Prevent Keto Flu: Best Tips To Succeed a Sugar Detox

September 30, 2019

– Hey guys, Colin Stuckert here,
Founder/CEO, Wild Foods Co. Today, we’re gonna talk
about sugar detoxing, and what’s also known as a keto flu which can happen when you
lower your carb intake. I’m gonna give you some
tips on how to avoid that. We’re also gonna talk
about some of the reasons why this happens and it’s
gonna hopefully empower you, to bust through that plateau
and let your body adapt, so you get on the other
end where the benefits are, which is when you’re eating less sugar and when you’re reducing your carb intake. Both useful for healthy human metabolism regardless of what you’ve been told and both useful and I
would even say necessary for living a long and
healthy and optimized life. (spooky music) The average American consumes
152 pounds of sugar a year, 152 pounds of this toxic substance. We wonder why the number
one killer is heart disease, why we have cancer, which sugar is said to be cancer’s favorite
food and why we have this whole modern matrix of
debilitating Western diseases. Where do we get most of that, refined, processed white sucrose, which also contains fructose? We get it in sports drinks,
and sweetened coffee beverages and generally in processed fake food, which comes with a whole
other host of problems. The reason, when you go keto, or when you start eliminating
sugar from your diet, that you don’t feel so great
or you may not feel so great, some people feel great. I feel great when I don’t eat it, even when I was eating it pretty often. I had cravings for it,
but I didn’t get keto flu, or I didn’t get like a sugar detox, hangover or any of that
stuff that you hear about. I don’t know, me I’m lucky in that way. But the reason that
happens for most people, is because they are eating
so much freaking sugar. You would not believe the amount of sugar that is in the foods that you’re buying from the grocery store. Even the foods, when I
walk around Whole Foods which is right over there, and I walk around and I pick up the label, the new drinks that come out, the new bars, the new packages,
the frozen meals like, even when the stuff’s like organic and quality ingredients
and blah blah blah, natural all these things, I flip it over and there’s cane sugar,
organic coconut nectar, sucrose or one of a
thousand different words that you can use to describe sugar. Because Americans are addicted to sugar. The palette of the average
American craves sugar more than it does anything else, which is why all the new
products that come out are trying to appeal to those masses. Kombucha is a thing, or
all the coffee drinks tend to have sugar in
them even the ones that, cold brew there’s, most of
them aren’t straight cold brew, most of them are cold brew with like six to seven grams of sugar because, you gotta add some sweet to it right? I won’t go too much into
all the nonsense that is the amount of sugar
that we eat in this country and all that stuff, this is more about how to prevent keto flu, how
to prevent a sugar hangover by reducing the sugar in your life or let’s say you go cold turkey one day, what can you do to mitigate that feeling, the feeling of sluggishness,
the feeling of being tired, maybe even headaches, maybe
even have some digestive issues? There’s a lot of things that can happen and I got some strategies
that can help you combat them. Alright, so let’s get to it. So real, quick, why does this happen? Sugar triggers, neuro-transmitter dopamine which is the same pleasure
reward center that is, happens when we eat any
food, sex and other thing, even gambling I think
is triggered by dopamine and what happens is, the
more we eat these foods, the more we eat sugar for example, meet these little dopamine spikes, the more that it down-regulates. Our system down-regulates, which means, we have to eat more sugar,
or more rewarding foods to get the same effect. This is why when we’re eating
sugar on a regular basis, we tend to end up wanting
to eat more sugar. It’s exactly what happens to drug addicts. It’s exactly what happens to drug addicts. And they’ve proven that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine yet it’s the most legal drug, it’s the most legal killer
there is in the world. It kills more people than
cigarettes probably ever did. If you look at the numbers today, and how many people that
are dying on a daily basis, the heart diseases and all these modern diseases of affluence, which are basically diseases mostly of the
processed food revolution. You would see that cigarette
can’t hold a candle to what sugar has done and
is doing to our country and the rest of the world. As always, industrialized nations, started getting the
processed food revolution, big corporations are
going in like Coca Cola and Kraft and whatever, people
are getting fat and sick because it’s the same freaking
thing that’s happening. So, when you’re eating sugar all the time, you gotta eat more to get the
same (mumbles) center right, when you cut it out, you’re
gonna have a detoxing effect. Your body is gonna want
it, it’s used to having. It’s gonna want that
