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Protect yourself and others from the flu

November 25, 2019

Most importantly, get a vaccine. It’s our
best protection against the flu and it’s not too late. If you are sick and you’re
thinking about going to the ER, it’s important to know when to go. Infants,
children, pregnant women, people with other medical conditions and persons older
than 65 are a higher risk for severe flu or complications. Seek medical care if
any person has difficulty breathing or rapid breathing, chest pressure or pain
or confusion or difficulty waking up. Additionally, seek medical care if an
infant or child has bluish color to their skin, difficulty drinking liquids
or eating, difficulty making tears when crying, fewer wet diapers than normal or
such severe irritation that they don’t want to be held.
Even though flu can be severe, most people get better on their own with rest
and hydration. So if you’re feeling sick, we recommend staying at home to avoid
exposing other people, getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of water and
don’t forget to cover your cough and wash your hands frequently.

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