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Protect Your Child Against the September Epidemic

January 14, 2020

25% of all children’s asthma hospitalizations
happen in September. The September Epidemic is when we see an increase
in asthma exacerbations in the fall when children return to school, resulting in more hospital
visits and more ER visits. This may be because children are acquiring
more viruses and the kids are passing it on to one and another. At this time of year it’s really important
that students make sure they’re taking their daily medication. And parents may be busy taking care of back-to-school
shopping lists, but it’s really important to add that daily medication and filling it
every school year. September is also when the weather may get
a little cold. We know that cold is a major trigger of asthma,
so it’s really important that kids consistently pretreat if they have a trigger of exercise
before exposure to cold such as during recess or during PE would be an important way of
preventing exacerbations. Checking peak flow is a good way to monitor
asthma control. Having your children check it daily gives
you a good gauge of where they are when they’re well and especially checking it during illness
helps parents understand if their children’s asthma is not adequately controlled. An asthma action plan is something we provide
to schools to give them a strategy for dealing with the asthma and that guidance for schools
is important to bridge the gap between the school and the parent regarding asthma care. How to Protect Against the September Epidemic Make sure asthma medication is taken daily. Pretreat before exercise when the weather
is cold. Check peak flow when healthy and during sickness. Develop and Asthma Action Plan to bridge the
gap between home and school.

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