fast, very
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touch a maximum of person it will help a save many lives and make the world

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