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Protect Yourself and Your Family with the Flu Vaccine | Kaiser Permanente

November 7, 2019

One, two, three… For a lot of people,
this is an annual fall ritual. Okay. That’s it?
Yeah. Last flu season, Kaiser
Permanente Northern California set a record…
vaccinating 1.4 million of its employees,
physicians and members. I get the flu shot every year
because my daughter actually had the flu and it ended up
developing to pneumonia. I believe in proactive medicine,
taking care of myself, and this is just one of
the ways I do that. When I was a third-year medical
student I had influenza, I had a fever of 103. It’s not just protecting me
but it’s — doing my part to help
us all be protected. Dr. Randy Bergen couldn’t
agree more. He’s a pediatrician and
the clinical lead for Kaiser Permanente’s
Northern California Flu Vaccine Program. He says most everybody
should be vaccinated, with very few exceptions,
because the vaccine is the most effective way to prevent
the flu… and every year the flu kills. It’s estimated that between
20 and 40,000 people die in the United States
from influenza. Each and every year, even
if it’s a mild flu season there’s still a lot of deaths
that occur related to influenza and pneumonia. The people most at risk for
severe complications from the flu include children under 5,
especially those younger than 2, adults over the age of 65,
pregnant women and people with chronic
medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma,
and diabetes. There’s a nasal spray vaccine
called the flu mist for children over 2 years old
and adults younger than 50 who don’t like needles. And new this year is a vaccine
formulated for people with egg allergies. Whatever your needs,
now is the time to protect yourself, your family,
and your community. Some people can have such mild
cases of influenza that they don’t even know that
they’re potentially contagious. That’s why you need
to protect yourself by getting vaccinated. Happy flu season. [laughs]

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