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Preventing foodborne illness—I Am Public Health

February 25, 2020

My name is Bonnie Lynn. I’m a public health Sanitarian for Madison and Dane County We’re preventing foodborne illness outbreaks and keeping people safe when they dine out So the public can be sure that when they’re going to their favorite restaurant that I’ve already been there I’ve already checked it out and they are doing the right thing to make sure that food is safe to eat. A typical day does not exist in my job. We may come to work and have a foodborne illness outbreak, We may have a fire call and then of course we are tasked with doing all the restaurant inspections throughout Dane County on an annual basis and doing the follow up work with those restaurants. A really good day at my job is when I am working with an operator on making corrections, and when I return to their establishment, the corrections have been made, and they have new systems in place to ensure that they’ll be able to maintain those corrections over time, and I walk away knowing that I have made a difference and possibly prevented food borne illness now and in the future We can’t have healthy people in healthy places if the places we are dining at are not safely serving food So by ensuring that safety and preventing foodborne illness are our communities are safer. I inspect restaurants and grocery stores, promoting food safety and preventing foodborne illness. And I am Public Health

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