dopamine reward center. That and the carb intake which is you can kinda have the keto
flu by going lower carb, which can be independent of sugar, there are a lot of this similar effects that can happen when that happens. But generally what’s happening, is your body is used
to being a carb burner and it’s used to getting
the reward from sugar and the rewards that you tend
to get from carbohydrates, because carbohydrates
are in processed food and they just taste better or whatever. So your body is used to getting that constant supply of glucose and so, it burns that off quickly for fuel, I mean you still get all the
things like instant sensitivity and whatever massing that you eat sugar and your body burns it
off, it’s not how it works, but your metabolism is
used to being fueled by a constant stream of
sugar carb-dense foods. And so when you reduce that, when you reduce your carb intake or let’s say you go cold turkey, your body is not used
to getting fuel from fat which is what it’s designed to do. That’s why people talk
about keto, keto is ketosis. Generally they are connected, I don’t think you have to
bring ketosis all the time to get benefits from keto but in general, the point of ketosis, is that
your body utilizes fat stores through ketosis and produces ketones which is good for your
brain, your body, whatever and your body uses fat
and ketones for fuel instead of carbohydrates,
instead of blood glucose. So that’s kind of the
important distinction here. And when you start going
lower carb and lower sugar, your body is kind of like
going out of whack because, it doesn’t know how to use fat for fuel. It’s not used to using that. Maybe your ketone production
is at an all time low or maybe you’ve never really been into a state of deep ketosis. And so naturally, your
body is gonna be like, what the hell is going on here? And that’s something
that is kind of important for everyone to understand
about their body like, when you do things that
might be good for you in the long term, they’re not always gonna
feel great in the short term. I hear this all the time, people say, “Oh yeah, I fasted one day
all day and I felt like crap. And I’m thinking to myself, okay well, have you ever done that
ever in your life, no! Okay, so you’ve never gone
24 hours in your entire life without food, and then you do it one day and you think you’re gonna
have miraculous results and feel great, you’re gonna
feel like a million bucks? Like obviously not! Your body is responding
to a changing environment, and when it does that, it might have to hop over a couple hurdles
to get to the other end where it’s better off. When you go to the gym, and you crush it and you’re really tired, you know you did something
good for yourself but do you feel great? A lot of times no! A lot of times lifting
weights and exercise and doing things is very hard. But you always feel
really, really good after when you’re recovering. You might even be sore
the next couple of days and it hurts to walk, then a few days after
that, you will be better and will be better and will be better, and then a week later, you
feel like a million bucks and you feel stronger. So now that we have a brief understanding of sugar withdrawal and keto flu and all these different things, what can we do to mitigate it? Now these are my personal recommendations. I’ve experienced varying
levels of this in my life as I cut sugar, as of
probably four months ago, I really, really did a deep dive into figuring how much sugar I was eating, and I was already a sugar
conscious individual, I was already reading labels, I was already kind of
doing a daily count of how much I was taking in, and you just wouldn’t believe
it, how it’s in everything. I’ve really kinda flipped it around where now most of my carbs are non-starchy green vegetables. If I ever cheat meals, like
once or twice a week tops, and typically when I cheat, I try to cheat on something like pizza, I mean although it does a balloon, so it’s not necessarily the best but, I try to do that instead of
cheating on ice cream because, ice cream has all the sugar, and for me and my
psychology when I eat sugar, it’s kinda like a drug addict like, I’m always a sugar
addict and when I eat it, I tend to wanna eat it more, so I have to really stay away from it, and I almost have to abstain 100% like an alcoholic would have to. And there’s a lot of
similarities here guys and I know it might think, it might look like or sound
like I’m exaggerating or, I’m making a bigger deal
out of this but I’m not. This is just biology. If you can understand that
you can get addicted to drugs why can’t you get addicted
to the drug called sugar? I mean It’s a drug, a
little goes in your body and creates a chemical
reaction in your body, that’s a drug, just like
whether it was a pill, or you whether you smoked it,
or whether you injected it. It’s still a drug. So I’m not gonna go down that rabbit-hole, I really want to, I want to run on it but, instead we’re gonna talk
about tangible strategies. How can you avoid a sugar detox? Haw can you avoid the keto flu? And how can you feel better, let’s do it. My number one favorite thing
