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Preventing Deafness in your Dog or Cat

August 18, 2019

hearing loss does affect both cats and
dogs and though there’s any number of reasons that can cause hearing loss there are
plenty of those that can actually be prevented both with awareness and some
simple steps but it’s also very important to know
that if your dog or cat does develop hearing loss they can still live a very
rich and full life with the appropriate training and
modifications. So there are preventable causes of hearing loss in both dogs and
cats and that list will include such things as trauma, toxins, foreign bodies chronic noise and then certainly chronic
ear infections. Trauma to the head would be something if you’re painting around
the house and moving the ladder and your dog is your shadow and they wind up
taking a blow to the side of their head. That can certainly cause some problems
obviously with hearing loss but also very importantly can cause some other
problems as well. Another thing on the list of potential
preventable causes of hearing loss would be certain toxicities and one of the
ones that we think about mostly in veterinary medicine are some of the antibiotics
of the aminoglycoside class and these are fairly common antibiotics and one of
the most common ways that they cause problems with hearing loss or audio toxicity
is when they’re inappropriately instilled in to treat and that often sadly happens when people
put things in their pet’ ears without actually having their veterinarian
evaluate the integrity of the ear canal in the ear drum before starting
treatment. So it is very important to check with your veterinarian and to
confirm what’s going in your pet’s ears with every possible infection. Another fairly
common cause of hearing loss would be things like foreign bodies or things
that wind up in the year that shouldn’t be there especially in certain times of
the year one of the big ones in certain parts of the country would be grass seed-ons or what we more commonly call fox tails. And these are really painful parts of the grass seed that actually wind up migrating down into dog’s ears. They can
also get into their paws or up their snouts. but when they wind up here they cause a
very significant amount of pain and then predispose them to infections and
they themselves can also cause damage to the ear drum. And if you spend a lot of
time cleaning your pet’s ears and you’re doing inappropriately, perhaps you
may be using q-tips which we always tend to discourage against, if a piece
of that q-tip breaks off and winds up down in your dog’s ear canal, that can certainly
set them up for a problem as well as cause direct damage to their ear drum which
can lead to hearing loss and other problems. Another one on the list of
preventable causes of hearing loss would be repeated exposure to loud noises. We do want to be very aware that those
noises can cause hearing loss as well as some other problems. so the last item on the less are chronic
ear infections, and typically for dogs that winds up being other bacterial or a yeast infection, and with cats we typically tend to think about ear
mites. These are very common occurrences in both cats and dogs and they can lead
hearing loss in the long term. It is important to recognize that your cats
and dogs can lead a happy, healthy, wonderful life even with hearing loss. So remember that
and treat them like any pet you know and love, and hug them frequently.


  • Reply Syedda Zulfiqar February 17, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    You sir, are adorable

  • Reply wotan237 September 14, 2016 at 4:16 am

    I put apple cider vinegar drops in my dogs ears, and she is deaf now, but she went on apoquel too

  • Reply Erika Erika August 12, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Our 17 year old cat went deaf, he used to run when call his name , no more ? vet said was old age, he looks pretty good for 17

  • Reply Rolando S December 29, 2018 at 1:30 am

    I think my 2yr old boxer is deaf my poor baby girl

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