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December 26, 2019

pretty sure you’ve all heard the saying
one step forward two steps back it’s kind of the story of my life last night
I went ahead and got ready to put the timing chain cover on it put silicone on
the block I put silicone on the cover went to put the gasket on there and
then I tried to push the timing chain cover into the block and push it forward
the problem is and I mention this before they redesign the gasket system of the
timing chain covers this has a very big lip right here as you can see and this
needs to go under the block these tabs here need to be under the block so
basically this is designed that the timing chain cover gets bolted on and
then the oil pan goes up from the bottom see older blocks use this one-piece seal
for the timing chain cover that when you would just put that gasket in slap your
cover and be done this car uses this the redesigned one-piece oil pan gasket with
an improved rear and front main seal so you could see how thick this gasket is
this seals to the oil pan that seals to the timing chain cover like so so as you
can see there was no way to finagle this big huge gasket into here and push down
and get it to lock so I ended up dropping the oil pan or I ended up
taking all the bolts out it dropped down on the crossmember it’s not out of the
car at I wish it was I would just throw that new gasket in there but I
really would have to lift the motor up because you know you kind of have to
clear all the Wow the crank the crank mains and that new oil pump and stuff
like that and it won’t do it sitting in the car but I do have it dropped down it
took took all the bolts out which was a hassle in and of itself on
passenger side of the car I had to drop the starter motor and take the plastic
cover off the torque converter that plastic torque converter cover off so I
can get to the two last bolts of the oil pan and I had mentioned before there was
two coolant lines that went around to the oil filter just above the oil filter
or these two lines that run all the way around the front of the car so this is
where it was where the timing chain cover was and then this came up and
about and I guess now that I have this decrepit old system out that’s kind of
looks like a seen better days anyhow I’m not putting it back in I’m not really
sure what the purpose of this was if they thought like 200-degree antifreeze
would actually cool oil or were they trying to warm the oil up for emissions
purposes I don’t know but I’ve never seen this setup in a car before so I got
it out why deal with the hassle of putting it in so what was supposed to be
a really simple process slamming the cover on there bolting it up and then I
was gonna throw the water pump on there turn into an all-day-long debacle but I
do have right here I do have all the lifters installed the guide plates and
this holder so what happens is because these are roller lifters they need the
face with the cam they’re squared off on the top and bottom and then these plates
here keep the lifers from moving and then this piece here pushes down on these and
keeps these in place so that’s the the whole deal with the roller lifters I
guess you really do need a block designed for roller lifters to put these
in and then here is my dropped oil pan so now I have enough clearance to go
ahead and get that in and look at that beautiful double roller timing chain so
that’s what you deal with in the car world you really never know unless you’ve done
this stuff before what you’re getting into I’ve never mess up when these newer
systems and that I thought I could just go ahead and get that timing chain cover
on and it’s easier to pop it out which even that wasn’t easy but it’s easier to
remove it then to put it in and this cost me the entirety of the day
underneath this car the oil pan at like three different sized bolts there’s some
bolts for that crazy thing the two front bolts were bigger and then there was one
in the middle somewhere along the line that was kind of like a stud to stuck at
that was bigger oh what a hassle is it that I had to
fight getting these lines off the hoses were on there so I had to take a little
pick and keep pushing in there to get that hose to break free finally before
they came off and then the whole starter motor but good thing is it’s out now I
have to do is get back under the car get the oil pan Oh timing chain cover goes
on first then the oil pan and then we can put on the water pump then I’m
pretty much just be waiting on the cylinder heads to arrive but in the
meantime I have some wiring that I need to fix I need to wire up to three wire
o2 sensor I need to fix my water temperature sender and I think there is a few other things that will figure it out not sure I’m going to work on the side I
know I’m a little bit tired anyhow I’ll check back in the morning
with the update ran into a slight problem installing the
balancer see the balancer remover tool has two of these fittings one is a point
one is flat when I pulled the balancer off I use the point because the nice
hole in there I thought it would Center it really nicely but I guess this went
in just enough to hit the threads and I was not able to get the balancer started
so now I am having to go ahead and tap the hole that goes into so I can get
this bolt in here well we’re not afraid to admit our mistakes here on this
channel so this is what I’m doing I’m just threading this so we can get that
bolt in not what I wanted to do but it’s got to be done also I was cleaning up
some of the grease from this idler arm that’s sitting right here
yeah idler and I went like that to clean it and took the rubber boot right
off it disintegrated so now I got another idler arm coming figure may as
well do it right now while it’s easy to get at the two bolts are right here that
bolts there there’s nothing in the way this is gonna probably the easiest
opportunity I have to go ahead and fix that not the smartest thing I did like
butter look at that okay try this again alright finally
making some progress here in the engine bay you might notice quite a few changes
right here we do in fact now have the girdle the lifters everything installed
here the camshafts installed the timing chain covers on the oil pans bolted back
up the harmonic balancer pulley is on and this beautiful gray water pumps on
there as well I really like that the color of that hopefully that that paint
lasts but I’m really kind of liked it like the way this is shiny right here
like that pump so I think I’m gonna leave it as is I don’t really want to go
and paint it black I’m liking that contrast the AC condenser has been
rotated down I never opened a system we’re really trying to avoid having to
recharge the air conditioning so I’ve never broke the lines that’s why the
compressor has been hanging by a set of straps right here to hold it back as if
I opened up I could have got that out of the way so the AC condenser has been put
back the radiators back it’s sitting in here the trans cooler lines are
installed the only thing I need to do is put the bracket here on the top but I’m
kind of waiting because when I go and install the rocker arms and lifters
we’re gonna have to set the lash so I’m gonna need room and put a wrench in here
and spin the engine over so yeah lots of progress here I did kind of lose one of
the rubber fittings that go right here it’s got to be somewhere here in the
garage but it’s driving me absolutely crazy so I have not heard from the guy
making me the intake if you got the parts in if it’s been shipped as of yet
hopefully made my next video I’ll have an update on that still got a few odds
and ends to work on here so look for that on the next video got in contact
with the LED headlight giveaway can Owens
I got his contact information forwarded that to auxbeam believe I’ve talked to
him before an earlier video he’s another veterans so thank you for your service
sir thank you for continuing to carry that torch for the rest of us so good
times it’d be nice little Christmas gift to him and I you know I didn’t pick him it
was totally random I’m glad it’s going to another veteran that’s kind of cool
so yeah so lots of uh lots of progress can be made still get like so stuff to
do so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned you’re gonna want to hear the day
this car we hit that key and start this thing up and hear this big cam thumping
and find out how much power can we get out of a stock bottled l98 5.7 tuned
port engine because we’re not touching the bottom we are
keeping the factory Pistons everything I knows cars got 96 thousand miles on it
so it dyno at two hundred horses to the wheels and we had overheating
problems so we’re gonna see if cleaning the leaves up a new water pump nice
clean antifreeze lowering the thermostat we’re putting a 180 thermostat in here
we’re gonna tune it to kick the fans on sooner and we’re gonna see if we can’t
cure something to overheat problems on these cars as well so make sure you
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