is to use sweet potatoes, skin and all. Now sweet potato, does have a
bit of natural sugar in them. It also has complex carbohydrates
that are slow digesting, it also has fiber it also has
minerals and all these things. Sweet potatoes are good for you. Even if you’re on a keto diet, and this is something that
I see a lot in a keto diet is people become carb phobic, but I don’t think that’s accurate at all and there are things we should do. You could literally have
a corner of a sweet potato that has a little bit of carb, that has a gram or two of sugar, and it’s not the end of the world. And it can still fit within
the confines of being ketosis, it can still fit within the confines of having like 40 grams of
carbs a day or whatever, and it could provide benefit. And so, maybe start with
a quarter sweet potato, half sweet potato and
eat that with every meal and see if that makes your detox and your carb cravings go away. And what I’ve noticed and
what Allison has also noticed, is that she tends to do better in the gym when she has sweet potatoes. I tend to do better with recovery, when I have sweet potatoes. And so, when I was detoxing off sugar, and when I was going lower carb and I was kind of experimenting
within now ketosis, I added sweet potatoes, I would cook up a bunch in a crock pot which is basically just, you’re gonna add a little bit
of vinegar water if you want and add some salt and then you take it out and it’s ready to go, and
then I would slice them up and put ’em in a container. And so I would pull out, kind
of like a quarter inch sliver and then I would just throw that, either reheat it or I would eat it cold. And actually reheating sweet potatoes, like frying in the pan with
some butter is so good, so I highly recommend
that, so that’s number one. Use sweet potatoes strategically to prevent the symptoms of
keto flu and sugar detox. So number two, is something
that you’re gonna wanna be doing if you’re moving to more of a ketogenic, more of a low carb diet anyways, because you need to get
those calories in right. You need to eat more fat,
and this is something that, most of us have grown up
with this fat phobia that we don’t even know how that looks like, or we don’t have the habit of doing that. And so what I like to do, is I use butter, grass-fed
butter very liberally or we can use ghee or
you could use MCT oil or avocado oil or the
different things like that. (sneezes loudly) Damn, that was building up. I use butter liberally, and then I also use olive oil unheated, or use
MCT oil for low heat cooking. I’ll use things like bison towel, I have an epic buffalo fat in there, there’s avocado oil I use
for high heat cooking, coconut oil obviously for everything regardless of what the
media is try telling you. The rigged biased media
that’s being paid by the big food companies
to disparage coconut oil. Topic for another day, and it could be, adding more when you’re cooking, adding more fat when you’re cooking. It could be drizzling it over. Do a little bit dash of wild pink salt, do little bit of wild MCT oil,
get the fat, get the salt, finish the dish. It could be, literally grabbing a piece of butter and eating it. Like sometimes I’ll just
take a very liberal chunk and I will dash it with some pink salt and I’ll just eat it. It’s almost like a chip, or some kind of like
horderves, just pure fat and it’s amazing I love it. So there’s a lot of ways
to add fat to your diet I’m not gonna go too
much into the examples of how to do that, add
some nuts and seeds, every meal or whatever, there’s a lot of different
things you can do but, adding more fat is gonna
do a lot of things. It’s gonna help your
body get into the habit of burning fat for fuel, it’s gonna retrain your
metabolism, retrain your digestion, it’s gonna completely
help you do the switch, from a carb-based eating
to fat-based eating. The shameless plug, number three is to take a lot of fish oil
particularly wild fish oil. It’s something that I take on
a daily basis, yes I’m biased, but it is one of the only
Friends of the Sea certified, and one of the only wild
cot fish oils in the world, processed and caught in US
waters in the United States. Whereas most fish oil
comes from somewhere else and a lot of the fish that
comes from other places is over-fished and there’s a
lot of issues with being rancid and quality control and
sustainability and all that. Get your bottle at, use code WILDCEO for 12% off and take that with every meal. I take 10 to 15 caps a
day, in fact I’m gonna be recording a video soon
about mega-dosing with it and taking like 15 grams a day, like almost 40 to 50 caps a day and kind of testing my own mega-levels and seeing how I feel,
seeing how my appetite does but I’ve seen a lot of good
evidence in my own life as I take more of it, my inflammation is lower, my appetite is more regulated, I don’t have those sugar cravings. I also have a friend who did a high dose experiment for 30 days where
he was taking 15 grams a day and he was, he said he
had a mental clarity, his appetite almost went away, like he had to almost force
himself to eat at times and his recovery was better, and it was kind of a cool,
successful experiment so I’m gonna be trying that soon as well. But either way, taking regular doses of a quality fish oil can really help suppress those keto-like
sugar detoxing symptoms. Another tip here, is to make
sure you give yourself time. If that means you need to
cut your sugar intake By 50%, for a couple of weeks, kinda get going and then 25% or whatever, that’s fine if that’s what you need to do. Don’t let anyone tell
you, nutritional dogma, about what you have to do or what’s right or what’s not right. If something’s gonna get
you to a better place, then that’s gonna be something
that’s right for you. So what I like to do, is like I said, use those sweet potatoes, and you might have a higher carb intake even though you may be going for keto and you’re not reaching
your target goal everyday, but so what? If you’re easing into it, and you’re getting better
results, like that’s awesome. Always remember to take
all this, even this, this video and advice like
this with a grain of salt, ideally with a grain of royal pink salt, and make sure that you
find out what works for you and you listen to your
body at the same time. Now, with that being said, I
gotta disclaim this because, I think a lot of the whole
like listen to your body and be patient, ease into, I think a lot of that is just nonsense advice that people use
to basically slack off and not stick to what they’re trying to do and I call BS on that so don’t do that. But give yourself a
break at the same time. No one’s expecting you to be perfect and you shouldn’t expect
yourself to be perfect. So ease into it, and they
say it takes about 10 days to really truly detox from sugar. And I would assume that’s 10 days like, kind of without any of it like, to go 10 days without
any sugar whatsoever, or like without any refined
sugar or processed sugar, that’s a big undertaking, I
don’t think I’ve ever done that ever in my life maybe you know. And I think it’s probably
great thing I should do. So again, give yourself time, aim for like, let’s say, one
week to two weeks at a time, segments where you kind
of reduce your intake and use things like lots of veggies and sweet potatoes and things
like that to ease into it, and then, but no matter what you do, make progress and then when
you start feeling better, then you can optimize for even lower carb and you go into ketosis or just be content with eating 10, 15 grams of sugar a day and that being your max like, have a bar of dark chocolate
or a little bit of this there, whatever you know, again, it’s personal but we should all aim
to be eating less sugar because it basically is poison. So it’s personal, do what works for you, but still try to not eat it if you can. And then so the last and
final tip for this video is, don’t drink sweetened beverages. If you’re gonna do cold
brew coffee, do black. Even if you’re gonna do let’s say a latte, do a not-sweetened latte,
with just basically the milk. Or do like an almond milk latte or macadamia-nut milk latte
or something like that. Don’t eat the food bars
that people market to you to try to convince you
that it’s good for you when it’s really got like
seven or 10 grams of sugar in this little thing. I hope that this video was useful, I wonder if you have any
strategies that worked for you that we could share with the audience and that we could share with other people to help them in their sugar detox, and in their preventing of keto flu and just generally going
lower carb in general. This video wasn’t really about
why you should wanna do that but I’ll give you a quick
kind of benefit list of why you should wanna cut sugar and, lower your carb intake and
they’re gonna go like this. Lose fat, gain muscle,
perform better in the gym, have better sex, sleep
better, feel better, think better, look
better, everything better. Every single thing in the
human body can be better. If you eliminate sugar
especially sucrose and fructose, fructose is 50% of a gram of sucrose, so you’re really trying
to get rid of fructose and also guys even with fruit, a lot of the fruit that
get in the grocery store is hybridized, even if it’s not GMO, it’s been manipulated over the years where it is a far cry from
it’s wild counterparts and as a result has two
to three to four times the amount of sugar and even more fructose than the wild fruit that it evolved from. Keep that in mind, it’s
awesome to cut sugar, it’s awesome to lower your carb intake, everyone could use it
and let’s be awesome. Let’s live great, let’s be
the best version of ourself and let’s pass it a legacy
along to the next generation. Speaking of the next generation, stop feeding kids sugar
and processed foods. It is not natural food for children. It’s not and it never will be. They should be eating the
same foods as you and I. Low carb, low to no
sugar, moderate protein and a lot of clean and pure fat. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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